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How often have you taken a look at your camera or telephone and thought—today is the day I'll shoot that video… 

Furthermore, how frequently have you chosen, "Eh… perhaps I'll do it tomorrow." 

Shooting a video of yourself all alone is an overwhelming task, however I am here to tell you that it's not as extreme as you might suspect. You can make top notch recordings at home or in your office, without extravagant camera gear. Simply utilizing your phone, a calm space, great lighting, you can record recordings that watchers will think included significantly progressively extravagant gear. 

Here are 6 hints for shooting recordings of yourself all alone, so you can make great recordings for your blog, prospects, and clients. 

#1: Find a Quiet Spot 

At the point when you're shooting video, there are 2 things you need to be generally worried about: sound and lighting. We'll discuss lighting in Tip #2, yet for the present we'll concentrate on the sound. Regardless of whether you have, or don't have, an outside receiver—you're going to need to ensure the condition that you're recording is as peaceful as could reasonably be expected. 

Recording close to a window over a bustling road will make a great distraction that you won't understand it exists until you've completed the process of recording. That commotion gives your video a lower quality feel. By keeping the environment quiet, you'll have the option to amp up your sound, regardless of whether you don't have the most costly amplifier available. 

#2: Find Your Best Lighting 

Beside sound, lighting is a vital factor for shooting recordings at home. Individuals (counting you!) would prefer not to watch a video of somebody with crappy lighting. It causes you to feel less definitive, making it hard what you're attempting to get from your video. 

There are 2 alternatives with regards to lighting: discover it or get it. Natural lighting is perfect, and common lighting with additional lights around may be needed. To shoot with extraordinary lighting, locate the most brightest room in your home or office—this may change for the duration of the day—and make sense of what the best time is to shoot recordings. For instance, morning may be the best time or mid evening. Between great lighting and sound, you'll have the option to trick anybody viewing your video into thinking you have the best tech gear accessible… regardless of whether you're simply utilizing your cell phone. 

#3: Get Your Angles Right 

In case you're looking down at the camera or up at the camera—your video is going to lose the watcher. You don't need them concentrating on your jaw or the head of your head, you need them  as they would in the event that you were sitting opposite them talking. Getting your edge right will guarantee your video has a characteristic and conversational feel—which is actually what you're focusing on when showcasing your business or services. 

Tripods are by a long shot one of the most effortless video hardware to acquire at home. You can utilize drawers, end tables, racks, books, stylistic layout, and so on to prop up your camera or telephone with the goal that it's at the ideal point. 

#4: Use The Best Camera Available To You 

In the event that you're utilizing a camera—at that point you've just got to use the best camera accessible to you. In case you're utilizing a phone to record your recordings, make a point to utilize the best camera on your phone. For instance, on the iPhone, the back  camera is the best camera. It takes better quality recordings (4K) which implies that is the best camera accessible to you, not your forward looking camera. 

Utilizing the back camera of a telephone likewise shields you from taking a gander at yourself while you're recording. You need to take a look at the focal point of the camera while you talk—on the off chance that you take a gander at yourself on the screen your recorded video will appear as though you're talking marginally away from the individual viewing the video. 

#5: Do A Test Run 

Ok, the trial run. The marketers who do test shoots are the ones that have recorded a 10 minute video just to discover that their camera microphone was off, their camera was out of center, ect. That sucks... 

To abstain from committing these errors, do a dry run of your video before you bounce into recording. Record for at any rate a moment to ensure that your lighting looks great, your sound sounds great, you are in center, and the edge is correct. Trust us on this one. 

#6: Be Honest With Your Audience 

In case you're generally in a studio recording excellent recordings or if this is your first time recording recordings for your crowd—let them know. Being straightforward with your watchers, regardless of whether they're imminent clients or paying clients constructs the connection among you and them. Rather than imagining that you're not at home chronicle recordings when you used to be in an extravagant studio, educate them concerning it. Or on the other hand, if this is your initial hardly any recordings, tell your crowd, "This is one of the first recordings I've recorded." 

At that point, request that they give you criticism. In case you're recording recordings for web based life, their criticism, as remarks to your post, is going to support your commitment and assist them with continuing seeing your substance (ah, the exemplary Facebook calculation). 

In case you're recording recordings for a paid participation, approaching them for their input on the most proficient method to improve your recordings is going to cause them to feel progressively appended to the last item. In the two cases, you're making a superior relationship with your devotees, possibilities, or clients. 

We let you know toward the beginning of this article shooting video of yourself all alone was an overwhelming errand—yet not a difficult one. Utilizing these tips, you can record recordings of yourself that have everyone tricked into intuition you have the most recent video tech, all while you are shooting from your room.

Ever ask yourself these questions?

Why is nobody finding and watching my videos?"

"Why do people fall asleep during my videos?"

"Why aren't my videos making me sales for my business?"

Overcome all of these obstacles and more as you get FREE instant access to this YouTube masterclass...

How much time is creating videos that don't covert costing you?

How many sales are you missing out on? 


There is a great advantage to having your own e-book that will make you rise head and shoulders out there. Some people believe that having your on e-book is difficult or complicated to create 

There are courses out there that will convince you that you have you spend hundreds of dollars on how to write copy. 

We want to put out information that will grab your audience and not only that put head and shoulders over all the noise that is out there floating online.

So Why E Books? 

When you can offer something of value it puts you as a authority in the field especially when it is yours. Not to mention and you are a author now. 

There are certain steps that you need to know before you even pick up a pen and paper... There is a difference between you prospecting and talking to a specific person. 

When you position yourself as a problem solver and have the attitude that you are providing valuable content to people who are actively looking for solution. 

We are talking about giving them value that they feel that after they consume this information that will establish a rapport between you and your potential reader. 

I have access to a million-are that will show you in the better span of a hour the particulars that will help you generate streams of people to your site. 

Tip - Do not promote your product or service and tell us how great it is tell us the effects of the product or service. A old marketer said "Sell the sizzle not the steak"

I know what you may be thinking can I do this? The short answer is that you cannot afford not to do this. 

I literally created this e book cover in like 5 minutes using a free program online ( that is shown in the training ).

Pretty cool hungh?

I personally prefer PDF's and reports over e-books as tripwires or lead magnets. You want someone to consume your information fast. A PDF is like 7 to 10 pages where a e book is like 20 to 40. 

So In this training you will learn 

  • Examples of e book subjects 
  • Where to get content for your e book
  • Where to get e books
  • Where to get the images for your e book 
  • Use of autoresponders
  • Marketing your e book 
  • Walkthrough of a capture page of a e book
  • Resources 

This training was in front of a LIVE audience in front of 200+ people there is a lot of content compressed into a short amount of time.
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There are all kinds of videos that you can make to build your brand... Simple 10 video Ideas you can do to take your business to the next level and brand yourself. There are so many ways so here are some good ideas in no particular order.

It's about more engagement with content to get leads to get more leads and get more traction in your business.

1. Do a video about your favorite training video... your jaw just dropped when you were on a webinar or even a live event... guess what do a video what you saw or just learned.

2. Make a video about your goals and dreams, that's an interesting video. Something simple why you're doing what you're doing and what dreams you are going to achieve.

3. Do a video of your best videos of the past. If you already have videos of this and a video talking about that go into your library and look at those cool videos and just talk about it. Make a completion of all the videos talking about all your best videos remember it all started with one.

4. Share about breaking news about your niche...we all are in different businesses or industry and there might be some news that you want to share your thoughts and opinions.

5. Make a quote from a video or from a famous person... you can post that but make a video about it something that inspired you and that particular quote moved you

6. Make a training on a strategy or something you are excited about... Make a video about it...
There is a lot of people that will connect with you that people will come to you as a expert

7. Create a testimonial of a success of a sale or really a good experience or something that is a success in your business make a video about it.

Hope you can begin to see how their many different ways you can create content.
If you want my 99 video titles to shoot me over a message and I will be sure to get that over to you.

8. Make a video on some FAQ: If you are getting the same question over and over again make a video about it. Maybe you don't know the answer to the question find out the answer and then make a video about it... Provide solutions to people

9. Do a Screen capture tutorial... if you know a cool way to do something or set something up and you can show someone how to do something easier faster and stronger... just share how people can do something

10. Create more how to do more things... How to do this... anything you know how to do NOW today... make a video on that.

Hopefully, you got some value from these 10 things and can use maybe one or two of these things in your business.

P; S In the meantime, I wanted to give you this Free Youtube Training by my good friend Mark who is my mentor when it comes to learning video online this is an hour of quality content and a way to get more views, subscribers and leads with your Youtube Channel.


Me and the Video Rockstar 

Yes, you can get results now and get instant results with your business within the 60 / 90 days.

Experience and skill set even put together with mindset means nothing without consistency. 

What is the # 1 thing you need to start making money?

Consistency is the one thing you need consistency. If you keep starting and stopping then you will never have the money. 

You have to start with the end in mind and create the end in mind so the Goal is what you want then you need to simply reverse engineer it. What does that mean. 

You start with the goal and then work backwards from that goal. How many customers do I need to get how many people do I need to be talking to on a regular basis 

You have to be crazy in love what you are doing... I love what I do...

If you are not crazy in love then you might as well throw in the towel

What is the painful consequences if you don't do it every single day. There is a price you are going to pay for being consistent and a price

1. Have a clear vision as to why you are doing this and the why behind the reason why... 

2. To choose one thing and master the hell out of it until you can do it with your eyes closed. 
Many people scratch their heads as to why you do not know 

3. Schedule It - Don't prioritize your schedule...schedule your priorities. Your schedule is non-negotiable it's the way you show up every single day. 

4. Ignore your feelings - I don't feel like it... my favorite show is on... go back to your schedule and get it done PERIOD. 

5. Catch the next train - There are days that something comes up and you cant do it pick up the following day. Don't beat yourself up if you couldn't get to work on your business 

SUCCESS COMES FROM CONSISTENCY... and you will never get there without a constant workable plan that you are ummm working. 

If you got value from this please like, comment and share. 

This is a a excellent 28 day plan. If you do this I promise you your business will be different 28 days later.

I know that is a bold statement make a bold statement...

Everything will change for you...

It's quite simple but it will push you outside your comfort zone. I know you'r thinking " Will I be rich" I don't know "Will it generate me leads" absolutely... So what is this promise that I am giving you?

I promise you will be a totally different person once you come out the other side. You will have products to sell and a audience that you didn't have before..

This may be the leap to where you want to be in this year...
You will have 4 products to sell (under $ 15 dollars)  and a audience sell too. We are going to do 4 times a week over seven weeks. (7 days x 4 times = 28 days )

pick 4 different topics you want to do a webinar on (1 webinar a week on Friday). "Scott, You mean I have to do a webinar?" 

He he he he, yup.

You can do however you want to do it. My suggestion is that you use Facebook LIVE feed you use a actual webinar service if you want or OBS software. 

First things first... 

Pick a topic - If you know where to look you there are an abundance of topics that are taught on from Instagram to Facebook and everything in between. 

I happen to be part of an online community that not only has a library of social media and marketing content but has weekly webinars every single week. This is where I get some of my content.

"But Scott, I don't know anything about Instagram or YouTube."  Great go watch a couple of videos on and jot down some notes from the training. 

This is really simple stuff to do. 

Pay attention to this next sentence. You are teaching people that really know little to nothing about what you are speaking so your audience is really baud.

The 28 day Plan 

Each Week:
Do 3 to 5 Facebook LIVES this is for your target audience and throw $5 to $10 dollars at it put it on your Fan Page and boost the post. 

What is your Call To Action? (CTA) The webinar you are doing each Friday.  This is going to generate traffic to your capture page for the webinar you are doing on Friday.

Give 1 to 2 tips 5-10 minutes  tops and your call to action is this " I am going to be doing a whole in depth training on __________ (insert what topic is going to be on)  on ______________ (what ever day of the week)

You want to build it up to the day you are having the Webinar on i.e Friday.

Now understand you don't give all the information in the LIVE you save that for the actual webinar...

What Are We Selling?

Week 1..
How about week 1 you go look up a training on Instagram. If you happen to be part of MLSP there is a product in the back for $5 dollars. If you are not with MLSP you can look online Youtube at a wide variety of videos containing people showing you tips & strategies. 

At the end of the video for extra value you can say "If you enjoyed that module you might want to dive deeper there is a free 30 min video and free pdf on this."

Week 2 Grab another topic Facebook  give them a $7 dollar offer
Week 3 Grab another topic Twitter  give them a $9 dollar product offer.
Week 4 is about attraction marketing that's what you want to train on. Once you understand it you will never use anything again. What do I sell  there is a 10 day trail with MLSP and you can get a online education for 2 weeks.

People don't have a problem buying things for a couple of bucks here and there and when they do that it shows that they are comfortable with you.

Once these people purchase from you you will have their Name Email and phone number it really does not get any easier then this... 

Then you call your lead that purchased from you and say (yes you have to do it)  and say something like.

"Hey ______ (their name) this is ________ ( your name ) I see you just purchased the _____________ product I wanted to make sure you got access to it and introduce myself.

At the end of 4 weeks  Now You have 4 products you can run traffic to and now you run traffic to these videos you created and then you can make some capture pages and create some funnels to thoes products. 

When you create your own products you are 98 % percent of the entire industry and changes the whole game it will change everything. People will buy from you and when they get a call from you they will actually be happy, shocked or amazed that you did.

The Webinar 

On your webinar you talk for approx 30 mins... and put a power point together and speak dead in the camera and speak hope to your audience. Remember, you offer them a simple low ticket product under $15 dollars and that starts the relationship process.

Now the voices will start to creep into your head "I don't know how to do power point" Great there is a wonderful resource tool called YouTube you can research (How to create a powerpoint)... 

This is so simple to do that most will not do it... most stop reading after they found out they would have to call their leads. 

28 day Recap 

1. Monday to Friday at least Monday To Wednesday give 1 to 2 tips on a Facebook LIVE dealing with the subject you are teaching on Friday. Your Call to action on each LVE will be the upcoming webinar you are doing. This is done 3 to 5 times a week. 

2. Do the webinar on Friday for approx 30 minutes long. Offer a low ticket item under $15 dollars. Do consistently for 4 weeks.

3. Obtain leads from the capture page you created for people to go to the webinar. Call those people that buy the low ticket items from you. Create relationships with them 

That's It... 

Now you will be a different person after this because you have allowed yourself to receive money for your services and have used your creativity to create income on demand and permission to be successful.

Like I said at the beginning you do this and everything will change in your life 28 days later...

IF you found value from this then be sure to Like, Comment, and share this post. And if you did do the 28 day program as stated above please share your results as well..

Learn... Train... Succeed 

If you go to fast and put too much out there in doing Facebook Ads its... going to build your audience and increase your engagement... I want to be very basic in here so by the end of this post you will know how to put up a functioning ad (hopefully) that you can start building your audience on Facebook.

There are three parts to this
  • Facebook Do's and Donts
  • Audience Growth 
  • Audience Engagement
Facebook Do's and Donts - You need to pay attention to this because if you do the wrong thing you will get your ads account. Facebook will shut your ads account get shut down unless you get this down.

Staying out of Facebook Jail 

Be in compliance. Facebook is a half a trillion dollar company at the time of this post and 1.86 billion Monthly Active Users that represents a third of the world!

This social media platform has changed the world and it is something that you look at when you wake up and perhaps when you go to sleep.

The 3 Reasons That Most People Are on Facebook 

You must know this because everything rides on this and it is important to understand this!

1 Connect 
2 Share 
3 Entertained

Nobody is showing up on Facebook to solve a poblem and or to buy a service.

It's not the reason the message is you have to think of Facebook as a cocktail party. People are checking in to check out.

Facebook is not a infomercial and it is all about the "User Experience" Facebook meets all the human needs.

Facebook will fiercly protect the customer experience ( aka will shut you down in a heartbeat ) 

Understand there is nothing out there that can help you find more targeted niche specific leads... peroid 


-Only Create Ads That Drive people off Facebook 
-Create Ads or Post Content that Gets Negative Feedback 
-Make Unrealistic Claims / Use Before After Images 
-Always Be Selling 
-SPAM or Post Contant or Create Ads that Resemble Spam 

Work from home/ Multi-level marketing

Ads for "Get Rich Quick" schemes or other money-making oppourtinities that offer compesation for little or no investment arn't allowed. 

This includes multi-level marketing or similar business models that don't fully descibe the product or oppourtunity leading to advertised income. 

Ads must promote complete transparency regarding participation and the business oppoutunity as these oppoutunities tend to be reported by others. 


If you have any questions about this policy or feel your add is complient and was wrongly approved contact Facebook 

Now if you get into trouble you can got to  

How Do you become Besties with Facebook? 

Contribute to the user experience. Facebook wants a positive user experience 

How is it measured ( Facebook is paying attention to this ) 

Positive Feedback 
No Feedback 
Negative Feedback

How To Make Facebook Happy

Contribute to the Overvall Facebook Experience 
Build A Presence That Represents You and Your Business
Connect, Share & Entertain
Engage with the people that engage with YOU 
Focus on Contribution, Value, and Experience

How to Participate on Facebook as a Business 

1, Educate - You might want to shaere with others... 
2. Inform - Somthing new that is comming up in the industry
3, Invite - Invite them to ucoming events 

Invitation Audience Growth Method..

Audience Growth and also Audience Engagemetn and this works well today.  

Look for a IMAGE the visual stops them and come off on a quote that stands on it own. 

You can create stunning images like this with desktop or moble applications that can draw attention from your audience. 

Consider the first impression of your page and determine what does your brand represent? 

I wanted to shaere a couple of cover images form people in my industry that you can see 

When a person comes to your page you wnat them to be able to know exactly what you do

Here are some examples :

Just from the engagemet of the post you can target a specific nitch There  is a three step process 

Organic reach can be 1 - 20 % of your friends, and let it reach it on your own .

Create the ad and send it to the rest of our fans. This is going to help with the social proff and thoes fans will see that contant. The third step is now you have warmed up the post you can release it into the wild. 

Now this ad as social proof and has likes and shares behind it and now you can send it out to the COLD audience market.

Everyone that is on Facebook has access to a Ad Account and it will drop you into the ad creation screen.

Facebook change all the time. so to put a screenshot up of the back office would be useless as it could change tommow and probably will.

The type of ad we  want is an ENGAGEMENT AD and at this moment you want to go and select POST ENGAGEMTN and name it whatever you want. 

Facebook targeting is what makes it the most important aspect. You can be lazer focused. 

Keep a swipe file of images... some that captures your attention. 

You will have a text box checker so if you have text you may or may not get approved based on that ad 

So you can post the ad that Facebook is going to like based on the ammount of text you put in the image. 

Lets do a re cap on what we need to do to this ad.

1.Post it let it reached who ever its going to reach

2. Then boost the post by targeting people who like your page (will cost you $20 bucks or so) 
spread it out over the next 7 days or so (this will reach the rest of your warm market) 

3. So your ad goes out now to about a 50% percent reach now come over to the ads magager and go reach and here you can select who what where and whn... i.e  who what when where and  my ideal avatar is where who you target comes into play.

Start a wide net and then you can get it smaller audience  later... 

Don't forget to exclude the people of your audience and you can save this audeience 

Placement - DONT LET FACEBOOK CHOOSE FOR YOU - There is different device types  you can uncheck dont lump things together get specific.

You can go back later and go do just instagram later...

And you are simply ready to post your ad...

  • We have chose our campaign objective
  • We have set the critera for who will see it 
  • Where we placed it in Facebook
  • How much we choose to spend 
  • How long the ad will run 

Facebook likes very visual content... then you can educate, inform and invite
When you run ads pay attention to whats happening on the ad... and groom your contents and keep an eye on the conversation...

How to become a Facebook Marketing Rockstar  5 Sections with 19 training modules with step by step videos...


There are 5 bonuses one being the most valuabe is thehe Private Facebook Group. This is where you will get all your questions anwsered. 

If you have any questions let me know

Remember you wnat to create a post let it age a little bit and then shoot it out to the cold market... hopefully with this info you are off to the races.

If you want access to the same system that I use to get 5 - 10 leads on a constant basis then check this out 


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Your information is safe with us. We hate spam too!

Why Even Blog? 

That sounds like a pretty legitimate question right? There are the people that pound the phone they pound the doors or they buy leads every day.  

They have to start at zero and have to reach quotas every single month

If you do not build a brand if you do not create conent then that is pretty much what you are faced with.

By opting into my news letter (below) you will have access to information that I wish I had when I was learning about this strategy.

I used to put the blog out there ( not consistant ) and get a couple of leads, fast forward to today I put content out there on a regular basis  and I get leads...consistantly

If you get 20 to 50 leads a day means you dont  need to really go out and prospect... so fast forward to the future... the plan is to get over 100 leads per day... just from the blog...

I know of a Marketer in our nitche that is getting 600 to 900 leads per day just from his BLOG!

So what does that mean? Well what does that mean if you montize your blog correctly that means money...

There are multiple strategies out there and quite frankly there are people that simply are not making money with their blogs.

You can do this and it wont interupt your multiple streams of income. You want to make sure that your businesses are congruent and non compeating.

If you start blogging you are going to get people that are searching for your content... 

Why They Buy

Before someone buys they research? So you are intercepting all that search traffic, you dont have to be a info marketer.

If there is a nitche I can tell you I would personally start blogging and yes you too can dominate any niche...

Nobody makes sales from a 5 year old email, however you can make money with a 5 year old blog post! 

You can get affiliate commisions on a product or services that you have blogged about years ago. 

It's evergreen

Paid advertising works and you want is to create something moret then what you are putting however this I do know once you stop paying it goes away.. not with blogs it's evergreen content

Hopefully you enjoyed my post and got some value down below drop a comment below if you did

P.S. Do you want to  become the expert authority in your field and have customers and clients hunting you? Learn more click HERE.

me with Ray Higdon 

Scott Lindstrom
Network Marketing Coach
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