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If you wanted to Learn Dangerously Persuasive Copywriting you have come to the right spot! Here you will learn how and what to say but more importantly why it works.

 I have to say that this is the #1 paying skill online, period! It goes deeper then just providing features vs benefits. It goes way into the human mind, social triggers and psychology.

Understand this,  traffic strategies and social media comes and go but copywriting is forever. Learning this skill set you can take this knowledge and make money. Great copywriters are never broke.

This skill crosses across all your marketing. Your Email, FB posts, tweets, blogs, videos and articles.

If you learn copywriting it can change your business by 1 percent and that is all it takes.

You know water boils at 212 degrees if you are 211 degrees you only got hot water but a 212 is can power a locomotive! So what if you could get a increase by 3, 4 even 5 percent opt-ins

Check out the book Manipulate by Blair Warren 

There is three definitions of the word Manipulate

1.) to work or handle skillfully
2.) to manage artfully or shrewdly often in a unfair way
- Clever or sharp in practical affairs
3.) To alter for one's own purposes

We ALL Manipulate...
It's part of our existence - SURVIVAL!
-In order to fulfill our NEEDS, humans will do anything we as humans will manipulate the environment and or circumstances if necessary.

 (Look at our Government)

We manipulated our parents as children - When a child plays one parent to over the other to gain something.
We manipulate our children as parents

You must agree and accept that anytime that we try to change the thoughts or behavior of another person, we are manipulating them.

Persuasion is the tool that we use to manipulate

Manipulation - So the big question is, WHAT are YOUR motives?
- Who are YOU being... Ulterior motives? Pure intentions?

Your loved ones your friends and prospects are going to find a way to satisfy their NEEDS...
"Will YOU be the one to satisfy them?"

We as humans have a couple of hardwired NEEDS that we will do anything to meet <<< That is the key to understanding that.

Without emotion there is NO SALES.... remember that.

When you become a master persuader and learn to elicit the emotions that fulfill these needs you will become wealthy beyond your wildest imagination.

" When your on stage it's not what you say it's what they feel " that was from a 7 figure a quarter earner...

The Human Needs 

  • We follow those who meet our needs 
  • We love those who meet our needs 
  • We listen to those who meet our need 
  • We do "crazy" things for those who meet our needs
The degree in which you can manipulate with and quench your prospect's NEEDS ... will be the determining factor in your success as a copywriter. 
- A sense of hope 
- You help them achieve their dreams 
- Scapegoat (pharmaceutical companies are great at telling you it's not your fault)

In Copywriting Mastery YOU will not only learn all these needs is how to elicit emotions with dangerously persuasive copy that fulfills on ALL of them << This is KILLER!  

One of the best ads of all time by John Caples 1926 

This ad stirs your emotions and compels you to act...if you ever wanted to inspire others and be the center of attention this is your chance.  Images, metaphors... it's all here and this is copied even today because it works!

What is Dangerously Persuasive Copywriting ?

Anything that holds your attention long enough to get your money. 
- Joe Vitale ... ENGAGEMENT!  If you do not engage you have nothing! 

You will learn hot to get out of your head, and into your prospect's. It's not about YOU, YOUR offer, YOURself .. THEIR THOUGHTS 
- in order to do this, you must understand their NEEDS! (Hint: I gave 3 of them earlier) 

Hypnotic Buyers trance can be achieved but you need to Address THEIR thoughts, not yours! 


Mind Control : Here are two tools to get inside your prospects mind in 3 min or less... because inside every mind if the person your are trying to persuade is a VERY dangerous (and profitable) place to be sitting!!!

Questions : 

Anticipate your prospect's questions, objections, and concerns and address them at the exact moment when they are thinking them ( key to hypnotic writing) By doing so you are leading your prospect to YOUR way of thinking and doing and what you want! Keep asking yourself thorough out the entire sales video letter, "WHAT IS MY READER THINKING NOW?"


Even the best persuaders get this wrong! 
After a big hook / promise, anticipate what they will think 

"Hard to believe ? Sound Crazy?" << TERRIBLE, installs a thought that it's hard to believe (command) 


"Sound too good to be true?" << YES YES YES! 

Tip : "Could" is 100x more powerful then "can" and it's open ended! 

FACT : The human body sends 11 million bits per second to the brain for processing, yet the conscious mind seems to be able to process only 50 bits per second - "encyclopedia Britannica"

What part do you want to spend your focus on?  TAP INTO THE UNCONSCIOUS

through Storytelling. Storytelling slips past the mental radar and into the unconscious.

Unconscious mind is like a 7 year old... it speaks in metaphors, images and pictures so you need to speak it's language.  

It's that "GUT" feeling... that's the one that will either get your prospect to join or not or that customer to buy or not.

When people read your story, it takes place in their minds eye... said differently ... you are now inside their head and begin to now control their thoughts....

Storytelling - Tap into Unconscious 


In a story don't shove a conclusion down their throats... but one that naturally leads your prospect to make the conclusion that supports your proposition ( buy your stuff ) - Joe Vitale
- Another dangerous HUMAN NEED "people will sometimes believe what they are told, but never doubt what they themselves conclude" <<< Sneaky Stuff!

Great... Now tell me How to tell a story...Scott

Just think of a story that happened as a result of someone using a product or service (or they experienced the same benefit that your product or service provides)
Want to persuade someone? Tell em a story about someone who did what you want the person your are persuading to do! When this is done right stories work because their unconscious comes to the conclusion: story sneaks in better then any command...

I want to share with you 5 different "mind hacks" that you will learn in detail and this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

5 Dangerously Persuasive " Mind Hacks"

Tell people what to do! 
Bold, italicize, underline the COMMANDSFEELINGS and ACTIONS you want your subscribers / prospects to take... it's that simple, it freaking works! 

- "When you are ready to do that now..."
- "Now I'm not saying this can happen magically overnight..."

- "As you fill out the form with your name and email and watch the next video you may feel compelled to buy immediately."

- Powerful 
- Be VERY careful of your word choice 


" As you are watching this video, hearing my voice and reading these words, your unconscious mind is starting to become eerily aware of how badly you need to start hosting webinars in YOUR business, and how much YOU NEED WEBINARS ONAIR! "

4) "By NOW'
- BUY NOW ( mind can't tell the difference!" 
-Sprinkled throughout then switch to BUY NOW at end they heard it a TON 


-Get your prospect to feel what it would feel like in 1, 3, 5 years into the future if they took your offer.
-Get them to EXPERIENCE in their mind's eye the future with the BENEFIT of your product in their family life 
-What changes over the next 12 months if they MAKE A DECISION to not TAKE ACTION NOW... <<< conjure up the pain 

Now you have had a taste of Copywriting Mastery its time to go get your copy now and use the power of the written world for massive success.

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