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This is where the relationship starts and where you share with what you have with your audience.

Fortune is in the Follow up and its really simple. People often over-complicate it.

I had the opportunity to listen down to a top copywriter in the world so I jumped at the chance to go over a course with email marketing. I am going to drop some nuggets of information here...

Why Email still is King: 

Visible but yet Intimate
Fast Results
Adaptable - change it to a blog post / you tube video / article / podcast / press release
Fun -  most people don't do it because they don't enjoy it ( start doing it right )
Low time / money investment - dirt cheap vs direct mail
Increase sales even with a bad sales page

How many times do you check your email? 

Did you know
( Businessweek reported most of $690 million Obama raised during the campaign was obtained via email )

Here are some things that you must do:

Mail daily
Don't worry about prefectionsim
Position yourself as a leader not an expert
Consistency & persistency trumps sales tricks all day long
You don't need to be a world class copywriter to sell stuff (but it helps if you have taken a course)

10 Ways to can write " Grab your attention" Email Subject Lines 

You want to mix and match these with your list so they don't know what to expect
just a hint you may want to print this out and use 1 - 10 (just sayin) 

Here are some examples below ( don't copy them word for word that would be just dumb ) 

1. Shock Effect 
  • How you can cheat death by playing with yourself 
  • How are you, you old bastered? (Australian slang) 
  • I think about you in the shower 
  • Talk dirty to me, (first name) - warning may get unsubscribes 
Be sensitive to the tolerance of your list, If you cannot stomach blow back then you can move on.
Get a thick skin... 

2 Curiosity 
  • How To profit form my divorce 
  • My shameful love affair 
  • Prostate pills that can turn you into a girl 
  • Exercise that age you faster 
  • What never to eat on an airplane if you're overweight
3. Straight Benefit 

  • How to get rid of cellulite 
  • 10 ways to monetize twitter 
  • The cure for Sunday night insomnia 
  • How to fix your prostate with food and sex
  • How to "age proof" your whole body
4. Bizarre
  • Bigfoot's healthy prostate secret
  • Goo-roos prancing around the Bohemian Grove 
  • Biz opp zombies that eat your brain
  • Psycho woman thanked for exploding business
  • Profits abducted by aliens
5. Play on terms / phrases / quotes 
  • There are no dumb anwsers, only dumb questions 
  • You can lead a goo-roo fanboy to knowledge, but you can't make him think
  • The one email to rule them all 
  • Checks, lies and videotape 
  • Go thou and swipe no more
6. Contrast- the more you can contrast and be contradictory the better 
  • Zap belly fat with french fries and a shake 
  • Selling $2k products with a crappy sales letter 
  • Famous fitness author drops dead from a heart attack
  • Why drinking heavily can help your prostate 
  • Why fad belly fat diets are GOOD 
7. Play on book, a song or movie titles 
  • 50 shades of Ben 
  • I shot the guru
  • Entrepreneurz n the hood
  • How to make enemies and anger people
  • The dark email rises 
8. TV and movie characters 
  • Mr. Furley's sales secrets 
  • The Grinch's mad marketing skillz 
  • Whacking the Godfather of prostate pain
  • George Costanza School of Selling 
  • We have a HULK 
9. Challenge existing dogma 
  • How jogging keeps women fat 
  • The case against saw palmetto 
  • Why copywriting dosen't work
  • Get back on that couch! 
  • Why "conversation rates" don't matter 
10 Mix and Match
  • Yoda's sex drive secret
  • 50 shades of gay 
  • Beat the spam filters with spam
  • Watch sex in the city to loose pounds 
7 Ways on How to Write Profitable Emails 

1. Don't hard teach   
  • Big Mistake 
  • Lot's of fans, few customers
  • Attracts the freebie-seekers (nasty people)
  • People are bored by too much hard content
Instead ... 

Use Infotainment - information with entertainment 
Bait the hook 
Only rarely give away tips in your products if it's a info product 
Talk about the market's problems, fears, desires... as well as
relevant news stories, current events and challenges they face.

2. Write like you talk - wart's zit's and all 

Makes writing easier 
Makes you more "real" 
Makes you "un-ok" ( people like doing business with people like them ) 
Secret of the anti-professional - not sloppy but unpolished
Don't blatantly swipe other emails ( you will look like a scumbag thief ) 

3. Stories / metaphor's / interesting analogies

Big The easiest way to write an email
The chief way in which human beings share, process and remember information
Let's you sell without hard selling ( i.e. Top Gun ) 
Use examples from real life movies, books, TV shows

4. Inspiration 

Everyone is looking for inspiration 

People like to share inspiring stories (viral) 
Often does a better job of selling even though they aren't "salesy"
Makes people want to take action
Makes people feel good about themselves and you 
Examples : ( Dan Kennedy Depression Proofing Secret/The politically incorrect difference between winners and losers ) 
What inspires you?

5. Q and A 

Dear Abby gets BIG readership
Innocent looking - doesn't look "addy"
Looks like content 
Very easy - just answer questions, lead them to your product being the solution

6. Checklists 

Stuff they're doing wrong 
Stuff they should be doing
Resources (often go viral) 
Tells them "what" to do - but not how... 
Creates Curiosity 
Useful but not teaching (still need your product for details ) 

7. Controversy 

Gets attention
Those who agree will like you more 
Those who don't will often stick around anyway 
Makes you stand out and inspire confidence in you (most shy away form controversy) 
Easy- just pick something controversial and give your opinion

To be Persuasive when writing Emails is...

Be conversational 
Be interesting - really the only mistake you can make 
Always make a natural and fluid call to action
Write every day - even if it is a paragraph (this will separate you from everyone else) 

Now we get into the Finer Points of E mail marketing 

1. Test putting your message vs teaser 

  • Have seen boosts of 50% or more in response 
  • More convenient for prospect - delivery vs takeout  
  • People are used to reading emails every day 
  • People are lazy 
  • Mobile phone (app) accessible 
  • Test sales, not click thrus- don't obsess over opens

2. Always plug something put a link in there to something

  • Bonds people with you more
  • Scares away freebie seekers 
  • Shows you a real business, not a charity
  • Your moral and ethical duty to plug your product and sell

3. Length 

  • " Like a woman's skirt, short enough to get your attention but just long 
  • enough to cover the details" 
  • 200-300 words ideal due to shorter attention spans 
  • Longer once can work, too 
  • Make sentences and paragraphs short, easy to read 
  • A pile vs B pile - A pile mail you have to read B pile is often thrown out like make it personal and use your name  
Final Thoughts 

Jim Camp Quote: "You're always safe in the adversary's world"

Talk about their biggest pains and desires and you will never bore them or loose their attention
Ongoing education and training essential for staying on top of your market as more people are learning how to sell with email.

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