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Its not easy but it can be done less then 30 minutes a day.

This is simple to do but it is very simple not to do.

Consistency is key what have you done in 30 minutes a day for years

This is a vision creation of a daily routine… you  cannot be a consumer a consumer is a maybe person.  

You have got to be a marketer and too many people are going broke trying to get rich quick.

IF you want to get traffic and riches without the work then this is not for you

What I have here is a 6 figure monthly earner sharing the information with me and I am following his formula outlined at the end of this blog and sharing the value. Take what you like out of it.

Branded traffic is from people that know like and trust you and have given permission to market to them

Exact opposite of spamming and interruption marketing...

Facebook groups and post value to the groups… because it’s you lets get more traffic from you and brand you…

Your site should be clear of your intentions and people should see your face.

#1 you see the first page and you know what you are about
#2 you have to have a awesome giveaway

How do you get branded traffic? Want to know?


By solving the problems of your target market …
If unknown, work on attracting YOU and those that study/ are interested in things that you like…

Do what you want, surround…yourself with the people that you want…

let's for a second look at 
(could be a facebook page, youtube page, your blog)

vs* Email Marketing – When was the last time you bought something from a email that is 2 years old… it hits the round file and you never hunt through your email what did
However you can get a opt in from a blog post 2,3 even 5 years ago

vs* PPV -   If you love it keep rockin it. It’s people that download some crazy bar and download some crazy bar and let’s intercept them off at the pass and interrupt their buying pattern. 

vs* PPC – You have the ability to scale… How much traffic do you get when you stop paying … zero…

vs *SEO – SEO Experts intercept traffic but it does not keep coming back to the same people.

Value in the online world = Content
Blogs, articles, videos, soundcloud audios, Facebook statuses, Instragram pics.

Go through a course a week…

Invest, Learn and Teach

What content are you creating and who is following you… two questions people have when creating content is  1. What do I write about and 2. Why would someone listen to me?

Do you think this??

Want Repeat Traffic ??

“Want something from someone. Offer them value first. Focus on them.” ( the sales whisperer )

Q: What do I talk about?
A: Look at the Notes and Transfer them online. Do you attend webinars? Read books? Attend events?  Do you take notes?

When you take notes you are writing? Did you know they are checks that you are not cashing! Cash the checks… ( hint it's in you'r notes ) 

So, What can you do in 30 minutes ?

·      Read one chapter
·      Watch 3-4 short training videos
·      Take notes
·      Transfer those notes to video or text to your blog or social media.

Here is problem number 2 … Why would they want to listen to you in the first place?

Because you helped them
Because if you broke down in the middle of the desert and they offered to change your tire would you ask for a resume at that point?

The marketplace is thirsty give em a drink… take you’r notes and give em… a drink.

Where to post your content :

The standard : Google+ , Twitter, Facebook
SocialAdr – It does get you more traffic and social syndication.
Facebook Groups – Don’t spend a lot of time When you provide VALUE vs just capture page or affiliate page it works…

Facebook groups click on it and if there is a capture page or buy something and if the answer is yes then they will close it.

If it’s a video and they will see a training then that will draw them in.

Networked Blogs – paid version Not worth it
Tribe Pro – People syndicate your content and you return the favor

Instagram does not have clickable links but you can use call to action and you can use to track it… has more tracking
On your instagram instead of your website post use a link take a pic of a screen status

Hashtags If you search for a hashtag you can add new comments that are hashtags to existing images.

Took a picture of blog and told people to go to the bio click on the link and  scroll down…

One MISTAKE  that you can do as a marketer is NOT TRACKING!

List building important , relationship building , more important..
Don’t use default auto responder messages
If you create a lot of content that is good, be careful how many follow-ups you have or segment them if you do.


2 Major Steps to getting leads

1.     Have a great giveaway – someone that comes on your page that they will toss and turn so they don’t get your giveaway.
2.     Ask them to become a lead – one of the main the reasons why they don’t join your business because You Never Ask them…
Always do a CALL TO ACTION at end of every video

Tip: Don’t give away multi day series as they might watch the first day but they will drop of the second and less and less and less.

Give them one great giveaway because they have ADD … because they want probably want one of 3 things 

Think about you as a lead and coming on your page they are either A. How to get more traffic  B How to get more leads or C. How to convert those leads..

You got to go learn invest in yourself and then teach, don’t

You suck if you have one of these three things on your website
“Join my newsletter” “Follow me” “ Get on my list” are terrible that’s the reason why nobody wants to be on your list they want to get to know you first  

We are getting so many emails? We don’t want more emails we want solutions… solutions you need to create to people’s problems.


Form a Tribe! Get together with others that have similar missions, might be inside a group and share and comment each others stuff…

1. Affiliate Marketing 
Dont Do : Take you standard capture page and put it in Facebook Groups, put it in every email you send out everywhere

Do: Buy it the course invest it take notes and shoot videos and blog about your results, share out the value from your notes... that's how do dominate affiliate marketing... 

2. Network Marketing 
Dont Do : Stop,  Stop, Stop Blasting your stupid company name everywhere on the Facebook groups and every where and stop putting " Join my ____ here" 
Do : Raise curiosity" Hey Having a blast with my team " " Holy Crap My buddy just got a BMW with our team" you wont see the company name..this is the key to building a business...

3. Make money from your own stuff
Q: If I say to you go create a product? 
Does that question raise resistance with you..
Instead of a product how about a monetized training... So can you create a training and charge money for it? It's not difficult its a deeper version of what you 

What is Marketing ? 

Marketing  ---->  Invest + Learn -----> Teach  
You want people to know like and trust you that is the way to go hope you enjoyed the content 
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