- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

If you came to learn about Sound Cloud marketing you have come to the right place. 

As a Internet, Affiliate or Network Marketer we need to be generating leads and driving traffic to make sales 

If you want to know how you can use a Free traffic method using a Free site and provide value to your potential prospects then read on. 

If you can get number 1 on a specific keyword then you will get a ton of traffic that is the prime real estate of the search engines and you can easily get a conservative 5 to 10 extra leads a day...

This is a Untapped Lead Source that will get you traffic This is easy to use and optimize this is so easy and stupid simple...

very little people are doing this and nobody in our nitch is doing this
and this site ranks in Google easy!

This was done with a small beta test group and the results were awesome.

Just a few questions before I get into the content here

What would it mean to your business to have leads, sales, and signups on autopilot even if you took the entire month off?

How would it make you feel to have your business grow each day because of work you did one time?

What would it do for your family life to expand your business with no extra work, so you could spend it with the ones you love?

That's what it about building a business that builds itself even while you away

  • We are going to go over how to leverage a high PR, high authority site 
  • The basics for setting up a profile and optimizing it for search 
  • Off page optimization strategies 
What us this site? 

Its called Sound Cloud it's a audio based site... create a audio and get the number 1 spot for a keyword 


It is a high authority site ( Moz rank 95 )  like Facebook, Google, Twitter... on a scale of 1-100
a Google page rank of 8 ( very high ) 

Why would you want your site ranking on first page of Google? To get your content to show up when someone types in the search box. With Sound Cloud it makes it really to rank.. 

It pays to diversify your content... What if you got your YouTube account got shut down 
of Facebook stopped advertising...  Leverage a high authority site 
Use audio to sell your opt in... 

This is a extremely easy non-techie  and is newbie friendly however when something is easy to do it is very easy not to do. You can re purpose your existing content

Tip : When you create content don't do it half ass 

You are attracting people it's got to be quality think long team people... 

Use Sound Cloud for 2 strategies 
Post quality podcast or videos (mp3's)
Rank on Google for keywords 

Find your purpose (post on purpose) we need to find out why we are wanting to post here. 

So pick a keyword and rank and do proper keyword research... so lets say for example you are doing a company review  so go to Google and type keyword planner...
You have to be logged in and have to have a Google account ... by the way it's FREE!

We will save the training for another day but the goal here it to optimize and rank for a specific keyword term... 

So when someone goes in and looks for "______ review " then you can rank on the first page most of the time 

Then you have a article and call to actions so when they click on the link they can go to a webinar... a capture page 

So with Sound Cloud you have 1. The sound 2. The article (with call to action) links 

You can set up multiple accounts for multiple keywords... each keyword should have a different Sound Cloud profile. 

When you create a account you can create your URL ( which is awesome )

See how the URL is bold...

Each profile is specific to topic... 

This is great for all you guys that are scared to do videos everything you name is going to be the keyword including the photos that you upload... 

Create a Sound Cloud that is in alignment with what you are selling and provide quality content and always have  a strong call to action. 

Tell them during the sound pause and tell them to click on the link below in the article. BAM - send'em to your capture page... Very highly targeted. It takes at least 30 days for Google to index it. 

For those that are doing video if you can rank a video for a keyword term and then a sound cloud page in the top 3 this is like little to no effort... you now have 2 pieces of content ( BUCKETS) getting all the leads ! ! ! How insane is that! 

You don't need to optimized it and it sticks! ( For you that don't understand that it's a good thing ) 

I want to introduce to you Sound Traffic Mojo 

There is literally 5 modules alone on how to rank Sound Cloud pages each module systemically walks you through from beginning to end on how to set your account, create sounds, optimize and rank it on the search engines. 

Module 1 Overview - 1 Hour 59 minutes - Follow step by step to get leads... A 50 dollar value alone 

Module 2 Account Setup and Creation - 1 Hour 51 minutes - Hold you by the hand in getting keywords, ant the best resources to optimize your account. You will need to know what to do before getting the account setup. This module by itself is worth $50 dollars...

Module 3 - Optimization & Sound Creation - Your going to create sound. Got some super secret strategies for maximum leverage. If you already have You Tube videos up you are about to double the content for a guaranteed FIRST PAGE GOOGLE RANKING! 1Hour and 23 minutes
If you were to purchase this course alone it would cost you $50 dollars. 

Module 4 - Skyrocket Your Sound Pages - Get to the top of the search engines including on page and off page SEO optimization and back linking step by step. 1 Hour and 14 minutes this module sells all day for $50 dollars.

Module 5 - Wrap Up and Review - This is were it all comes together and a q and a session of most common questions another $50 dollar value for this 1 Hour and 5 minute training. 

Bonus #1 Private Facebook Community - You invested in the course now imagine being able to connect to hundreds of Sound Cloud students to connect with and share. This is at least a $50 dollar value 

Bonus #2 Resource List - Invaluable resources that will help you in your business and leverage your time this is the same outsource strategy that will help you generate the laser targeted leads. This is a $17 dollar value. 

This is just a awesome content for value and you can get your copy by clicking the link here or the button below 

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