- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

I happened to attend a training that can literally work to help you in whatever business you are in it makes no different the opportunity!

 So when I had the opportunity to learn from a 6 figure a month money earner I was all ears! Like master Yoda "Do or do not there is no try"

I am committed to helping anyone that wants to learn how to be successful just like the other leaders of this industry are. 

I want to share with you how to use a system to build your business and recruit more reps and get more leads then you ever thought possible...

Its about leverage...

What is this system, how to leverage this system and introduce 3 - 8 people a day to get results???

First off have you ever? 

  • Chased your friends and family 
  • Spammed your personal FB page 
  • Handing out samples at restaurants and bars
There is a actual system to talking to people and discovering their pain and finding out what is going to work and that is what I want to share with you here... 

There is a Educational and training platform  that has tools and technology to help you get the lead generation you need and the complete capture system.

Why??... So you can learn Internet Marketing So you can learn the proper way to drive traffic to a capture page, so you can learn a specific marketing nitch and learn from top leaders and trainers in the industry. 

You will learn if you have been reading my previous blogs it is important to brand YOU and establish a online presence...

what can this system provide for you? 
  • A List Building Machine 
  • an Affiliate platform 
  • An additional stream of income
  • A Phenomenal community of like minded people
  • Creator and cultivator of future leader ( you ) 
  • 6 and 7 figure and even 8 figure earners/leaders who are training on what is working right now these are the top 1 percent of the industry leaders

Plus You can earn up to 100 percent on all products that you sell! 

You can take bits and pieces of all different leaders and implement that to become successful. Once you join you will create your own testimonial. 

Let's talk money it will help you build your marketing company and that can and will happen... but what will happen the affiliate aspect of the business that can and will happen and you can refer people to an additional income stream to add to your business portfolio.

So who is your target market? There was a poll where this system was used and the results were came out like this..

Who where the members of this system?

45% used this system to promote their Network Marketing Business 
50% are using the system to build their affiliate business 
and 4 % percent is using this business to build traditional business ( brick and mortar ) 

Let's talk about the network marketer - what is the pain? You know... been there done that 
if you want to build it traditionally then more power to you... I like most do not want to do that 
I wanted to do it online... originally this system was made specifically for network marketers. 

So how are we going to build this ?

Leads not just leads... lazer targeted leads...the ones that raise their hand. It allows you to cast a bigger net and real in the ones that are interested genuinely in your business your opportunity. 

So how do I promote this system for Network Marketers? 

  • It all depends on you and what you want to build 
  • It mainly depends on your prospect 
  • You must ask the questions to see what they are looking for 
  • Marinate the relationship because people systems are dynamic

Why - Because when they say no to your primary business then you can go here you need tools, coaching and training then... ( something everyone needs ) 

So how do I promote this system for Affiliate Marketers?

  • Not having effective list building techniques (capture pages, offers ect.)
  • Difficulty in finding proven offers that convert ( clickbank crapshoot )
  • Relatively low commission % 
  • Building someone else's list and not your own ( extremely important )  

This system teaches you how to build the system and gives you the capture pages that convert and capture the leads ( i.e build your list) 

Mastery level has great products and offers that convert at that level you earn 100 percent profit on all the products that you sell. These are high converting offers!

Building your own list that you have 100% control of!

Let me share with you some tactics  that can help you in your business let's get into the meat now and talk about 


The first thing you have to do is detach yourself from the sale ... one of the most empowering things is your attachment and focus can be on what the focus on what the business should be. 

So if you are having a bad day don't call a prospect they will feel your energy rather then you trying to make a sale. 

So having this system allows you to solve their problems which is what you should want to do anyway and help them out. By providing them choices depending on their situation, their goals, their wants... 

Ask Questions when your on the phone 

Seriously this is all I do when someone calls me about my business... I want to express the simplicity and notice how I finds if they are currently in a business or simply how can I help them out...

"I'd like to ask a few questions to learn about your situation, is that o.k?" 
"Are you building a home based business or are you looking for one?" 
"So what got you in that business?" 
"What is it you're hoping to gain from being in it?"
"And how is it going so far? Have you achieved_______?" 

Further probing questions that could be asked...

"Why is it important to you to have a residual income?"
"What if over the next 3-5 years you were to still experience the same  (What they are not getting) that you currently have? What would it be like then?" 

If you get push back for some reason here is a take away... 

#1 Question to ask
"So let me ask you this (prospect) ... why don't you just focus on only on building you business offline as as opposed to looking into this crazy world of online marketing?"

That is the perfect setup to getting into this online marketing thing... and closing them 

When closing .... find out where they want to be and ask questions to lead them to the right steps 

"So what would it take you to get more distributors  into your business right now?"

"How would getting 10-15 laser targeted leads every week change things in your business?"

"So based upon what you told me, you could recruit more reps into your business if you had a steady flow of qualified leads correct?"

"So do you think it would be more effective if we implemented a lead generation system into your portfolio?"

When closing your leads find out where they would like to be and then close them into the next steps for action. 

"So I recommend.. that we get you started today so you can start generating leads, and recruiting more distributors into your business. Does this sound like an effective plan to you??"

"Good, Would you like me to help you implement this?" 

Send em your link ... have them sign up ...DONE... 

The relationship will grow and eventually over time the prospect will go ahead and may join you in your primary business... they will get on your personal Facebook group and the relationship will continue to grow. 

You can join this system today and get started and start getting leads today! 

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