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Hello everyone Scott Lindstrom here today I have a treat for everyone! This is going to be absolutely
wonderful because I have a gentleman that is a 0 to success story... I had the opportunity to sit down and watch a 160-minute webinar where this gentleman literally laid it out plain and simple

Be prepared to be amazed by his story and take notes on this one for sure! What's most interesting he did this 5 - 10 hrs a week as he has a full-time photography business!

He has personally over 500 people in his Network Marketing company within the last 7 months...

One year ago this guy was just as novice as a newbie gets...

If you are a Network Marketer
Affiliate Marketer
Sell your own product
Service Providers
Traditional Brick and Mortar business
Wanting to start your own business
Brand New to Online Marketing
Technology challenged
Online Veterans...

If you want the magic bullet
Not wanting to work hard
Give up on the first sign of hardship...

The 5 Biggest Challenges with marketing online 

Here is how to Overcome them...

1. There are Thousands of Home Based Opportunities to choose from ( new biz ops launching almost daily) and thousands of other distributors in your same company.

2. Skepticism-

3. Decrease in attention spams - We have very little tolerance for information that wastes our time

4. You don't own anything... you don't control anything that company is not your business YOU are you'r business. Business comes and goes...

5 Compliance with Company Team Marketing Policies: Some up line trainers don't want their team marketing online and Some Companies Prohibit you from Mentioning the company name online altogether or using any marketing materials except for the pages that they provide.


These strategies are not theory they work
The reason is why it works is because it's strategies vs tactics... tactics are good but fade with time...


Let me give you an example Sin Zu created a book called " The Art of War " It's a good read the strategies don't change however the tactics do... machinery and weapons change.

You can be a business owner but at the end of the day you are still trading your dollars for hours...

Everyone has different strategies so different ways of marketing works for different people...
It's, however, your way of building your business. Give them different alternatives...

Magnetic Sponsoring and Attraction Marketing...

The common denominator in every success or failure is YOU. If there are people making money in your company you can too.. Don't keep jumping from company to company... Within weeks you can have leads... showing up!  Remember you don't want money you don't want the dirty paper with hundred-year-old dead guys on it...


Most people think marketing means promotion...
Most people think they are advertising on tv...
There is too much hypey stuff out there?

People think if they throw too much stuff at the might actually stick.

Marketing is ...
Education, Relationship Building, Proving your Authority and your Trustworthiness, building desire., you must connect the dots... give to others first before you ask

You must show people and show people here is how this thing my product my opportunity can giving


6 things that play a part in success 

If you don't have success yet or you are struggling you might want to do a self-check and see if any of these could be the reason why...

1. YOU MUST be a perpetual and Avid Student. ( Successful people love learning... the moment you say you have arrived or " I got this" that's the moment your business will nose dive... 

I am alway's  learning all the time..

2. Immediate Implementation - Don't wait to figure this out first before you start looking.The solution to overwhelm is the antidote to confusion and clarity. The implementation will give you the feedback.

3. Take action despite fear of failure ( fully expect to fail ) 

TIP: Failures are great they give you feedback and so fail fast and be ok with it and say " I am going to learn until I see success " 

4. Recognize That Discipline Always Trumps Talent 

5. Recognize That your income is directly proportional to the value to give and provide to others 

6. Accept Responsibility for your failures and never rely on others of your success. 

Here is an exercise you fill in the blank ( this can work for almost anything ) 

As long as you rely on others to make you ______________ you will never be _______________

The 3 Step Formula to Success in Any Business or Niche

1. Build a list ( who is the people that I am going to sell my product/service to ) 
2. Develop a Relationship with Your list
3. Market to that list 

Just asking, Which one that most marketers leave out the

Number #2 The biggest problem...

That is the failure. I want to introduce you to a concept called 

The Goodwill Bank Account...

Think every time someone comes across your page... think about every time you solve a problem and provide value you help your prospects, you are making a withdraw and every time you ask for a sale you are making a withdraw 

People say " Hey great to meet you now buy my stuff "

Hey, people don't put in a deposit first... 

So how much goodwill do I have to do? A 7 dollar ebook hey that is no problem however if you are asking someone to join your business or spend hundreds of dollars that is a big deal... 

So Wby do people buy? 

7 Major Mental triggers 

This is why they will opt in this is why they will become a leader this is why they will buy... this why they will say YES! 

1. Authority - It does not just come from results but it is really a small part... the very act of teaching and giving content is huge... 

2 Reciprocity - Treat others like you want to be treated. When you give them something people as humans feel this need to return the favor

3. Trust - How do you get people to trust you. 

4 Likability / Relatability why because you should target yourself as your target market this is huge in getting people to listen to you. Do likable stuff give them stuff... give them stuff give them valuable stuff. You can be funny you can tell a joke... a smile is value.

Why do you think your upline tells you to call your friends and family... because normally all of the four things are already in place.

Most people go about this the wrong way...
when you market this online you need to establish this

5. Social Proof - When we see others doing it then we have a tendency to do it... monkey see monkey do. Anytime you can show people success with other people the success that people are having in your business product / opportunity that you are in the better you are!

6. Demonstration - connecting the dots with your product / service or opportunity if you can get your prospect to see themselves using your product or see them building your business before they say yes they are more likely to say yes... Imagine yourself... can you see yourself (you're painting a picture in their mind )

7. Scarcity - When something you feel like you are going to miss out on something or that you are going to lose something is causing you to get off the fence and make a decision.

So how can you make scarcity work in your online business? Hey after midnight the price is going to go up... we only have a limited number left or a deadline... Its got to be real scarcity...

You can create your own bonuses and say join our team or my team you can add bonuses...
it works in Network Marketing and Network Marketing

5 Main Questions Your Prospects Want Answered

1. Who are You? 
2. What do you have? 
3. Why should I listen to you
4. Will this Work for Me? 
5. Is it Worth it?

Now look back up at those seven mental triggers when you use those 7 mental triggers you answer those 5 questions your prospect wants answered..

The Number One Mistake Most New Marketers Make

They use " Mary Me Marketing " they don't go through the building relationship process and think of marketing as a series of micro commitments. 

Most Marketers are into "Hey I know we have never met before... Buy My stuff"
Remember the Goodwill bank account first you have to put in before you take out. 

TIP: Before you ask for money, take a minute and get some information about your products situation, frustration or needs. When you can gather this information, you have what you need to match your offer with their need. 

Have an offer portfolio maybe someone is not interested in this they are interested in that... you cannot meet their needs if you do not know what their needs are... you can then match what they need...

A lot of people ask " Ok what product should I promote now and then match your offer to their need in their life 

So how do I do this ... YOU ASK... 

Tip : Most important emails that you will ever send to your product or service and here is the SECOND email you send on the first day...why? Because your prospect is the hottest on the first day...

The first email is the delivery of your lead magnet 

#1 Hey thank you for requesting your free xyz... you can get it by clicking here hope you get a lot of value out of it if you have any questions let me know... 

So an hour later send out 

#2 Hey, _____ here,  a couple of hours ago I sent you an email with some information and just wanted to make sure you got it. Will you do me a favor? Will you just hit "reply to this email" to let me know I sent it to the right place? 

O by the way when you send that email will you tell me the single biggest question that you have about xyz subject is? ( whatever it is that you talk about in your business ) 

If you do that. I'll make it a point to answer your question and tailor the information that you get for me in the coming days and weeks


Why is this email so important well for several reasons actually

1. You are showing them you are indeed a real person and that actually cares about them and their needs. It positions you as an authority...

2. You get automatic constant feedback that will shape your marketing ( this is so important and invaluable ) You can create content based on the information you get...

3. If you can connect with these people personally either through a phone message or online
then you know how to talk to them so you can match your offer to what they want or need.

4. Remember multiple micro commitments add up to the big commitment...
we are talking about systems people

out of the 4 steps here, what is the most important part of the funnel?

any guesses?

It is my opinion is the most important is the lead capture page because it is the doorway to the rest of your funnel. So this is their first interaction with you its the first chance to show your value is the first chance to show you can help them.

What if you can get twice as many people through the front door...

So let's talk about LEAD MAGNETS and LEAD CAPTURE PAGE...

What is a Lead Magnet?

It's an ethical bribe to get someone to become a lead. 

4 Requirements

1. Solves a specific problem (It's about them, Not you - - - copywriting trick: "So you can ... " 
If you ever had a call to action use the works so you can... those 3 words make it about them

2. Make a BIG Promise

3. Provides Instant Gratification ( within 5 minutes) ( It must be consumed by the prospect for you to have an impact)  (its a quick as a summary... like a movie trailer ) Give away your best in your lead magnet! 

4. It must provide awesome value

A Lead Magnet Could Be 

  • E-Book 
  • Free PDF 
  • FREE Report
  • Free Video 
  • Physical Book 
  • Resource Guides 
  • Blueprints 
  • Action Plan 
  • Webinars 
  • Audio 
  • Emails 
  • Consultation 
  • Free Software / App 
  • Case Study 
  • Coupon 
  • Discount 
  • Enter To Win Contest - Make prize relevant to your market 
  • Physical Product 
Learn something cool that is going to solve somebody's problem and some form of information that is easy to consume 

No matter what business you are in... offering a free consolation...  offering a free report... 

People do not want to own a information product they want the benefit of what the product is going to do for them it connects the dots to show how the product can benefit them.

I want to show you a couple of ideas...
The rule is no matter what business you are in you should be in the information business.

Wedding Photography- Free Consultations ( lead Magnet ) Free Report "7 biggest mistakes brides make on their wedding day. "

Carpet Cleaning guy (Joe Polish) grew his business by offering a bunch tips that carpet cleaning guys use fraudulent techniques he generated a bunch of leads from that report. 

Solar Panels business - People don't want to own solar panels, they want the benefits, they want to go green they want to save the environment they want to save money on their energy bill  (Free Report) "Discover 3 simple ways to save 50 percent on your electric bill next month." Give 3 tips and then the 3rd tip explains the benefit of solar panels, here is the misconception

Real Estate - Free Consultation what to do to sell your home right now... Free Report "3 things you can do right now to sell your home faster!

NETWORK MARKETING - Supplements - - Help people healthier what are the benefits that some people have experienced ... what are some problems that people used to have that they don't have anymore... What are the problems and what are the benefits... 

Think about not only niches but sub-niches...

Educate and connect the dots for your customer... 

So ... How do I attract people to my MLM ? 

Yes you do want other people building under you however you are 
1. In the beginning, you are better off leading with your product...
What do you have to have is customers... Law of numbers most people are going to quit or succeed. 

Biz op leads nobody wants to own a business or know about your awesome comp plan they want to know how it can work for them all the benefits! That's how you build the desire and how it can work for me... If you have some success online ( LEVERAGE IT ) 

Discover 3 simple step formula to go from 0 to 20k a month! - - - 

What is Bridge Marketing?

You Take Something That Your Targeted Prospect is Already Interested in and Build a Bridge Between You And Your Offer

Take a crazy headline that catches your attention and gets you to want to register for a webinar. 

So here are a couple ideas... 

Attention Golfers! Do you love to Travel? Let me show you how you can play on beautiful courses across the country and save 70 percent off every trip you take!  He is not interested in a travel company but you are going to show him how or why he should be... 

Attention Runners! Is your coffee slowing you down your race times? 
build a bridge between your coffee and running 

Are you a single woman over the age of 40? Are your wrinkles hurting your dating life? (skincare company) 

What does my target market in internet marketing target market want 
They want more leads 
More people to talk to 
They want more people to show their business to
They don't want to bother family and friends 
They want more visitors to their website 
They want to convert more sales 

Real Estate do you want more leads to get more leads for your business... 
Its easy to build the business and bridge the gap



(Check out book Naura Hayden Astro-Logical Love published 1982)
it only sold 5000 copies... the headline does not get you to buy the book... Who cares? What the heck it is... sounds kinda weird. this is what people are doing today when they blast their business 

This exact book was re-released in 1998 everything was the same the title sold over 2 million copies!
Why? The Headline 

Let's talk about some headlines to get people to opt-in 

_____________________ without ______________________
             (yay)                                                  (boo) 

you see this in tabloids all the time 

How to lose 20 lbs in 29 days with doing any boring cardio
Discover how to become a top recruiter in your network marketing business without ever picking up the phone or bothering your family members and friends 

That is age-old 

WARNING / ALERT / Attention! 
If you are _____________________ then you _______________________________
                  (this kind of prospect)                    (may experience this painful outcome) 

Warning! IF you are on Ritalin, then you may experience permanent damage to blood vessels of the heart and brain leading to heart attacks, strokes and death.

ATTENTION! If you are a small business owner, then you may be getting ripped off by the IRS and your accountant. 

How I ______________________ despite  ______________________________
       ( got an awesome result )                         ( a major disadvantage / past failure) 

How I finally recruited 500 people in my network marketing business after failing for 15 years in 3 different companies.

How I take my family on memorable exotic vacations despite living on a modest one earner household income. 

 (Secrets/Tricks/Strategies/Systems)          (a person/people who are already living the promise)

Discover the 5 most shocking health and beauty secrets of the Worlds most famous and attractive people. 

Revealed! Network Marketing Millionaire unveils his top three recruiting secrets 

_____ Ways/Steps to ________________while ____________
  #                              (get awesome result)         (not increasing pain, effort, anxiety)

Attention Diabetics: Discover 3 natural Ways to decrease your blood sugar levels without painful needles and time-consuming insulin tests. 

Discover 3 simple steps to generate targeted network leads without the cost of rejection and cold calling. 

What's the solution to Overcoming the 5 Challenges of Marketing Affiliate and MLM products Online? 

1.Competition - There are thousands of Home Business Opportunities to choose from ( new biz launching almost daily) and thousands of other distributors in your same company. 
2. Skepticism 
3. Decrease in attention spans . We have very little tolerance for information that wastes our time.
4. You don't own anything
5. Compliance with Company and Team Marketing Policies: Some upline trainers don't want their team marketing online and Some Companies Prohibit you from Mentioning the company name online altogether or using any materials except for the pages they provide. 

Don't lead with your product or your business opportunity directly
instead lead with a valuable conversation that helps your prospects. So you prove your knowledge, your authority, and your trustworthiness. You basically demonstrate you can help your prospects by ACTUALLY helping them.

Competition? - This strategy positions you as different than 99 % of other "marketers" and/ or distributors in your company. 

Skepticism? It goes away as you start helping them 

Short Attention Spans? I'll pay attention to you all day long if you're helping me solve a problem or reduce the pain and frustration in my life.

You Don't Own Anything? - You now have a Real Asset that you OWN ( a list of people who know you, like you and trust you because of the value that you provide and the problems you help them solve). 

That list of people that you like you and you have created an asset your list... Don't beat up your list...
Ray Higdon. Eric Worrie 

He is a master promoter of his products... he gives so much value and goodwill then I don't mind if he asks for a sale...he has put so much in the goodwill bank account. 

Because you are not sending out hyping claims and promoting make money offers... Offer the person value offer them a solution to their problem 

Since you are reading this you can get the 5 Best Traffic Strategies To Get Targeted Prospects to your funnel!

If you want the cheat sheet go too

Any Questions? 

let me know...

P.S If you want the exact same strategy that Tyson has with his business then I recommend you check this out.

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