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How to get a extra 8 -10 customers a month and Quit your day job and Never Run out of people to talk to again? Your in the right place if your tired of being in the same place year after year and there is a decision you have to make ...
Today is the day you change your future...

Have you been working hard but you have not found the right method
You got a team but you need to duplicate

Question : How would you feel is you had a flow of leads without spending money on advertising?

You knew with a extension of  your fingers and no technical know how you could recruit at will.

What if you could teach this strategy for massive duplication enabling you to find that leader.

Why Social Media?  1.4 billion are on Facebook 4x population of the US

Understand the power of social media this is a strategy and help you stand out of the masses 95 percent of Facebook users log in every day
60 percent of Twitter users log in every day
Google plus has 359 million
47 percent of US users have bought something through social media...

If you have a burning desire you can make a change... you can succeed

Either you can be the happy one and visit your job after you are successful or you could say I could of should of and continue working the same job

This formula can boost you to the next only takes one... You might be nervous but you can do a simple routine with social media...

Myths about Network Marketing

  • You need to have a huge warm market 
  • Online does not duplicate (some truth) 
  • You need a large advertising budget 
  • You need a fancy marketing system 
  • You need to have a fan page... 
  • You need to be a certain age 
  • Social media is saturated 
  • You need technical skills 

Challenges most are facing

  • Overwhelmed with everything out there 
  • Struggling with what to say 
  • No daily routine 
  • Stuck at the same rank no rank because of confusion or frustration

Here is the 10k social media recruiting formula..

4 Key steps to Recruiting through social media
Step 1 Profile positioning and branding
Are you attracting prospects or detracting prospects from your profile
Your profile is your first impression
Do your post create curiosity in your business CURIOSITY IS KEY
Are you over pitching 80 percent value 10 -20 percent join team and reach out
Are you posting through out the day.
Is your profile branded or YOU branded
Are you co-mingling business and company properly

STEP 1 ProfilePositioning and Branding
5 most important things
Your Pictures/ banner picture of your face...
Balance of business vs pleasure...
The amount of curiosity your raise
Your "About Section"
What would your target market have questions about a.k.a the content you create

STEP 2 is Targeting your ideal prospects & Initial Contact
Facebook search bar and look for different groups like "Robert Kiyosaki" Also you can do the same for Twitter.... you can search Twitter too...

Facebook is whats working for people... there are other sites this formula can work for too
Look for different status updates...

Every time you reach out to someone think if they are qualified and look for the right times of people...

There are 4 TYPES OF PERSONALITIES in this business

LMLV  Low Maintenance, Low Value
HMLV High Maintenance, High Value
HMHV High Maintenance, High Value
LMHV Low Maintenance, High Value

LMHV click the message

First Message Formula

Hey ( First Name) - Why you messaged them - give them a complement then ask them finally a question ( what do you do? )

Am I using their first name?
Have I looked at their profile first?
Do we have something in common
Do they seem positive
Do they have any major hobbies
Are they someone I want to work with
Did I keep my first message LINK FREE!?

STEP 3 Relations and Rapport Building
People join you and not a company
Are you asking the right questions?
How do you distinguishing yourself from the billion on social media
Do they know like and trust you?
Expedite closing / joining process
Create curiosity in what you do

Example; After you ask what do you do they will ask you the same
Don't pitch... I am a professional recruiter with a company in Florida hows the job market
awesome do you like your

STEP 4 closing...
My Favorite Closing question

Getting them on the phone is key... no pressure be a problem solver

Are you postured correctly in the conversation?
Are you being a problem solver vs a closer?

What would 6 - 8 recruits a month be worth for you and find 1 leader a month...?

Hopefully you found value with this post

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