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Let me go on record here , I am a fan of using email as a 
first contact with those on your list who you want to introduce your Network Marketing or Online business to. Some say it takes away the human element.

As of now it has become a real impersonal world with email and social media. -

The thought may be “Well, I’m busy, they are busy and this makes it easier on us both….”

“I don’t want to disturb them with a phone call. ”

So, if you utilize this method, here are some things you can do to increase your odds of getting some interest; and still keep some curiosity and posture in the process.

Steps to Get Your Email Opened

1.) First, do NOT send a mass email; and especially don’t send a mass email where everyone can see everyone else’s email because you didn’t do a BCC.
Make it personal and only between 5-10 a day. Make it manageable so you can follow up and keep track of how things go.

2.) Second, never just “spam a link” or go on and on about your opportunity.

3.) LESS is more. No more than a handful of sentences and Do not speak , NOT ONE WORD about the company, name, product or what it does.

Something like this might create a lot more interest than what most people do -
SUBJECT- Hey John, Question for you (use their name, after all, you know this person and it is a PERSONAL email!)

Remember, the only goal of the subject line is to GET THE EMAIL OPENED. It’s not to sell or sign anyone up.

BODY – I hope all is going well with you. I know you’re super busy, as we all are, and I am wondering if you might do me a favor.
I have finally found something to build an internet business around, and it’s looking pretty lucrative. I could use your help and opinion.

If I sent you a link to a video, would you take a look, let me know what you think, and maybe anyone you think of who I should share this with, as well?

Let me know if that would be okay and I’ll send that link over.
Have a great night!

Now, a couple of things might happen -

1. You hear nothing back. And, if this is the case, a week later, you might send a second email, or EVEN better, pick up the phone. Chances are, you’ve already broken the ice so now a conversation is easy. Whatever you do. don’t assume that he/she is not interested. People ARE busy and their time priorities don’t always match ours!

2. You hear back and get a “no thank you.” This is fine, a yes or no equals a success. It’s a decision. Put this person on your “Re-contact in 6 months” list and send back an email saying thank you. Don’t mention anything else about it!

3. You hear back and the response is a YES. Now, you want to just send back the email with the link, and something VERY simple such as – Thank you so much for taking some time to offer your opinion. As you watch the video, here is the criteria of what I am looking for -

Someone who is discontent, to some extent, and is interested in an online business.

Someone who is ambitious and self motivated.

Someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit.

I’ll back with you in two days, and thanks again for your time.

Whatever you do, don’t blow it by saying anything about what is in the video. That is the video’s job. You can adapt this to fit whatever your business model is.

Try this simple technique and just see what might happens!

Let’s have some conversation!

Do you have a business you love; one that will take you where you want to go? AWESOME! Work it hard and know what you are selling.

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