- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

There is a pressing question out there when it comes to prospecting when it comes to their success. How do I absolutely guarantee where failure is no longer possible and and CRUSH IT in this business?

You can become a Fearless Networker and achieve the top.

Let your BELIEF carry through the dark of night and your SKILLS to be the Driving Force that assures that you succeed.

In order for you to make maximum impact and have maximum influence then you need to get people to follow you by getting your briefs in order

When you go out prospecting and talk to someone it is imperative that you put doubt out of your mind. You got to buy your own story before you sell others.

Look around the profession of Network Marketing - Are people making money? More importantly are they making the money I want and the lifestyle I want?

Is this mlm? with a resounding " hell yea it is " It's Recruiting and Selling...

When you know what you know you got the belief in the possibility and potential that the profession offers.

Now you operate with certainty...

Do customers benefit from the market or service or value that your company brings to the marketplace?

So how do you know your success is guaranteed? ...

You Decide.Reality check to help you decide unless your rich and you are living a lifestyle... you have to expend energy in the marketplace by trading time for money.

People say you know network marketing is challenging yea so is a regular job risk loosing your job where you can be fired, laid off, transferred or the like...

Network marketing lets you leverage your effort and the effort of others.

Develop. You need to develop your skills and find how to get people in the right way...
get them to talk about their needs vs what you have to offer and what you can tell them...

There are ways to attract people by develop your skills

You Do. The only way the money way is in when your production mode...
Doing is exposing what you do with new people...

At the end of the day you look back and say what did I do today... before you shut your eyes ask what did I produce today? Production is selling your product or service and exposure.

Prospecting Performance Principals 
1. An attitude that is based on your new set of beliefs
2. A focus on the numbers
3. A willingness to walk. No emotional attachment
4. Knowing WHAT to say and HOW to say it.

Go and operate from a position of energy and positiveness. If you have to stand up to bring it up a notch then do that. Be excited and know based on your beliefs because what you can bring to people and change the direction of their life for good.

When you see someones life changed you got to be able to get people curious based on how you live.

You can't hover over your prospects you got to keep going through the numbers daily... if you want to build a check you got to move through people.

Many of the top producers are off the charts and numbers you are going to have to be off the charts. You fill the pipeline... fill your funnel.

Have a willingness to let them go... In spite of not having a check or a small group even though you want success so bad and you want people to buy products and services you need to be willing to move on and not get an emotional attachment to the prospect.

They are hot today and cold tomorrow... realize the fact they did not show up to a call or appointment for a follow up call you don't want them in your business.

Knowing what to say... you will experience the best and the worst form this business... it is the words and the delivery... (scripting).

Knowing what and how to say... it is important... " Hey this is Scott in Los Angeles California how you doing. I am getting back to you, you requested some information online about working from home is that still correct?

You can get my top 10 prospecting tips here to increase you sales and get leads wanting to hear about your product or service.

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Hopefully you get some value out of this information 

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