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There are all kinds of videos that you can make to build your brand... Simple 10 video Ideas you can do to take your business to the next level and brand yourself. There are so many ways so here are some good ideas in no particular order.

It's about more engagement with content to get leads to get more leads and get more traction in your business.

1. Do a video about your favorite training video... your jaw just dropped when you were on a webinar or even a live event... guess what do a video what you saw or just learned.

2. Make a video about your goals and dreams, that's an interesting video. Something simple why you're doing what you're doing and what dreams you are going to achieve.

3. Do a video of your best videos of the past. If you already have videos of this and a video talking about that go into your library and look at those cool videos and just talk about it. Make a completion of all the videos talking about all your best videos remember it all started with one.

4. Share about breaking news about your niche...we all are in different businesses or industry and there might be some news that you want to share your thoughts and opinions.

5. Make a quote from a video or from a famous person... you can post that but make a video about it something that inspired you and that particular quote moved you

6. Make a training on a strategy or something you are excited about... Make a video about it...
There is a lot of people that will connect with you that people will come to you as a expert

7. Create a testimonial of a success of a sale or really a good experience or something that is a success in your business make a video about it.

Hope you can begin to see how their many different ways you can create content.
If you want my 99 video titles to shoot me over a message and I will be sure to get that over to you.

8. Make a video on some FAQ: If you are getting the same question over and over again make a video about it. Maybe you don't know the answer to the question find out the answer and then make a video about it... Provide solutions to people

9. Do a Screen capture tutorial... if you know a cool way to do something or set something up and you can show someone how to do something easier faster and stronger... just share how people can do something

10. Create more how to do more things... How to do this... anything you know how to do NOW today... make a video on that.

Hopefully, you got some value from these 10 things and can use maybe one or two of these things in your business.

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Me and the Video Rockstar 

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