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Yes, you can get results now and get instant results with your business within the 60 / 90 days.

Experience and skill set even put together with mindset means nothing without consistency. 

What is the # 1 thing you need to start making money?

Consistency is the one thing you need consistency. If you keep starting and stopping then you will never have the money. 

You have to start with the end in mind and create the end in mind so the Goal is what you want then you need to simply reverse engineer it. What does that mean. 

You start with the goal and then work backwards from that goal. How many customers do I need to get how many people do I need to be talking to on a regular basis 

You have to be crazy in love what you are doing... I love what I do...

If you are not crazy in love then you might as well throw in the towel

What is the painful consequences if you don't do it every single day. There is a price you are going to pay for being consistent and a price

1. Have a clear vision as to why you are doing this and the why behind the reason why... 

2. To choose one thing and master the hell out of it until you can do it with your eyes closed. 
Many people scratch their heads as to why you do not know 

3. Schedule It - Don't prioritize your schedule...schedule your priorities. Your schedule is non-negotiable it's the way you show up every single day. 

4. Ignore your feelings - I don't feel like it... my favorite show is on... go back to your schedule and get it done PERIOD. 

5. Catch the next train - There are days that something comes up and you cant do it pick up the following day. Don't beat yourself up if you couldn't get to work on your business 

SUCCESS COMES FROM CONSISTENCY... and you will never get there without a constant workable plan that you are ummm working. 

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