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This is a a excellent 28 day plan. If you do this I promise you your business will be different 28 days later.

I know that is a bold statement make a bold statement...

Everything will change for you...

It's quite simple but it will push you outside your comfort zone. I know you'r thinking " Will I be rich" I don't know "Will it generate me leads" absolutely... So what is this promise that I am giving you?

I promise you will be a totally different person once you come out the other side. You will have products to sell and a audience that you didn't have before..

This may be the leap to where you want to be in this year...
You will have 4 products to sell (under $ 15 dollars)  and a audience sell too. We are going to do 4 times a week over seven weeks. (7 days x 4 times = 28 days )

pick 4 different topics you want to do a webinar on (1 webinar a week on Friday). "Scott, You mean I have to do a webinar?" 

He he he he, yup.

You can do however you want to do it. My suggestion is that you use Facebook LIVE feed you use a actual webinar service if you want or OBS software. 

First things first... 

Pick a topic - If you know where to look you there are an abundance of topics that are taught on from Instagram to Facebook and everything in between. 

I happen to be part of an online community that not only has a library of social media and marketing content but has weekly webinars every single week. This is where I get some of my content.

"But Scott, I don't know anything about Instagram or YouTube."  Great go watch a couple of videos on and jot down some notes from the training. 

This is really simple stuff to do. 

Pay attention to this next sentence. You are teaching people that really know little to nothing about what you are speaking so your audience is really baud.

The 28 day Plan 

Each Week:
Do 3 to 5 Facebook LIVES this is for your target audience and throw $5 to $10 dollars at it put it on your Fan Page and boost the post. 

What is your Call To Action? (CTA) The webinar you are doing each Friday.  This is going to generate traffic to your capture page for the webinar you are doing on Friday.

Give 1 to 2 tips 5-10 minutes  tops and your call to action is this " I am going to be doing a whole in depth training on __________ (insert what topic is going to be on)  on ______________ (what ever day of the week)

You want to build it up to the day you are having the Webinar on i.e Friday.

Now understand you don't give all the information in the LIVE you save that for the actual webinar...

What Are We Selling?

Week 1..
How about week 1 you go look up a training on Instagram. If you happen to be part of MLSP there is a product in the back for $5 dollars. If you are not with MLSP you can look online Youtube at a wide variety of videos containing people showing you tips & strategies. 

At the end of the video for extra value you can say "If you enjoyed that module you might want to dive deeper there is a free 30 min video and free pdf on this."

Week 2 Grab another topic Facebook  give them a $7 dollar offer
Week 3 Grab another topic Twitter  give them a $9 dollar product offer.
Week 4 is about attraction marketing that's what you want to train on. Once you understand it you will never use anything again. What do I sell  there is a 10 day trail with MLSP and you can get a online education for 2 weeks.

People don't have a problem buying things for a couple of bucks here and there and when they do that it shows that they are comfortable with you.

Once these people purchase from you you will have their Name Email and phone number it really does not get any easier then this... 

Then you call your lead that purchased from you and say (yes you have to do it)  and say something like.

"Hey ______ (their name) this is ________ ( your name ) I see you just purchased the _____________ product I wanted to make sure you got access to it and introduce myself.

At the end of 4 weeks  Now You have 4 products you can run traffic to and now you run traffic to these videos you created and then you can make some capture pages and create some funnels to thoes products. 

When you create your own products you are 98 % percent of the entire industry and changes the whole game it will change everything. People will buy from you and when they get a call from you they will actually be happy, shocked or amazed that you did.

The Webinar 

On your webinar you talk for approx 30 mins... and put a power point together and speak dead in the camera and speak hope to your audience. Remember, you offer them a simple low ticket product under $15 dollars and that starts the relationship process.

Now the voices will start to creep into your head "I don't know how to do power point" Great there is a wonderful resource tool called YouTube you can research (How to create a powerpoint)... 

This is so simple to do that most will not do it... most stop reading after they found out they would have to call their leads. 

28 day Recap 

1. Monday to Friday at least Monday To Wednesday give 1 to 2 tips on a Facebook LIVE dealing with the subject you are teaching on Friday. Your Call to action on each LVE will be the upcoming webinar you are doing. This is done 3 to 5 times a week. 

2. Do the webinar on Friday for approx 30 minutes long. Offer a low ticket item under $15 dollars. Do consistently for 4 weeks.

3. Obtain leads from the capture page you created for people to go to the webinar. Call those people that buy the low ticket items from you. Create relationships with them 

That's It... 

Now you will be a different person after this because you have allowed yourself to receive money for your services and have used your creativity to create income on demand and permission to be successful.

Like I said at the beginning you do this and everything will change in your life 28 days later...

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Learn... Train... Succeed 

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