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If you go to fast and put too much out there in doing Facebook Ads its... going to build your audience and increase your engagement... I want to be very basic in here so by the end of this post you will know how to put up a functioning ad (hopefully) that you can start building your audience on Facebook.

There are three parts to this
  • Facebook Do's and Donts
  • Audience Growth 
  • Audience Engagement
Facebook Do's and Donts - You need to pay attention to this because if you do the wrong thing you will get your ads account. Facebook will shut your ads account get shut down unless you get this down.

Staying out of Facebook Jail 

Be in compliance. Facebook is a half a trillion dollar company at the time of this post and 1.86 billion Monthly Active Users that represents a third of the world!

This social media platform has changed the world and it is something that you look at when you wake up and perhaps when you go to sleep.

The 3 Reasons That Most People Are on Facebook 

You must know this because everything rides on this and it is important to understand this!

1 Connect 
2 Share 
3 Entertained

Nobody is showing up on Facebook to solve a poblem and or to buy a service.

It's not the reason the message is you have to think of Facebook as a cocktail party. People are checking in to check out.

Facebook is not a infomercial and it is all about the "User Experience" Facebook meets all the human needs.

Facebook will fiercly protect the customer experience ( aka will shut you down in a heartbeat ) 

Understand there is nothing out there that can help you find more targeted niche specific leads... peroid 


-Only Create Ads That Drive people off Facebook 
-Create Ads or Post Content that Gets Negative Feedback 
-Make Unrealistic Claims / Use Before After Images 
-Always Be Selling 
-SPAM or Post Contant or Create Ads that Resemble Spam 

Work from home/ Multi-level marketing

Ads for "Get Rich Quick" schemes or other money-making oppourtinities that offer compesation for little or no investment arn't allowed. 

This includes multi-level marketing or similar business models that don't fully descibe the product or oppourtunity leading to advertised income. 

Ads must promote complete transparency regarding participation and the business oppoutunity as these oppoutunities tend to be reported by others. 


If you have any questions about this policy or feel your add is complient and was wrongly approved contact Facebook 

Now if you get into trouble you can got to  

How Do you become Besties with Facebook? 

Contribute to the user experience. Facebook wants a positive user experience 

How is it measured ( Facebook is paying attention to this ) 

Positive Feedback 
No Feedback 
Negative Feedback

How To Make Facebook Happy

Contribute to the Overvall Facebook Experience 
Build A Presence That Represents You and Your Business
Connect, Share & Entertain
Engage with the people that engage with YOU 
Focus on Contribution, Value, and Experience

How to Participate on Facebook as a Business 

1, Educate - You might want to shaere with others... 
2. Inform - Somthing new that is comming up in the industry
3, Invite - Invite them to ucoming events 

Invitation Audience Growth Method..

Audience Growth and also Audience Engagemetn and this works well today.  

Look for a IMAGE the visual stops them and come off on a quote that stands on it own. 

You can create stunning images like this with desktop or moble applications that can draw attention from your audience. 

Consider the first impression of your page and determine what does your brand represent? 

I wanted to shaere a couple of cover images form people in my industry that you can see 

When a person comes to your page you wnat them to be able to know exactly what you do

Here are some examples :

Just from the engagemet of the post you can target a specific nitch There  is a three step process 

Organic reach can be 1 - 20 % of your friends, and let it reach it on your own .

Create the ad and send it to the rest of our fans. This is going to help with the social proff and thoes fans will see that contant. The third step is now you have warmed up the post you can release it into the wild. 

Now this ad as social proof and has likes and shares behind it and now you can send it out to the COLD audience market.

Everyone that is on Facebook has access to a Ad Account and it will drop you into the ad creation screen.

Facebook change all the time. so to put a screenshot up of the back office would be useless as it could change tommow and probably will.

The type of ad we  want is an ENGAGEMENT AD and at this moment you want to go and select POST ENGAGEMTN and name it whatever you want. 

Facebook targeting is what makes it the most important aspect. You can be lazer focused. 

Keep a swipe file of images... some that captures your attention. 

You will have a text box checker so if you have text you may or may not get approved based on that ad 

So you can post the ad that Facebook is going to like based on the ammount of text you put in the image. 

Lets do a re cap on what we need to do to this ad.

1.Post it let it reached who ever its going to reach

2. Then boost the post by targeting people who like your page (will cost you $20 bucks or so) 
spread it out over the next 7 days or so (this will reach the rest of your warm market) 

3. So your ad goes out now to about a 50% percent reach now come over to the ads magager and go reach and here you can select who what where and whn... i.e  who what when where and  my ideal avatar is where who you target comes into play.

Start a wide net and then you can get it smaller audience  later... 

Don't forget to exclude the people of your audience and you can save this audeience 

Placement - DONT LET FACEBOOK CHOOSE FOR YOU - There is different device types  you can uncheck dont lump things together get specific.

You can go back later and go do just instagram later...

And you are simply ready to post your ad...

  • We have chose our campaign objective
  • We have set the critera for who will see it 
  • Where we placed it in Facebook
  • How much we choose to spend 
  • How long the ad will run 

Facebook likes very visual content... then you can educate, inform and invite
When you run ads pay attention to whats happening on the ad... and groom your contents and keep an eye on the conversation...

How to become a Facebook Marketing Rockstar  5 Sections with 19 training modules with step by step videos...


There are 5 bonuses one being the most valuabe is thehe Private Facebook Group. This is where you will get all your questions anwsered. 

If you have any questions let me know

Remember you wnat to create a post let it age a little bit and then shoot it out to the cold market... hopefully with this info you are off to the races.

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