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Why Even Blog? 

That sounds like a pretty legitimate question right? There are the people that pound the phone they pound the doors or they buy leads every day.  

They have to start at zero and have to reach quotas every single month

If you do not build a brand if you do not create conent then that is pretty much what you are faced with.

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I used to put the blog out there ( not consistant ) and get a couple of leads, fast forward to today I put content out there on a regular basis  and I get leads...consistantly

If you get 20 to 50 leads a day means you dont  need to really go out and prospect... so fast forward to the future... the plan is to get over 100 leads per day... just from the blog...

I know of a Marketer in our nitche that is getting 600 to 900 leads per day just from his BLOG!

So what does that mean? Well what does that mean if you montize your blog correctly that means money...

There are multiple strategies out there and quite frankly there are people that simply are not making money with their blogs.

You can do this and it wont interupt your multiple streams of income. You want to make sure that your businesses are congruent and non compeating.

If you start blogging you are going to get people that are searching for your content... 

Why They Buy

Before someone buys they research? So you are intercepting all that search traffic, you dont have to be a info marketer.

If there is a nitche I can tell you I would personally start blogging and yes you too can dominate any niche...

Nobody makes sales from a 5 year old email, however you can make money with a 5 year old blog post! 

You can get affiliate commisions on a product or services that you have blogged about years ago. 

It's evergreen

Paid advertising works and you want is to create something moret then what you are putting however this I do know once you stop paying it goes away.. not with blogs it's evergreen content

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