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How To Create Content Marketing 101 And Crust It.

It's important to note that 99% percent of you are not doing this and by creating content is how to take your business to the next level... this is an amazing way to get engagement build your brand and get leads and sales. 

Why do we create content ?? That is the million dollars question?


What is Content Marketing?

"Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable relevant and consistent content to attract and retained a clearly - defined audience and ultimately to drive customer action." -

Every time we create it we should be aware of some very important things 

Content is used throughout the sales process and it :

  • Builds An Audience
  • Attract New Website Visitors
  • Engages with your Audience
  • Get Leads
  • Convert Into Customers
  • Up-Sell To Existing Customers 
  • Turns Customers Into Fans And Advocates 

Types Of Content that is possible to create 

  • Blogs Posts
  • Articles
  • Social Media - Twitter / Instagram / FB status updates
  • Videos 
  • Facebook Live 

Every piece content has pros and cons and they have different benefits and purposes.

You want to focus on one type of content for sure 

BLOG CONTENT  is a focus on a particular niche and there are 3 different styles that this can be broken down into... 

Personal Connection Style of Content 

- Story Post 
- Day in the life post
- Inspirational post
- Quotes post
- Rants
- Controversial
- Personal 'Soul Bearing' post 
- Behind the scenes
- Holiday / Special Occasion Post

This is to be personal and the purpose is to create a personal connection with your audience

Informative Educational Style 

I personally lean toward this type of style

- How to Post
- Review Post
- Case Study Post
- Resource Post
- Ultimate Guide
- Stats Post
- checkList
- List Post
- Best Of Post
- Interview Post
- Crowdsourced Post
- Round-Up Post
- Series Post
- Question and Answer Post
- FAQ Post 

Promotional Style Content 

- Promotional Post
- Announcement Post
- Comparison Post
- Showcase Post
- Product / Service Update Post
- Income results post
- Product Tips Posts 

Your PLAN for Content marketing Monday through Sunday? 

You need the right message to the right market and this is key you got to nail it and it's going to be toward 80% percent of the market.

If you miss that then you are going to have a hard time creating a successful marketing campaign.


Do your research on a topic on a pillar content like you did in high school and learn a topic. This is how you become an authority is you start out as the researcher compile that information and get that out to the marketplace and then you establish your authority...

Understand who your target marketing is who they want who they are and what they need... 
The right message to the right market you learn about your target market then provide a  problem and challenges. 

NOTE: Please don't think of yourself as a newbie (that's totally the wrong mindset to have and is very destructive). You now know 99% percent more than everyone else on this subject and now it's a matter of picking a broad topic and just doing it... 

EXERCISE Take out a piece of paper that you can add to over time identify all the problems challenges and obstacles that they (your market)  are having and experiencing in their business that you can possibly solve.

What are some of the big questions that they have? You can see this can go on and on forever... answer questions and challenges the larger you can identify the more money you can make 

This brainstorm page is going to mean more money for you.. and the more problems you solve the more money you make...

Start with research and if you have been creating content you are getting it is important you do research. Research the top sites ( most successful sites ) that are creating results...

Don't re-create the wheel... go with something that is already proven and is working for other people so what if someone has it... it's holding you back... you only need a tiny slice 

How to research the top sites 

Go to GOOGLE ( Top network marketing blogs ) take a little time and research the blogs what are their most popular articles, would that give you a clue to what is popular and then now go list out some blog articles... 

You can check out other bloggers content and even go to YouTube and check out different channels of markets and you can get ideas form videos... a few minutes of video research will do wonders 

Buzz sumo will tell you what content will do good type in "MLM Leads" how to generate leads has lots of variations and you can get info... again the free version will 

SEM rush type in any website in the marketplace the free version will show you a limited report pay for one month and do research on the top 50 MLM blogs and see some traffic where it is coming from your competitors 

Now you want to narrow your focus so take all these ideas so now you understand the marketplace and you can see a content plan and your branding and focus your content marketing strategy...

Choose and narrow down 3 to 5 themes or categories and narrow focus for our branding because branding is what you are about and you need to speak to your prospect when they ask "What's in it for me?"

Here are 4 Questions you need to ask yourself : 

  • Who am I?
  • What do I stand for?
  • Who do I serve?
  • How do I serve them?

By narrowing this down you can show people... what is unique about you...  so when you think about the leaders in this industry 

So choose your categories and your topics and this is going to help you be focused.


It's about getting the right message to the right market, that is rule number 1 then rule number 2 is congruency. 

When you narrow your focus to a couple of contents then the content you create will flow between each other... so 

So you create the content around a few categories and then a lead magnet for each category  and then an offer for each lead magnet... so they see a lead magnet for the same topic on the content you just created... so if we narrow our focus we will get better results 

Plan your blog... with the content you are going to create so 

Quality over Quantity 

Over 3 million posts published every day 
If you add a video there are 300 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every single minute! 
So if you publish more content is not going to get you more views 

SO TODAYS SEO is About Engagement and search engines are looking for 
  • Click through rates 
  • scroll depth  
  • time on page 
  • Social Sales 
  • Backlinks 
  • Bounce Rates 
  • Comments 
Pillar Content otherwise know as 
flagship content, anchor content, cornerstone content, redwood/evergreen content 

Create 3 or 4 keywords to rank and you will have a chance to rank over time. 

People create content on social media and then it just fades away... now if you are going to create it then would it would not make sense to keep your content going?

So it's about creating a post ( this could take days or weeks ) then you can promote this content for weeks months and even years and then you will be able to to make this post grow and it's not forgotten but use it as part of your strategy. 

You want to create your pillar content first...( I did not do this in the beginning ) 

This post is added or referred to repeatedly over time adding it to its value.

-You become the go-to resource for that chosen topic in your niche 
-Supports your topic and gains your readers trust 
-Creates a good will and establishes your brand and creates powerful engagement. 

Create a perennial post and it's a great way to get traffic to your post this is a post that gets updated every year... 

You will use this in future emails and send new leads back to this content because you have narrowed your niche. Create and do different content and link back to your pillar post so its like subtopics of the main topics... 

Your cornerstone pillar content posts are about 5000 to 8000 words it's going to have pictures and videos and links (and be extremely rich and valuable )  out and are going to create some huge engagement and you can do strategies to promote it...

Facebook marketing like a video ad (2 min video) and you can generate leads with this strategy. 

What could be better than a Lead Magnet?  CONGRUENCY

Lead magnet is a value training for an email address... the next sale is the content upgrade 

A content upgraded is like a lead magnet that complements supports or enhances the original blog post the visitor can to read in the first place? 

So in the blog post.. what else could you get... so create a promo lead magnet that is specific to the pillar content! because its specific you are going to get more leads... 


In closing here is 3 action steps you can do:

1. Create a content marketing plan - Create a daily content marketing plan without this you simply do not have a business. 

2. Create your first pillar content - Your core posts and drive people back to these major pieces of content through ads and also other posts 

3.  Promote. Promote. Promote Repeat - You have to be consistently attempting to promote these pillar content while at the same time creating "filler content" for your audience through paid and unpaid methods. 

So Create 3 to 5 pillar contents and do your normal 2 to 3 pieces content you are creating during the week... 

Create a pdf or lead magnet for the pillar content.. and then do some paid ads to the pillar content...
and then keep going to generate traffic and leads to the website... 

Create the content get a plan and put it out there in the marketplace You know what you need to do take action and just do it!  

Hopefully you enjoyed my post and got some value down below drop a comment below if you did

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Thanks, Norbert You Rock! 

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