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There is a great advantage to having your own e-book that will make you rise head and shoulders out there. Some people believe that having your on e-book is difficult or complicated to create 

There are courses out there that will convince you that you have you spend hundreds of dollars on how to write copy. 

We want to put out information that will grab your audience and not only that put head and shoulders over all the noise that is out there floating online.

So Why E Books? 

When you can offer something of value it puts you as a authority in the field especially when it is yours. Not to mention and you are a author now. 

There are certain steps that you need to know before you even pick up a pen and paper... There is a difference between you prospecting and talking to a specific person. 

When you position yourself as a problem solver and have the attitude that you are providing valuable content to people who are actively looking for solution. 

We are talking about giving them value that they feel that after they consume this information that will establish a rapport between you and your potential reader. 

I have access to a million-are that will show you in the better span of a hour the particulars that will help you generate streams of people to your site. 

Tip - Do not promote your product or service and tell us how great it is tell us the effects of the product or service. A old marketer said "Sell the sizzle not the steak"

I know what you may be thinking can I do this? The short answer is that you cannot afford not to do this. 

I literally created this e book cover in like 5 minutes using a free program online ( that is shown in the training ).

Pretty cool hungh?

I personally prefer PDF's and reports over e-books as tripwires or lead magnets. You want someone to consume your information fast. A PDF is like 7 to 10 pages where a e book is like 20 to 40. 

So In this training you will learn 

  • Examples of e book subjects 
  • Where to get content for your e book
  • Where to get e books
  • Where to get the images for your e book 
  • Use of autoresponders
  • Marketing your e book 
  • Walkthrough of a capture page of a e book
  • Resources 

This training was in front of a LIVE audience in front of 200+ people there is a lot of content compressed into a short amount of time.
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