- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

For all of the new marketers out there may not know Mr. Firebaugh... 

He has been in the the Home Business Network Marketing arena ifor almost 2 decades. full time. He has spent the last ,decade helped countless of people achieve their dreams  in the home based business arena

His organization spans across eight countries and produced hundreds of millions in sales. 
He Created PassionFire International in 1999 going full time as a speaker and consultant, doing business in over a 30 countries today. It was later renamed Doug Firebaugh Training International.

His mission simple: "To educate and instruct the Home Business Professional on every aspect of home business, network marketing, social media, and team building mastery".  

The approach to training is fresh, unique, and GETS RESULTS.And from his training with field leaders and top earners, unique ideas, and consulting the last 10 years, he has been blessed to build a literal Billion Dollar Success story.

He  does business with distributors/consultants that represent over 500 direct marketing companies, including folks from the U.S., Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Canada, South America, among other countries.

He has shared the stage with a literal whose who of the speaking profession and of America, including Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Robert Schuller, Denis Waitley, Tommy Hopkins, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Jay Conrad Levinson, President William Clinton, President George H. Bush, Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Harvey Mackay, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, among many others..

Doug is known for his tremendous amount of training articles, videos, audios, that are read and viewed all over the world by hundreds of thousands of  people a month.  

I have personally heard multiple training's from Networking Times a publication dedicated to the sole development of the the modern day network marketer. 

As a frequently featured guest speaker in a multitude of seminars every year.
Doug presents powerful teachings and ideas with Passion in a most impacting, life-transforming way. His content is always fresh, totally unique and filled with a powerful energy that ignites a fire in the hearts of all who hear him.

Doug is available for speaking engagements, seminars, keynotes, conference call training's, personal coaching, team coaching, and more.

He and his wife, Jodi, also offer powerful teachings based on Biblical Kingdom Principles for Success and High Achievement, and the True Substance of Wealth. They give all credit for any and all Success to God Almighty!

If you would like to know more about Doug and how he can help you in your business click the link to know more.


As far as this marketer is concerned I recommend that you make it a point to connect yourself with this man and see for yourself why his in fact he is a BILLION DOLLAR EARNER!

What is up with everyone trying to not make money on Facebook... I see a bunch of flawed tactics being used. I want to share with you here now that you now you can use will help you across all social media platforms...

We are going to cover some strategies and going over some of the major dont's when it comes to advertising.

Facebook if a country would be the 4th largest country... It is so big it topples governments. If you think nothing in the world goes unnoticed without Facebook knowing about it.

When a Earthquake hit Napa Valley California this past week there were notifications in seconds after it happened it took CNN 6 to 10 min for them to break programming and to let the rest of the world know...

Think for a minute and relax and listen to a philosophy to make money...

People are trying way to hard to make money on FB...

Sometimes if you got your grip on the steering wheel you cannot really drive and steer...

Let me ask you a question... is it called ...

Logo Book ?
Buy My Crap Book ?
Product Book ?

NO ITS FACEBOOK .... you... your face... huge concept... your timeline banner you can change it up a bit... but the actual profile pic should be a pic of your face..

Think of FB as BBQ ( couple of friends over )
Linked In as the OFFICE (stuffy and cooperate)
Twitter is like a bar ( cant hear much really noisy)

 We need to talk and think like our customers and with our clients we have a 90 / 10 rule
90 percent of what we post comment like and share is all about value to our customers...
Adding value ...

Talking about or sharing simply badass content that you would want to read!!!

Ask yourself the question when you read what you post ... AM I BEING PITCHED ?

Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, ASK...

Show people the freedom lifestyle... hey if you are stuck in a cubicle and you want to be out like me then lets connect online and see how we can make that a possibility....

That's just as easy as posting a pictures that say buy buy buy...

Talk about the benefits of working with you and not the features... you want to answer the question why should I buy ______ (blank being your product or service )  from you, why should I work with you?

Be answering the question ...why you???

Let's go into Edgerank - It is the mathematical equation to determine how many people you are connected to and how may people see your posts and FB determines your value and if or not you are going to show up in peoples newsfeeds.

So lets talk about how to get more edgerank It's simple and its all about engament...
Engaement is the ENTIRE KEY to FB

Think of the ratings system for the following below ( just a example )

Share a post  = 5 votes in your favor
Comment a post = 2 votes in your favor
Like a post     = 1 vote in your favor

FB ranks these...votes

Back in the day you could post stuff to get people to " Like " your stuff

You can not put puzzles and posts are soliciting engagement anymore! FB can literally read the posts ( yes the images you post ) .. FB is that smart now.

There are 5 things not to post about ...

It is a funnel and at the bottom people are going to pay you at the bottom
People who are less like you the less likely they are to buy from you

  3. No SEX
  4. No SPORTS ( your son / daughter in little league is ok )

Pretty basic don't take chunks out of your funnel by pissing people off

Find people you want to work with and people that you tag you want them to see the post
Share their content ( don't really do the like button ) but share their content...

Making something go viral and the sharing is a good thing...

Another concept is you want to get your FB profile to 5000 friends...

So one of the ways to build your friend list and join groups where your prospects like... always be asking for them to connect with you... (call to action)

Post quotes... and add value.. that is a actual way to build your edge-rank and engage others..

If you want to get FREE quotes for you business then you can go to
You can get 1 a day!

My goal is to get someone off FB and have a real conversation.. I created a form that you can  go to it goes to may calender and schedules a call. It allows them to choose a time when it is convenient to them.

Tip : Your Time is always valuable... time is money so if you have a lot of time you appear to have no money or no real valuable I have a "window" of time I can carry on a conversation with someone who is not scheduled.

Start a fan page before you need it! When you start a fan page use your name if it is avaiable... why what happens if you change companies / products or services... God forbid if the company changes names or the product goes away... Keep it all under one roof

Lets talk about how to gain edge-rank for your FAN PAGE.
Log into fan page and post then
go back into your regular profile
search for you fan page
and then share that post to your regular page

Not only will you get credit for that share but it will cause people to comment, like and share giving your fan page some traffic!

If you want to promote something then you can hit the boost post... so it makes more of your firends see it.

If you send private messages to people
PLEASE DO NOT add a bunch of people into a message at the same time!!!
Make it personal ...

Post comments on Guru's pages especially when they are selling... Post comments that are supportive or complements don't post crappy comments... say something nice or do not say anything at all.

This is the Biggest

Think as your FACEBOOK page as your legecy.. If you die tonight you are going to be able to see who you were after you are gone...

How many times to post if you are giving value as many people a day! If you are selling only a couple of times a day!

This series are all about the most common mistakes bloggers make on their blogs and this is the first of 4 series that you want to pay attention too...

In fact here are to top 3!! You must do these first before you go on to then next one otherwise you are almost certain to fail

You should not get everything perfect at first just get going! So lets dive into this

#1 CAPTURE LEADS Most blogs have a weak opt in or no opt in... this is where you are loosing out on getting having a opt in form that has benefits and is sexy... TO BUILD a list... this is a must you create the blog to get leads
Opt ons that work is what we want to talk about... Keep them on the blog the more specific you can create a offer

#2 Look your blog make sure people understand what people are getting when they land on your BLOG. Look at header and side bar have a clear big idea ( look at the theme ) and be targeting your nitch be clear on your brand and choose. A good example would be It talks to the person. That example blog tells

#3 POSTING FREQUENTLY. If you are going to have a blog you need to be posting on a daily basis... Its a strategy that can make a ton of money and why you should take blogging seriously... You should know that you need to set realistic expectations when you blog. Its a long term strategy and makes momentum.

Benefits is :

  • It's great form a SEO perspective in that the search engines love content from a regular basis.
  • Give people a reason to continue to keep coming back and give away value! 
Here are some tricks that nobody tells you... SETHGOEN... know you audience and know your posting style... What ever style you want do what works for you... Number 1 is constancy is for you and 2 content is for them... 

Do what motivates you and inspires you. If you get these things down then all the other things will fall into place.

We are continuing on our journey of the downward spiral of the most common Blogging mistakes and how to rapidly advert tragedy by steering clear of them.

That sounds a bit too fancy so we are going to keep you from screwing up your blog by not doing these things...

Call these the deadly sins if you don't have the FIRST ones in place then don't even bother with this...

#4 A new blogger will get very excited... LONGEVITY.... POSTING REGULARLY... biggest mistakes is infrequent posting... so we are talking about regular benefits... 

I know for a fact that Mr. Ray Higdon is making 6 figures monthly and he posts in the "work from home" "home biz op" nitch.. he has been blogging for a couple of years and being consistent... 
Never slack off with your momentum but once you have it you never loose it! 

Blog is such a asset and think of it like it an investment... All the top bloggers Eric Worry  ( Network Marketing Pro) he creates a video blog.... Ty Tribble MLM blog on a regular basis. 

#5 The other side of the sin is lack of engagement with your readers. One of the best ways that Ray does he will as he will say in the video and write " If you enjoyed this post please like / comment / and share... Please like this... speaking to an audience and also caring about the opinion.

The point is building a relationship with your readers and trying help solve their problems. This is a common theme among the top bloggers.

There is a way to reward people on your blog and its like a game for engagement. 
Get top people on their blog and interview them....

#6 CLUTTER... This is a huge mistake you land on the Blog and its busy and its too busy
flashing and blinking banners 

You don't want the blog to distract the readers and get them to focus on your blog .

Have a clean look have a clean sidebar... Don't make your blog post like you are going to Vegas...
make you opt in form stick out and everything else blend in...

IF you found value in this post then Like, Comment, and Share below and if you have any questions hit me up on social media... thanks

Here is part 3 of 4 of the series that you can read by clicking here now...

If you want to find out some good blogging tips you are in the wrong spot here we are going over blogging mistakes and how to avoid them like the plague...

Everyone always wants to know the best well let's go over the worst first and chances are if you have been blogging for any length of time you have been out there putting content out then chances are good that you have made a couple of these..

Lord knows I have!

You know I don't consider myself by any means a major marketer.. I post a blog every day every other day of things that I pick up that can benefit others... Lately I have been studying different marketing methods and picking up some new strategies that I can implement. This good news is that once I learn these strategies I have them forever upstairs in my brain to use...

I subscribe to a publication that I absolutely love called Whats Working Now I mean if you are a marketer and you want serious how to information that can save you thousands of wasted dollars then this publication is a must have...

The guys Nick and Andrew know their stuff and they always have the latest and greatest marketers on sharing their nuggets of info...

But enough of the shameless advertising already lets get into the goods...

Here is # 7  Just because people are putting their content out there does not mean that people are seeing your content. You have got to be PRO ACTIVE!
Look at these rocking marketers Ray Higdon,com, Nick Haubner, Michelle Pescosolido these are class act marketers. You got to get people to your blog to consume... that is that you need to do a blog post .... then.... post it on FB... then Email you list! You have got to remind people... any social media would help to get eyeballs to your blog.... EMAIL YOUR LIST... Do em all!!! You never know which will work...  Do a video email your list! Do a blog post, email your list...

Create content ... well you get it...

What ever your goals are think of the ways you are serving other??

Onto # 8 - Quitting 3 feet from gold... People quit right before they have success... If you are not regular you are its not going to work... you got to be into making this a routine.. HUGE
Its all about routine... Keep momentum going.... People like it when you show up...
The final thing is doing keyword research and just going a little into SEO...
Tomorrow is 10 times easier then the first day...

#9 Writing for the search engines... These days SEO works but know this if you are new to the blogging game you want to ultimately ... Create trust ... Create value .... Create relationships...
Know this one of the blogging mistakes you can do is try to think that Google is not going to get smarter. Stop trying to speak to what Google wants and what your prospect / reader wants...
Think about instead of view of leads how can I create the most trust. The SEO Gurus know how to crank out insane amounts of money! There are big, big  players in the SEO realm but if you are brand new forget about that and think about this you don't a ton of leads to get big results...

I hope this post helped in keeping away from the most commong blogging mistakes.. If you found value let me know! Make it a awesome day!

One of the benefits to our business If you master these three core skills and you are on your way to success Master three more and there is no goal you cannot reach in your business.

Imagine a toolbox there are six tools to help you build your business three simple tools for the the simple work and 3 more for the slightly more complex ones...

Lets get down to the basics....

1. Scheduling - Your planner is the only proof of a active business. A planner that is full of bookings and appointments means you are good in shape . An empty page means your business is in need of some serious cpr

2. Selling - Your monthly income depends completely on your actions and the action of your group on the ability to sell.

3. Recruiting -Your business opportunity is your flagship product and you will not succeed until you learn exactly how to promote it

Ok now we get into the more advanced tools

4.Building Relationships - You cannot build a business by chance if you are constantly working to get new customers you will burn out before creating a secure business. 

5. Mentoring. Your business will depend on the people you recruit. Reminder you are not ever responsible for the success just support... remember they signed a independent agreement form not a dependent form...

6. Managing - Keeping things from spinning out of control...As your business goes do not get into the habit of plate spinning... 

Nobody will expect you to be perfect in the beginning but by contestant  persistent action.

Here are 11 marketing tips and ways that you can get more customers or more prospects!! These literally take a minimum of 15-20 minutes a day and can have a dramatic impact on your business... for profit or customers or both!

You don't need to be a marketing GURU or buy a bunch of courses that simply by implementing these following tips you will see results.

1.Find out 3 blogs that your current client base would read and comment. Leave comments of value on 3 different posts. It gets you integrated into that bloggers community. This is not selling or self promotion. This is getting in front of those readers as someone of value. Always be positive and uplifting... don't disagree with with the blogger or be the antagonist. If you do this right the blogger will take notice.

2. This is proven the #1 reason why people leave your business is that your customer does not feel that you care for them. For every month you do not have contact with a client or prospect you loose approximately 10 percent of your influence. If you have business cards from a year ago you might as well throw them away as you have no influence.  Start a process or get a process in place... Thank you cards is an excellent way to put a piece of mail in their mailbox. Go buy some thank you cards...

3. Go to your data base and print off list of names and phone numbers and carry that list and text 10 people a day... texting just checking in with them this is not about selling them this is about contacting them
For every month that we don't do that we will eventually loose them get a client list with our clients or prospects...

4. This is the one that is going to take the most time invested but also the highest result.. This is assuming if you have a blog post or website. Do a blog post of a current or past client and make them look good to their community. And give them the post. Let the client look fantastic and make it all about them and make them look stellar to their community...

There is a simple  formula Picture Video Text Contact Form ... If you can do a video with this person or do a video with the person or talking about that person... and put a call to action where they can share this blog.. Do a CTA (Call To Action) at the bottom of the post.. The goal is that person is to share that video with their entire network. Remember blog posts stay out there forever... that means your exposure will too!

5.This one is important to share... Some people call this a swipe file which is a file that when you see it
The more people that you are engaging with people the more
right click save picture as...

pull Facebook picture off and make a file called Ready For Facebook and you can get some massive engagement... look to increase your engagement..You are always adding to the folder you are always adding to the folder.

Re-post it later does not mean to re-post it you use it like a brand new post...

So 1 Create a folder that you see people getting tons of shares and likes and post something that get a lot of responses..

Fan pages if someone posts someone on the personal profile fan page and share that content back to your personal page... now it is linked... now the comments will show up on your fan page..

6. This one will scare some people but pick up the phone and call a past client that you lost! Start calling you past clients

7 It really stands out you want to find a referral for you best or your past clients especially on that was valuable for you. Whatever it is that they do you want to find them for their business you want to become a referral machine... find a connection on linked in...

Find a referral and make a connection and give your best client a referral.

8. This is on that is the most controversial on the list but it is one of the most powerful. If you are listening to this you are a business owner or entrepreneur ... if some have a network  you want to buy as many products as possible from Network Marketers as possible...

Hear Me Out...

Network Marketers have the best products Why would you want to get crappy shaving cream ( if you are a man ) then if you could go to <as a example > ( Arbon and get it from a Network Marketer) By doing business with them they will hopefully help you out as well.

9.Go find 10 groups where your prospects want to hang out! Add value very chance you get.  Facebook Twitter or Link In Groups and add value every time you get the chance... Add value to those groups!

10 Any time there is an important change in your clients world shoot off an email... if there is a change in a law in America for instance and you have an insurance person for a client  that it helps your clients and always again adding value.

11. The most fun... Always buy what kids are selling and support the young entrepreneurs...
Get magazine subscriptions and use this as a tool.. Know what your clients are looking for... subscribe to Forbe, Inc, ect and cut articles up and pages up.. and staple them together. Got a list of clients and prospects... Hey was just thinking about you and just sent it off...

Hopefully as always you got value from these 11 marketing tips.

What ever industry that your in send a article to someone... If you want to put a business card in yea you could but give remember always give value to your network...

P.S  Here is a site where I get my awesome content for my blog and learn how to build a huge business while having a life

This is great for those that you are doing video... Here we will go over the power of Facebook Video Ads.

What if???

 What would it do for your business if you could make short impactful videos that brought you in leads while you sleeping?

What would it do for your family life if you could get your business off the ground and money was not an issue?

What would it feel to generate leads already knew like and trusted you and are ready to buy...

I had the opportunity to learn form a 6 figure industry earner reciently who has got over 35,000 leads personally

I want to give you some insight:

Facebook Facts

  • 1.4 Billion users 
  • Number 1 website and flip flops between Google and FB 
  • Well over 50% of those log in on a daily basis 
  • Perfect place to connect with almost any target market

Because of the super power of video when you can dominate a niche

And we are talking about 80 to 100 percent from click to opt in !!!!

Why???  There is no better lead the one that sees your face first and then chooses to opt into your offer...
Video has proven to convert better then any other medium it breaks down barriers that over strategies have Combining video ads with the reach of FB makes this powerful literally in 15 min after posting you can get leads coming in!

Understand your target market - Who is your target market... get that down...

YOU MUST Have or create a Profile or Fan Page

For Business its smart to have a page dont mix personal with business ( unless you have too )

FB discourages business on your personal page and keep it separate on a page

1. GO to Facebook and choose public figure or organization
2. Name your page your own name ( BRAND YOU NOT YOUR COMPANY )
Fill out as much as possible
have a graphic header created
Do not recommend a biz op link
First impressions are everything


Video must be short and impactful
Some basic editing is preferred but its not difficult to edit it MovieMaker or I Movie
professional editing
Video intro is great for having a professional into / outro
Put your title in the Lower thirds

3 Parts to Creating a Good Video 

  • Intro - State your name location and ask a question i.e " Are you struggling with leads?" 
  • Content- You want to hit on the pain points of your target market... 
  • Do not scrip your video... come from the heart... just be you... 
  • Call to Action - Send them to your website " Click on the link below " 


Encourage them to connect with you on Facebook... it softens the pitch care about others success...
Its so simple and it makes a HUGE difference....


Whenever possible create it in HD format
The highlight the professional the better
Add background music


Video Phone (mobile)
Make sure you audio good recommend get a microphone (lavalier mic / lapel mic )
Make sure the lighting is good.
Have a clean area around you...
Don't try to be too fancy
NEVER LIE OR OVER - HYPE ( it gives our industry a hard time )
Speak to the pain points and give value
The more authentic you are the better you are!

Hopefully you got some value from this post please look me up on Facebook and be sure to comment below...

P.S If you would like to know how to make killer videos on Youtube and Create Facebook video ads to dominate your  market... then check this out...

Have you seen this awesome webinar yet? Maybe you have maybe it's past the date that the live cast has already played. Maybe your one of the lucky ones that are registered and will be there live.  It's important as a marketer that when you partner up with companies that you have to choose your affiliations wisely

I have been an internet marketer for a couple of year now  yet and few leaders come along and have the ability to inspire and help others all at the same time. This is rare because either the person is strictly informational and have plenty of how but have the inability to move others into action

Or they are simply full of it and have more hot air then a balloon. They are way to full of hype and their content is a bunch of re-hashed outdated crap...

If you wan to succeed then you have to be a top producer this is what this is all about....
It's not my goal to try and convince you of anything... my readers know that I provide value... what does that mean. I solve peoples problems, and I love doing it! This is not a one size fits all this is a how to a exact formula for success.. 

If you dont know who I am feel free to go 
I wanted to give you a free gift right off the bat... it is e book for you can see right from the title that even think you might know the answer it begs you to find out .. 

But first off I want to give all my readers a gift this is a secret download 
 Becom! a top producer today

If you try to exit the window a pop up will happen with the opportunity for a free download 

The book alone is simply a 12 page report that goes over the may point to making it with you Home based business or Network Marketing business.

I wanted to dive into the modules so you can see the value that is being given out and I know that you will get one piece of information far more then the worth then the physical cost of the webinar... 


You should always have your focus on money making activities if you want to achieve financial success and all that comes with it. FOCUS ONLY ON: Selling and Sponsorship. 
It is not your responsibility to reinvent the wheel. Until you’re making a minimum of $30k a month, your focus should be on selling and sponsoring. Nothing else.Focusing on other activities will not help you create influence, sponsor the star studded leaders, build massive organizations or help you reach the lifestyle freedom you desire.
The real secret to sponsoring leaders is to bring in two people a day.
One of the biggest reasons why people fail to ever get real results is due to a ‘dirty myth’ that’s floating around in this profession which is that we’re told it’s easy when we get in.
There is a saying that stuck in my head " If it's easy then it is sleazy." 


Your inner-beliefs affect your business and when they’re not serving you, you have to change them.
To be a Top Producer you must identify which limiting beliefs and values are holding you back and REPLACE THEM WITH POSITIVE BELIEFS AND VALUES!
Your beliefs, the information in your mind, your values, all the way to your actions need to be in complete and total alignment. which will enable you to move in a direction that’s going to help you create results.
But Scott... What if I see this post past Aug 23? Try to click on the link If it does not work then let me know so I can fix it... 
If You have to be aligned in a single direction if you want to accomplish your outcomes, if you want to create a huge result, if you want to create a big team, if you want to recruit a ton of people and if you want to sell a lot of products.
Here is a  great opportunity will excite people to join. Your belief in your team and their ability to make it is what will excite people to stay.


You can know all there is to know about sales and persuasion, but if you don’t have anyone to persuade, it won’t really matter. What you need are people who want what you have to offer… We’re talking about leads. And online, you can only collect leads one way…
Lead capture pages, squeeze pages, opt-in pages… Whatever you call ‘em. These are the most important online recruiting tool that you MUST know like the back of your hand:
This module will be presented live by:
- Mars Burden, Empower Network’s CMO, who’s built out some of the highest performing Lead Capture pages in online marketing  and - Rob Rammuny, Empower Network’s resident marketing prodigy, who had a 6-figure online business
before he was out of high school
Together, Mars and Rob are going to show you how the pros do it…
These guys are going to bring the heat and drop some lead page knowledge on you that literally no one else knows, including:
The EXACT 5 top-performing lead pages and precisely WHY they work to get you more leads than ANYTHING else, plus… The secret tool that industry-insiders use to create the highest-converting lead pages with under NINE mouse clicks…


You make money by selling something and to do that you must build a list, present to the list and close the list.
The important thing to understand about anything that works is that IT’S NOT THE STRATEGY THAT’S MAKING IT WORK. The strategy is just a way to make the principle behind what you’re doing work.
The first step in recruiting and getting someone to look at a presentation is you must create rapport and value in order for people to look at something.
Rapport is responsiveness. If you want to recruit, you need someone who responds to you like you have social authority. If people respond to the way you behave and respond to your questions, they respond to your energy.
Most people build their business depending on the skills of people in their team. The problem is that their team doesn’t have any skills.


The fastest way to build rapport is by uncovering your prospect’s problems and leading them to the solution.
As you give people solutions to the problems they’re having right now, you will build rapport and responsiveness with them over time.
If you’re speaking to their problems and showing them how to overcome those problems, they’re going to start to trust you with business information.
To create responsiveness with a list YOU HAVE TO GIVE VALUE so people will look at your stuff and respond to it.
Target specific problems that you can solve in your business. When you solve those problems, you give people value. They will then listen and keep listening to you for a long time.
Click here to register for this epic event!
But Scott... What if I see this post past Aug 23? Try to click on the link .. Again...simply contact me and I will fix it... 


Ready to hold your own live event? This module will walk you through how to generate leads with local offline methods, online methods and more. You’ll also get all the guidance you need to create an amazing experience for prospects in the room while converting them. Learn the psychology behind how to setup your room, run your event flow, persuade through your presentation, and close sales.


Your competition makes it easy for you to bring new people into your business because they focus on sell-sell-sell, failing to understand the most important element of selling is understanding your prospect’s problems.
The key to unlocking more sales, deepening rapport and building a stronger organization is to help solve the problems people are having. Do this by asking questions that will allow you to uncover the problems they are experiencing.
People respond to pitches when you give them value.
Objections do not exist. Objections are simply questions you’re prospect has which you have not yet answered.
They’re joining you, your vision and the belief that, if they join you, they’re going to get what they want.


As a leader to your team and organization IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE. If you’re not going to get in the top package you can in your business, how can you expect anyone to take you seriously?
The two ways to upsell people in your organization are to lead by example and to get in touch with their core desires, which are one to two steps beneath what they say they want.
The same conversations can average $1,000 rather than $25 when you focus on getting to someone’s core desires.
If you don’t have information about what they want, you have no leverage.
Focus on their core desires isn’t just for sponsoring but also for leading your team. If you don’t know what your team wants, you can’t help them get it and you can’t influence them.


There’s a 12-step formula to creating presentations that goes across different mediums of presentations from the internet, to conference calls to hotel meetings.
  1. Get their attention
  2. Develop a relationship
  3. Earn the Right
  4. Clarify their problem
  5. Show them a solution
  6. Set clear expectations
  7. Provide social proof
  8. Present the benefits
  9. Provide an irresistible offer
  10. Take away their risk
  11. Give them a reason to take action
  12. Provide a clear call to action


Language to invite people to a team hangout:
We’re going to do a special team hangout where we’re going to teach you some strategies to build your business faster, make more money and recruit more people with less work. Can I count on you to make it?
Your sales will go down if your focus is on helping everyone one-on one. IT’S IMPORTANT TO FOCUS ON PRODUCING. You will generate more sales and create more up-sells when you realize you can’t help everyone. You limit access to yourself and help people on your team in groups.
Teach people to give results-based testimonials which are concise, talk about before and after the problem, then the solution and what happened specifically as a result.
Magic closing formula:
“What did you like best about the presentation?”
“Yes, I thought so, too. It sounds like you’re ready to get started.”
“How do you want your name spelled on your checks?”
“Welcome aboard. We’re having a team call tomorrow night. It’s private. I’m going to send you an exclusive invite to our Facebook group.”


Using online and offline marketing, you’ll see how to leverage the internet to pack a room full of prospects to leverage a presentation.
We show you how to leverage the internet to automate your registration process for your live event and share tools to automate the process without having to pick up the phone.
Keala teaches specific details about creating an event funnel including registration page, thank you page and email communication. And, teaches how to do this without using the phone and shares all specific tools and links.


Doing live groups will force you to get people to attend, your communication skills will start to improve, and you’ll start getting really good at doing calls to action.
When you show up live in front of people each week, you’ll start to develop a charismatic following.


Three steps to the Law of Attraction are to have a clear outcome on what you want to accomplish, chunk towards your sources of motivation and take massive action with whatever it is you know how to do.
Top Producers don’t worry about being perfect, they take action, and they adjust their actions with feedback and new information.
“Since you’re never going to be perfect anyway, you might as well just take action right now.”
It’s important to study, do and teach simultaneously. People who create amazing things in their lives act as if things are happening that seem impossible to others.
Everything you learn has challenges but when you’re motivated, you step into your future and create what you want. When you’re focused on an outcome, all of your energy and attention is poured into that outcome, you stay focused on it, you talk about it and you act on it.
You simply must  BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS AND YOUR ABILITY TO ACCOMPLISH THEM. Everything you do matters. Everything you do changes people.

Top Producer Formula Review
Modules 1-13

Thanks for reading the Top Producer Formula 1-13 Modules. If you loved what we broke down here…
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This is how to maximize on Facebook without breaking you pocket for advertising... so if you want to find out how to generate leads and sales for free using Facebook. you have come to the right place

I want to show you how you can sign up up to 80 people by free advertising on facebook in your primary company and how you can do it too!

Dont get me wrong , you can do the whole paid Facebook Marketing with PPC and get some amazing results...

But I am talking about FREE.... 

So if you learn not only your skill sets but if you learn the mindset then you cannot go wrong... I am going to show you how a woman who was working full time at a makeup counter with no prior marketing experience, no warm market and no rapport started in her primary company 3 years ago.This is coming from someone that make 10k per month using FB to build her business and loving it.

I am talking about someone that had No Warm Market
Going to School full time while working a regular J.O.B
Had no prior business experience....

So the point I am getting at if she can do it then why not you?

So in this post You will learn :
  • What you will lean is How to find the perfect person to talk to 
  • How to start a conversation and get guaranteed higher response rate 
  • How to build rapport - How do you approach people with your person biz op 
  • How to get them on the phone 
  • How to close them in the business
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The Perfect Prospect is by far the most important step... 

Don't Just pick the first person you come across and start a conversation with. Look in groups or on fan pages. Go to FB search and groups and look for status updates of the actual authority figure and look at the comments and see who are making intelligent remarks and seeing someone that is

  • Positive
  • Smart
  • Non-argumentative
  • Active

Remember the way they act in Face Book is the way they are act in real life...
once you find em...
Send them a PERSONAL message and a friend request...Don't spread negative anything...

Look at people that have a lot of comments and someone that is intelligent mind

You want to look for certain groups that match your primary company (product / services)
This guys are great

  • Robert Kiyosaki ( By Far The Best ) 
  • Randy Gage 
  • Health and beauty pages 
  • Personal Trainers 
  • Ron Paul / Peter Schiff 
  • Network Marketing Pro ( Eric Worre ) - prepare to be pitched 
  • Think of people / places / things that have to do with your nitch

Initial Message you want to send someone 

  • Send them a persona message and include their name in the subject line 

Subject : (Something Like )  Hey (Their Name Always)

  • Look at their profile and have common ground 
  • Make the initial message HELLO NEVER NEVER NEVER send them a any links no matter what they are!!! 
  • Tell them why you are messaging them! 
ALWAYS END THE FIRST MESSAGE WITH " Just curious, but what do you do?"

THE NO NO's Of Building Rapport

  • No sending Links until asked or given the go ahead 
  • Conversations should not be short messages you want to get detailed with the person..
  • General Rule : Don't pitch your business before the first 3 messages back and forth unless you are asked! 
  • Never get defensive - if someone is negative move on... 
Rules to follow:
  • Do make yourself someone out to be somewhat an expert! 
  • Do ask a lot of questions to get the conversation going
  • Do bring up your business casually in the conversation 
  • Do have content created to make yourself look credible 
>(MLSP) can help you with this 

How to go from Online to offline 
>If you've built enough rapport getting them on the phone is easy 
> After you/'ve sent some info on your business say something like " Here's my phone number if you have questions ( xxx) xxx-xxxx send me yours if you would so I know who's calling me."


Begins online with the "pitch" or approach through messaging 
When you bring the conversation onto the phone don't expect to be a master closer at first to use: 
Upline for three way calls 
tools to do the work for you 
Get a course on phone shills/ recruiting and put it into action! 

Never forget to ask to send links " 
Build you as a leader 
Have a attitude to make a friends but if you want to learn more I am happy to share 

The only way to get good at closing is to get is over and over and over and over this strategy is a process but if you take your time you will be happy with the hopefully now you know a strategy on how to use free advertising on facebook .

If you have any question you can go to 
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 So if you are tired of being in the same place year after year. Here is your social media recruiting strategy.

Do you want to know how to get leads without spending money on advertising what if you could be teaching your group for duplication

Today you are going to Get Unstuck ad Rank Advance

Step 1 . Profile Positioning and Branding
Are you attracting prospects or detracting prospects from your profile?

Key things to remember
Your profile is your first impression
Do you posts create curiosity in your business?
Are you Over Pitching?  80 percent time value and 10 to 20 percent (join my business)
Are you posting through out the day...
Is your profile picture and banner company branded or YOU braneded
Are you co-mingling business and personal properly

STEP 1 Profile Positioning and Branding.. 

Your Pictures / YOUR Banner... not the company's!
Balance of business vs pleasure they are going to look at your profile before you answer...
The amount of curiosity you raise is the #1 in getting reaction
People see your pictures and when you can work at home and post it when you are home
There are people that are looking at your profile and they are following you.
Your "ABOUT" Section will make or break you

People will look at that so people will be looking at that... They are going to look at your about section..
What would your target market have questions about
--- AKA This is the content that you create!

STEP 2  Targeting you ideal prospects with initial contact 

Go through different groups on Facebook for example ( Robert Kiyosaki ) all you do is go to the seach bar and look up different groups

this can also work for Twitter  for instance type in " I need to loose weight " and there are targeted prospects from you nitch.

and find something that someone is tweeting... and all the status updates will come up!

If you do not look hard for the right people you are waisting your time...
Look for comments that are positive  the following post was a perfect example of a post that was left on Robert Kiyosaki FB site.

She was messaged and eventually recruited 

again look below it works the same on Twitter as you can see for the comment " I need to loose some weight." it shows the  results that you are searching for.  

How bout reaching out to lis giving her some advice and then sending her over a link to her business... super easy and super simple... 

4 types of personalities in this business 
  • Low Maintenance, Low Value ( LMLV) 
  • High Maintenance, Low Value ( HMLV)  
  • High Maintenance, High Value ( HMHV) 
  • Low Maintenance, High Value ( LMHV)   <----
You want to message them here is the message formula 

+ QUESTION ( like what do you do ) = a 80 % response Rate!!!

Using their First Name 
Have I looked at their profile first?
Do we have something in common?
Do they seem positive?
Do they have any major hobbies? 
Is it someone I would want to work with?
Did I keep my first message LINK FREE?

STEP 3 Relationship and Rapport Building

People will join YOU not a company 
Are you asking the right questions? 
How do you distinguish yourself from the billions of people on social media? 
Do they know like and trust you? 
Expedite the closing / joining process (this will) 
create curiousty in what you do...

Example of creating curiosity: 
After they ask "what do you do" they will ask "what do you do" 
GIVE A TASTE  say something like  "I'm a professional recruiter or a major company in ( where ever you company is ) we are looking to expand in ( their area ) how's the job market going over there? I hear it's starting to get better but still not great..." 

this is creating curiosity... it leads them to the close... 

Unless you do 3 messages back and forth you are not ready for the close... 

STEP 4 : Closing 

My favorite closing question is   ( Its throwing it back on them ) 

"Based on what you've share with me I think you may want to take a look at what we do, we've help a lot of people in your situation. I am not sure the business is a fit for you but I think you would love the product / service."

Getting them on the phone here is KEY 

Are you postured correctly in the conversation? 
Are you a problems solver vs a closer??
When a prospect starts asking you for advice you are doing something right

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