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Here are the The tools of the trade for Guru like automation

I want to make this as simple as possible I will do my best to anwser the question what is the sales funnel? It's a question that every new marketer needs to know the basics 
of an effective lead capture system. 

Basic  Targeted Traffic > Lead Capture Page > Lead Magnet pulls them in

Concurrency is key its critical ( your message has to remain the same through out the entire funnel )

Targeted traffic is 1000 times better then 10,000 random visitors...
TIP DO NOT BUY LEADS until you have been around for a while.

Tools once you need a lead magnet and capture page and a autoresponder

The world has ADD and a capture page it should be short sweet and to the point and hit home
Avoid long bullet points and drawn out copy
If you use a video is should be to the point and deliver a a clear message

The job of the capture page has one job, SELL THE OPT- IN...

The headline is the most critical piece of copy on the entire page... they will either make or break you.

Copywriting Mastery is the best and the one I recommend to learn how to use the power of copy... you must grab people.
"How To" applies to 99.9 percent of all offers
"How To" is one of the most searched terms on Google

Headline Examples in no particular order

  • How to get 100 leads fast in 7 days or less without a website and even if you are tech challenged! 
  • How to loose up to 8 pounds in less then 72 hrs without silly fad diets or starving yourself... 
  • How to rank a video on the first page of Google even if you deathly afraid of the camera
Simple Headline Formulas 
How to get ( desired result ) in (specific time period ) 
How to ( desired result ) like ( a guru example ) 
How to turn a  ( bad situation ) into ( desired result ) 
How to become ( desired result ) all while ( a large personal challenge your market faces ) 

Sub Headline Examples 
Sub headlines go under the main headline and the formula is as seen in the examples ( smaller print ) 
  • Your about to discover how broke guys generated 14,000 leads in Less then 8 months using this simple and free website 

How one guys passion  to succeed kept him up all night working when this simple solution was right under his nose the entire time

THIS is such a trigger word.. It's a great trigger word you want to fit it perfectly

  • Discover how fast you can ( desired result ) 
  • Learn how you can easily and quickly ( desired result ) 
  • How ( high number ) got ( desired result ) in ( short time period )  
  • Learn to ( desired result ) without loosing ( something of value ) 

Check out the 2 example these high converting capture pages

notice the highlighted desired result and the sub heading that ads a layer of depth 

Capture Page Creators 
you can go a very long way the scenic route and you need to learn some HTML and a touch of coding knowledge

Lead Pages - Simple customization capture page system its 67 buck a month for the Pro Package and you must get the pro package you need to do split testing

MY Lead System Pro - Online lead generation community for home based business professionals
$9.97 for a 10 day trial $149 per month for mastery level membership
Includes new FUNNELIZER capture page and funnel creation system and available only at mastery level
They are mobile optimized so that it works
Ongoing support and training.

Pick one or the other you do not lead them

What is an Autoresponder? 
Its a program that collect email address into a database for you, so you can email them
It's a necessary and separate  then your capture page system
It Integrates with you capture page
Allows you to email your leads as often as you like to your list of leads

Aweber - #1 used by marketers for list building
1 dollar for 30 days and $19 dollars a month after that
Very user friendly
Unlimited emails
You should be making 1 dollar to you list per person on your list

That's it in a nutshell if you want to know how people make a ton of money there it is
You get a Funnel you get a capture page builder attach a autoresponder and then you put out offers
and content to your followers...
Finally you drive the Leads to the funnel ... and repeat the process, now you know what to say when someone asks the question , what is the sales funnel? hope this helped.

To see Part 1 of this story CLICK HERE 

P.S Be sure to connect with me below on Facebook. I want to give you the resource to the Ultimate Sales Funnel that will show you exactly how to craft, create, and put together you entire marketing system..

Scott Lindstrom
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If you want to build a large business then you want to start to think like a big business and get better at recruiting...

This post is going to give you some great ideas when it comes to getting a endless supply of leads. with a couple of online lead generation tips.

The fact is the person with less leads and sharp skills will be better then someone that gets a ton and sucks at prospecting.

Understand what a lead is - a person looking for __________( you fill in the blank of what your prospect / customer wants )  something... understand that you can continue to get leads on demand... the majority today will fall on passive marketing. You are doing something and you hope something will respond to you...

Active going out there and connect with people you don't know...

What is difficult is the education between active prospecting vs active prospective spend some time doing both...

Lets talk about tweaking your content that you create... I want to give you four good tweaks that you can take and use right now.

Here is 4 super great tips!

1. Only Rock Starts do it... consistently referencing your opt-in offer especially if its congruent with your main offer.

2. Persuasion shell - You need to tell them what to do, always " Hey please share and comment "
The biggest comment to get is your first one don't be afraid to form a blog mini tribe... that is where you get a group of bloggers that leave posts on every one else's blogs.

3. A lot of people in blogging do training's for teams and webinar's - record, record, record, record... If you are not recording then its all for not... If you are not training then do interviews and go get some interviews... use it as a giveaway use it in future products...

Use something like the following as an idea:
"Hey Free Download if you like the audio comment below share it on your FB send a email to my assistant." you can do that with training's and with your interviews

4. Always Think like a student and a marketer... at the same time

Example go to an event shoot a video look at your notes whats the difference its purposeful listening what can you go teach?

When I go to different events I get snippets (future content )... Don't just be a student...

MAJOR TIP :If you want to BOOST YOUR LEADS is look at your giveaway... there are so many crappy ones... people are getting overwhelmed and getting too emails... So you have to overcome that... you have got to create something besides check out my newsletter or subscribe to my updates... does not work anymore.. be specific give away great value and speak to your audience.

If you do not know what you leads want? How can you satisfy their needs? Do you survey people?
Ask questions to your list :  Do you struggle with ? Closing, Leads whatever...

 That is how you build your business... Survey Monkey... send a survey out to your list now you know what they want to know about...

You can ask what is your biggest frustration? what is your biggest hang up?

Remember .
Your target is the other 90% percent out there that don't know any of the stuff you might know...
Now your target is the other marketers out there... the majority if you are in the Home Biz Niche.

Social Media when it comes to posting a post without a link generates more curiosity
do the opposite of what everyone else is doing

Be different try not to be the same like everyone else... mix it up, things get old fast. Be careful with telling off people on social media and don't be confrontational. You don't want to offend but if you have a strong opinion about something stand your ground...  don't ever bash people or companies. But you can bash behavior.Don't be so vanilla have a opinion.

When You are doing a blog or video when it comes to keyword  research some people should use the Google keyword tool... people are not doing the keyword the research to see if it is a valid least do the research to see if its getting views.

I hope you got some great tips while I was giving some online lead generation tips. It's possible you might know all of these already but if you found value in this post then I would appreciate that you comment below and or give my fan page a like... thanks

P.S I can show you how to get a endless supply of leads check out this link right here and explore what you have been missing all along in your business, I promise you wont be sorry.

P.S.S Here is the Free 84 minute webinar that I talked about in another video about getting leads, pure value...

Scott Lindstrom
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Here are some different ways and probably a few of these you have not even heard of before.
One of my favorite subjects is lead generation! All you need is one killer lead generation strategy that you can implement in your business tomorrow! If you are spending ways to generate leads I want to eliminate leads starvation. You need to have leads for your business both online and offline...

Leads are the lifeblood to any business so I want to make sure that you do not run out of any.

Some of these will apply to a home-based business or even a brick and mortar business! The best part is that these methods are low cost to no cost

Think about the connectivity today is today's new currency. If your business is not connected to people nothing else matters

There is a lead magnet plan that you have to have and it's like the spokes on a wheel and your hub in the center. Remember some are high tech and some are low tech and funny.

Skymall magazine - Think when you're on an airplane and you took a sharpie and post it not and you put a note on an item or and put your name and number on the plain put this post it inside the magazine... hey you want this vacation visit my site... or call me on my number

Then next one is on a plane you can pull down your tray table and tape your brochure or flyer on the
tray table and leave it for the next person. I recommend you do this before you get off the plane and really in your row... don't be going down the isles and taping them to everywhere you go... this will work on Trains and busses too that have tray tables.

Think about this a being fun so if you're not having fun doing this then why?

Mailbox: You know when you go to your mailbox and you get the envelopes that are considered by most "Junk Mail" the words that say " No Postage necessary if mailed in the United States " This is simply the perfect opportunity I call it harvesting the mail... Business cards post-it notes and flyers saying "Hey if your job sucks fold this up and put it in your pocket. This works for affiliate programs, home-based businesses. This also works if you pay by check pay the bill and slip in a brochure along with your payment...So if you do 2 a day that's 10 a week that's 40 a month that's almost 500 business exposures a year without costing you a penny!

Thrift Stores and Garage sales- and buy book that your clients loves to read... my threshold is a buck and then I go home with a rubber stamp that says " For the best home business ever go to" and like every other chapter... now I am going to go to the local library and donate the books to the library and it's got my stamp in there... and the best part is they have to return the books to the library for someone else to check out...

Telemarketers- the scourge of the phone! This is not for everyone... this works if you are in a MLM or network marketing and when they call you they are in a crappy job and have to close you in one call close.they do what people are doing in network marketing... "Hey____ what are you selling, great let me tell you about mine and you can tell me yours and I know_____ how bad your job sucks and you are going to read me a script and tell me  this call is going to be recorded for training purposes so Trainer if your job sucks like ( name of telemarketer ) your going to want to take down this website as well.

Youtube - There are a bunch of trainers out there... but Youtube video listen to video is 53 times more likely times to be consumed vs a stand-alone blog post this is a no freakin brainer. You are going to suck in the very beginning but you are going to get better as you go along. Here is an awesome tip: When you do your description and in your keyword tag make up a fake word in your tag and put it in your keyword tags like superwalnut. Get as much digital footprint in the marketplace.. Google owns Youtube and you have to play in the Google game... there is a keyword tool and put your topic and it will show you what words that are good to use. The more people see you the more the better.

Your Voicemail - Call your voice-mail and ask yourself and listen to yourself right now...What do I sound like?  Put some energy into it! Give a monthly quote and make your voice mail and a lead machine... "Hey, thanks for reaching me on quite possibly the greatest day of my life...thanks for calling and make it an awesome day."

Post It Notes - I know what your thinking Scott has lost it! Have some post-it notes with a QR code and literally have an entire pad printed with your message on it. Or go buy some packs have a stamp created and put your number and email. I want to have a better-looking one then that so I will put some effort in it and take it to a printer.. Take these wherever you go use a sharpie and make it personal by using the person's name if you had a conversation with them. So you go into your bathroom and put a post-it note and put it in the door... and put them at the gas pump... and inside books at Barns and Nobles... what if they were coded and you can track that sale...

E BAY  This is one of those things that can be good... let's say you wrote a report like the top 10 ... ( whatever )
put it as a dutch auction for 1 cent and now they are a lead for your business because they have to put in their name email address and phone number... plus they are a future lead for products and services. You can sell books online remember the rubber stamp idea. You could put a post-it note in there... and if you are a power seller now you can add a brochure or flyer to everything you sell on eBay.

Your Blog -  First off you should have one...  the next 3 you should have one its so vitally important and you need to if you buy stuff online you should buy stuff online. Create a footprint to be found online.. Social Media HUGE!  ( 1 out of 20 posts should sell something on FB ) Use Social Media as a lead gen and then drive traffic to your blog... Video in a blog makes it 10 times more interesting... you are going to want to make sure you have testimonials the more the better. When someone asks you for a testimonial you want to leave a testimonial...The more you can give the better...

I hope you at least found one lead generation strategy that you can add to your toolbox and get more leads, clients, and sales

P.S I want to offer you an awesome way to get leads online or off and it begins right here with the Attraction Marketing Formula .

We are talking about Cold Market Prospecting,  are you ready to face the cold truth?

It does not matter where you are right now but where you are inside, and the greatness that is inside you...kinda deep hungh?

Unlike most network marketers the work intelligence is the ability to make distinction. It is possible to earn a million dollars in Network Marketing... Yes but if you treat it so...

It is possible to go from complete devastation to success whatever you feel is what success is... absolutely.

There is a method to crack the code to recruiting reps...

The most important thing is how to close prospects and how to join your deal, there is traffic gen and lead gen but its how to close the door.... specifically cold marketing.

Most people spend time following scrips that don't apply to them. They are always chasing
"The magic script" It's important to understand there is no magical script but its in  how you deliver that script...

Its the how that's more important then the what... for some of you that will be worth thousands...

There is a huge difference between warm and cold

Warm vs Cold - They don't know your current history or any results that you have
Cold market there is a few things that make it great to learn
There will always be more cold then warm, there will be a time that you recruit that struggle and they need to learn cold market

Be the type of person you would want to sign up with... So we are going to go into something called Posture...

Beg, chase, convince, bug ( cold or warm )

You need to have the attitude before you get the money... "It's the Attitude that will get you there."
NEVER act small, weak, desperate or needy.

Be quick to qualify vs Quick to Hail Mary...

Someone is going to go "Well... I don't know." ... any resistance and I go Hey it sounds like its not a fit so if you know someone that does want to make some money give me a call. ( dump em )

So after they see the video and or presentation I am looking to disqualify them.

You need to understand there is more of them then of us so they need us... we do not need them.
Always be busy!!! But Scott I am not busy... then be busy...

There is a famous line : when you are talking to a cold market you throw out your question and lets exchange information... "I hope you understand I am really busy and its going to take three or 4 days to get back to you but I will..."

Call them 100 percent the next day later and say  "Hey I have a opening in my schedule are you available at 2 o clock today?"

Always be busy... always, even if you are not so when they want to corner you and they are trying to probe you.

What to say : Break in Communication a BIC create one you have to go do something hey I got to go ( do something ) I got a question " Would you be a open to a side project that dose not interfere with what you are currently doing ?"  but there are 2 things :

The Number 1 mistake for Network Marketers . . .  They talk to very few people or hardly any at all so they need to talk to more people

The Number 2 mistake for Network Marketers . . .  They talk to much and verbally vomit on them say less to more people

Key: You got to have the break in communication prior to the question...


Depending on your company... if your company has a great company related phrase then use that

Now here it comes


That's when the average network marketer starts sweating... If you do not use the break in communication then you are Reactive and reactive is always weaker.

YOU ANSWER : "I apologize I would love to show you but I got to jump on this team call lets exchange info and I will tell you all about it..." That will take care of 60 - 75% people that ask what is it.

What if :   What if they keep pushing, and what if they ask a second time... ? Do not let them push you around!

YOU ANSWER : Look at your watch and say "Hey I am sorry I got to jump on this call let's exchange information."

They say : "I am not going to give you my info without you telling me what it is."

YOU ANSWER : "Hey sorry I got to run, I am sorry love the shirt I gotta run..."

If they have a lack of mentality of they are not getting what I am throwing down then they are not a fit... If you vomit all over them then you are not going to sign them up anyway and its just a big waste of time

Network Marketing while out Cold Market Prospecting leaders do not get pushed around...remember there are more of them looking for solution in crap jobs with crap bosses that they hardly get to see their kids, unable to take vacations they are unable to do those things, they have no money set aside..

The HOW: This is where 99 % that you probably never heard... Tonality ( The tone of your voice )  is more important then what you say... This is the magical "ferry dust" that works its based on how you use your voice...

This is huge and the way you read a script you can use the way you put your expression on something don't sound like a sales call. Tonality in the opening and tonality in the close.

I hope this information you got was great I want to leave with you come from a position of posture come from a place of busyness... use the break in communication and have unshakable faith in your company your products your service. I hope this helped be sure to connect with me on Facebook below and if you got value from this post leave a comment below

P.S. If you would like to know the exact same gentleman I learned this form and receive prospecting mastery on a epic sale then I have to recommend you check this out for yourself.

Scott Lindstrom
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Me and the MASTER cold market recruiter himself...

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I want to give you some flat out awesome tips on how to have a successful blog and making it the best it can be when it comes to blogging. THIS POST IS GOLD in my opinion because you can get some nuggets...

I am not a professional blogger... I simply have my own blog and I write content on a regular basis. There are many ways you can set up a blog so there is no reason not to have it... It's a important element of business... it's residual. Rather then go sit one on one with one person where is if you set it up right it can continue to be a digital asset that produces over and over and over again.

I would rather spend my time blogging once  then doing a 1 time event over and over again.( like a presentation )

I love talking about this subject,  I have associates that are 6 and 7 figure earners making a killing with their blogs.So I wanted to help you with a  couple of Tips that can help.

What to BLOG about ?

The big questions is I don't know what to write about so I wanted to give some ideas for you
  • People Love Reviews if you do a review on a person, product, or really anything... 
  • Lists - top 10 xyz,  the top 20 xyz,  my top 3 
  • Tag team on news stories If you can type current events and bridge things 
  • Tips and Tools 
  • Events do a blog before the event ... during... and wrap up 
  • Interviews 
  • Giveaway 

Step Up Your Blogging To A Whole New Level !  

Tools  You Must Use 

Use the keyword tool or ad-word tool this is how I find keywords that will be useful 
I look for low hanging fruit normally around the 500 range..  
Come up with a title that will have the keyword in it. I will have the keywords 10 - 20 percent of the article so 1 keyword  for every 100 - 150 words.

Picture - Do not use copyrighted material you want to have a featured image... you want to have a picture and save or tag the photo and it can drive traffic if they click on Google Images. 
Pictures are powerful pieces of content all by themselves so much they made a websites called Pinterest and Instagram... 

You Must have some sort of call to action or a call to action or a way to capture the reader after they have come to your post. Always tell the reader what you would like them to do! Go here, click there and connect ect, ect, ect. 

A video - If possible now think we have the visual video, the written word, and a picture and a call to action these 4 things are a recipe for the perfect blog post. 

So how can I use this to my advantage if I am a Network Marketer? Let's say you have products that your distributors are constantly asking you for the how and the way...take the 10 most frequently asked questions about your business and the 10 most frequently should be asked questions and  do a blog post put a video in it and send the link to your new distributors when they ask you a question now the have the information as if you were to be on the phone stuck answering questions for how ever long it takes you to explain. 

Overall Blog Improvement

So how to improve your BLOG POST ? How do we make it look, hear, feel smell and taste good... try to appeal to as many senses in each post as possible because each of us responds well to different things 

If you are going to use a fact or quote from someone don't be a tool and make sure you give credit to that person... If you do talk about someone that makes them look great and it makes him or her look great. 

Don't be general be specific as you can. Search engines love to look for whats closely matched to what the customer wants to see. 

Facts tell stories sell... if you are going to tell a bunch of facts then take them and turn it into a story and use action verbs and action words (example rather then say the tree was big) the mighty oak was massive!


Repeat keywords ( don't stuff em ) 
Put it on I tunes... 
Optimize it... 

Give a call to action...

Places To Promote Your Blog Post  and  
put other links to blogs in the same blog post 
Do Social Media re purposing 
Do community blog D - Net TV 
Create the blog post with Wordpress (self hosted) 

How to get Peeps to see your posts?

Leave comments on other peoples posts leave your website It helps their blog and go show them off. Promote others... leave comments on peoples blogs. Do a testimonial for a competitor ... what ? Yep ... This world is a world for collaboration not compensation . If you have a lack mentality then you are going to be be reserved and not promote other as much... There is more in the world then you can possibly imaging 

Re Purpose Content 
Re-purpose, Re-purpose and Re-purpose  In fact.. If you only  new what I am going to do is show you something that will blow your mind. One of the top bloggers he made a little course on how to make $100k or more in 12 months using this exact strategy! My jaw hit the ground after I got this course and since then I make it a point to take my blog and distribute it to key places where it can be picked up elsewhere... and the best part its under $100 bucks ! 

In closing I hope I have shown you a couple of ways on how to have a successful blog now it's totally up to you. I cannot stress there are two points that I can give you that if you are reading this then you found the nuggets... Post often... every day or every other day on a consistent basis...
Get your blog up a.s.a.p and start posting! Don't worry about all the bells and whistles or that you don't have the perfect header or right graphics, you can figure that out later.

P.S I hope you found value in this post check out the course I mentioned here I promise it is worth a look and connect with me on Facebook I would like to connect with you! 

Any Questions? 

let me know...

L T S - Learn Train Succeed

Scott Lindstrom
(760) 269-8876

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