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The biggest struggles in this business is struggling with marketing these are the basic of lead generation. There are a bunch of people out there that want to know what is the sales funnel?

You must have something you must present something of value to Give in order to receive... You must learn in order to ask them to opt in.

If we perceive value and therefore we buy it I am going to show you the basics of lead generation we have to create a offer then we have to drive traffic to that offer. This offer has to be something that is going to grab your prospects attention.

So I want to go into how to craft your offer which is the 1 step in lead Gen (Generation) process.
Then you get the tools
and finally you get the traffic.
Let me ask you a question first.
When you decide to join someones email list " WHY DO YOU DO IT" When you know why you do it? Once you answer that  then you can understand others...

I want to explain the biggest reason people fail when it comes to marketing online...

1. Most people fail to understand the basics and generate leads online
2. Most people they don't understand what people are looking for not what you want... you finding the needs and finding solutions to peoples problems is what you are working for

Using Hype and claims of fortune and glory does not work, well it can actually but not for long...

Overselling and under delivering. You want to always undersell and over-deliver

Don't put the offer in front of the wrong people...

What is Lead Gen? ( Generation )
The way to find people though effective marketing of those who are interested in your topic, product or service that you have then you collect their contact info from them...

1. Traffic  ( this must be targeted )
2. Capture page ( message must be same as the original  ( message )
3. Follow up ( this is the fortune )
4. The Sale


The biggest load of crap is that people is that everyone is your prospect... People have ZERO interest in what you got you are going to get nowhere if you try to get them interested...

> So... ask yourself what problems  do you solve with your product or service
> Paint a picture for the prospect throughout the process
> What are your prospects needs wants and desires? ( Who is a perfect fit for your product or service)

Have you ever heard of Attraction Marketing... the art of positioning yourself to be expert and because you know skills then others want to know you because you have a perceived value you bring to the marketplace...


A irresistible lead bate that gives your prospect a piece of the pie for exchange for a email and contact information

Here is your 3 step process for you very own lead magnet...
  1. Target Your Market ( once you read you will understand Attraction Marketing
  2. Make your offer high value and easily consumable 
  3. Pre- frames them for your paid offer 

It's best if you end up creating your own lead magnet because you are unique. If people see a bunch of people promoting the same thing what makes you different?

You can promote other peoples stuff but eventually you need to promote your own thing.
1. Be specific ( let the prospect know exactly what they are going to get )
2. The magic Bullet - Make a huge high value point they can get results with fast
3. End result - Speak to the prospects desired result... ( what do they want ) 
4. Immediate Gratification - This is what the person can use right now... (nobody wants to wait) 

A Pre-frame A good lead magnet will pre frame your prospect to see out more info from you
High Value - A free offer shouldn't be cheap. It should give something 
Consume Quickly - Create something that they can use right away Avoid large video style boot camps and thing that take forever to consume 
Stand Alone Value - Your lead magnet should have value on its own... This is the first impression with your prospect so make it good 

What Format Do I Use To Giveaway?

Report ( 2 - 5 page ) PDF Report or Guide 
Cheat Sheet or Worksheet ( PDF )
Resource List ( Like the one down below ) 
Video Training ( 18 minutes or shorter ) 

Competition Checklist 

I wanted to make this as simple as possible so here are some things that you can check off as you are going through

Is it specific?
Does it focus on one big piece of the pie and deliver?
Does it speak the desired result that they are looking for?
Does it pre-frame the offer you are giving them? 
Does it have high value?
Does it allow for rapid consumption?

If you would like to see part 2 of this story CLICK HERE 

These are the essential parts to the sales funnel so when someone asks what is the sales funnel 
is all about, now you know.

P.S The biggest take away from this that I could give you is the basis for Attraction Marketing and how 
important it is to learn this skill you can see for yourself go right here now.


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