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Here are some different ways and probably a few of these you have not even heard of before.
One of my favorite subjects is lead generation! All you need is one killer lead generation strategy that you can implement in your business tomorrow! If you are spending ways to generate leads I want to eliminate leads starvation. You need to have leads for your business both online and offline...

Leads are the lifeblood to any business so I want to make sure that you do not run out of any.

Some of these will apply to a home-based business or even a brick and mortar business! The best part is that these methods are low cost to no cost

Think about the connectivity today is today's new currency. If your business is not connected to people nothing else matters

There is a lead magnet plan that you have to have and it's like the spokes on a wheel and your hub in the center. Remember some are high tech and some are low tech and funny.

Skymall magazine - Think when you're on an airplane and you took a sharpie and post it not and you put a note on an item or and put your name and number on the plain put this post it inside the magazine... hey you want this vacation visit my site... or call me on my number

Then next one is on a plane you can pull down your tray table and tape your brochure or flyer on the
tray table and leave it for the next person. I recommend you do this before you get off the plane and really in your row... don't be going down the isles and taping them to everywhere you go... this will work on Trains and busses too that have tray tables.

Think about this a being fun so if you're not having fun doing this then why?

Mailbox: You know when you go to your mailbox and you get the envelopes that are considered by most "Junk Mail" the words that say " No Postage necessary if mailed in the United States " This is simply the perfect opportunity I call it harvesting the mail... Business cards post-it notes and flyers saying "Hey if your job sucks fold this up and put it in your pocket. This works for affiliate programs, home-based businesses. This also works if you pay by check pay the bill and slip in a brochure along with your payment...So if you do 2 a day that's 10 a week that's 40 a month that's almost 500 business exposures a year without costing you a penny!

Thrift Stores and Garage sales- and buy book that your clients loves to read... my threshold is a buck and then I go home with a rubber stamp that says " For the best home business ever go to" and like every other chapter... now I am going to go to the local library and donate the books to the library and it's got my stamp in there... and the best part is they have to return the books to the library for someone else to check out...

Telemarketers- the scourge of the phone! This is not for everyone... this works if you are in a MLM or network marketing and when they call you they are in a crappy job and have to close you in one call close.they do what people are doing in network marketing... "Hey____ what are you selling, great let me tell you about mine and you can tell me yours and I know_____ how bad your job sucks and you are going to read me a script and tell me  this call is going to be recorded for training purposes so Trainer if your job sucks like ( name of telemarketer ) your going to want to take down this website as well.

Youtube - There are a bunch of trainers out there... but Youtube video listen to video is 53 times more likely times to be consumed vs a stand-alone blog post this is a no freakin brainer. You are going to suck in the very beginning but you are going to get better as you go along. Here is an awesome tip: When you do your description and in your keyword tag make up a fake word in your tag and put it in your keyword tags like superwalnut. Get as much digital footprint in the marketplace.. Google owns Youtube and you have to play in the Google game... there is a keyword tool and put your topic and it will show you what words that are good to use. The more people see you the more the better.

Your Voicemail - Call your voice-mail and ask yourself and listen to yourself right now...What do I sound like?  Put some energy into it! Give a monthly quote and make your voice mail and a lead machine... "Hey, thanks for reaching me on quite possibly the greatest day of my life...thanks for calling and make it an awesome day."

Post It Notes - I know what your thinking Scott has lost it! Have some post-it notes with a QR code and literally have an entire pad printed with your message on it. Or go buy some packs have a stamp created and put your number and email. I want to have a better-looking one then that so I will put some effort in it and take it to a printer.. Take these wherever you go use a sharpie and make it personal by using the person's name if you had a conversation with them. So you go into your bathroom and put a post-it note and put it in the door... and put them at the gas pump... and inside books at Barns and Nobles... what if they were coded and you can track that sale...

E BAY  This is one of those things that can be good... let's say you wrote a report like the top 10 ... ( whatever )
put it as a dutch auction for 1 cent and now they are a lead for your business because they have to put in their name email address and phone number... plus they are a future lead for products and services. You can sell books online remember the rubber stamp idea. You could put a post-it note in there... and if you are a power seller now you can add a brochure or flyer to everything you sell on eBay.

Your Blog -  First off you should have one...  the next 3 you should have one its so vitally important and you need to if you buy stuff online you should buy stuff online. Create a footprint to be found online.. Social Media HUGE!  ( 1 out of 20 posts should sell something on FB ) Use Social Media as a lead gen and then drive traffic to your blog... Video in a blog makes it 10 times more interesting... you are going to want to make sure you have testimonials the more the better. When someone asks you for a testimonial you want to leave a testimonial...The more you can give the better...

I hope you at least found one lead generation strategy that you can add to your toolbox and get more leads, clients, and sales

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