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Having a Lead Capture Page is a critical part of your marketing funnel

After you read this post you will understand how to make a capture page
So first we have to understand what a lead capture page actually is ?

Here is a good example of what wrong looks like In fact this one was responsible for launching one of the biggest internet products to date! 
Wordpress is where its at and it levels the playing field... That was difficult in the past! 
you don't have to do that... 

Online marketing = traffic and conversions... 

Traffic is pay per click,  adwords, facebook, pay per view, promotions, solo ads... 

Traffic is important but equally important is the conversions... if you get a 20 percent rate just on conversions. We are going to build a landing page...

Wordpress self hosted...  its all at

When your in word press go to appearance and themes with optimized press ( optimized press is a theme that you purchase ) 
With optimized press Create a  number of pages and pick a template. Just look at the different themes... some have videos some videos 

You want to focus on what is your purpose of the page... you got to have that planned out in your head.. (craft a clear message)  What kind of advertising are you doing...

There are some landing page essentials 

  • Headline 
  • Subheadline
  • Opt-In-Box 

          Graphic Call To Action (image) 
          Text based call to action
  • Video ( optional ) 
  • Bullet Points ( optional ) 
  • Form Code 

3 Types of Squeeze pages 

Curiosity based - same as the ad continuity between the ad and the squeeze page it looks the same.... 
(don't want to tell them too much) ultra simple squeeze page. ( just email ) different funnel 

Killer Offer -  It leads to more of  qualified opt-in...  ( email, name phone ) 
bullet points (normally) 

Back End Squeeze...  Where the squeeze page is on the backside of the offer

So What About Opt Ins?? 

When I generate leads and I am not going for a bonus for home business I just go for single opt in...

Double vs Single 

Quantity vs Quality... Double Opt in will have a more of a lower rate but will be more 


Use a Paid Account ( Vimeo ) because if you are using Youtube and they decide to get rid of your account then you wont loose your video

Here was Mike Dillard who was in a video with a compelling offer ! 
Having video just plain works! 

There are 5 Core Elements of you'r capture page...

1. Your Page 
2. Your Thank You Page 
3. Your Confirmation Page / Link 
4. Your Form Code 
5. Tracking 


You need to know your opt in rate you need to know what your sites are pulling and why they are working.  Tracking is the key to doing split testing.. 
Why is that important?

Its important to understand what capture page is working. 

So how can I make my capture page compelling? 
How To Make Money From Your Offer what can you offer?? What can I do?? 

Its simple as a 5 minute webcam video - give good value 

You know stuff that you can teach people... They could get a pdf report... you can re direct to any number of pages... 

Go to a one time offer... and then they can go to pay pal... or lets say your doing paid marketing or pay per click... people opt in the next page they go onto the link to buy... and put that money you make into advertising.... you can do different things once you capture their email address... you can get them into a low barrier front in offer and then go give them something to the front end... 

Conversions... when you go to some sites is by having pop - ups or going to thank you pages... 
There is a major difference between people that create their own content and those that don't. 

I am providing the link to optimized press below... I totally recommend it... get it learn it and use it! 

So Scott whats the total investment for all of this??

You will need Optimized Press lowest package as of now is $97 dollars ( one time ) 
Aweber or other autoresonder like it   $20 dollars a month 
Domain Name (www, $10 dollars per year 
Hosting account you need to host the on  $4-$10 dollars a month

So less then 200 dollars... 

To learn how to do the wordpress install is for another different post at another time... 

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