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Here is a question?? What Would it feel like for you to be a TOP EARNER IN MLM?
You can create freedom as a top earner...
Well if you have struggled in your business I am going to go over 7 ways to overcome that struggle & win.

You are in the right place if you want to become at Top Earner in you own MLM
Are you are tired of attending event after event at the same rank?

So...You want to play big!

Most of these things are very simply but ALL are Tested and PROVEN...

There are reason people struggle in this industry see if any of these describe you...
- didn't invest in education
- didn't get around right mentors
- I didn't understand team building, recognition and building community
- I was easily offended
- I lacked vision

I want to just give it to ya straight... You need to get kicked in the butt.
Vision is so much more powerful then your WHY...

The problem with just a why... if you are not constant then you need to have that crystal clear vision.

Does any of those sound familiar?

You have to stop relying of what you think you know and instead look at your results..
Look at the Damn results!

You can have greatness you can have freedom where ever you are

So here we go lets dive into this

1. The Two Categories of Building your Business AND the expectations for YOU and Others
2. Prospecting and the Ability to TEACH prospecting
3. Closing and the ability to teach closing
4. Time Management
5. The Landmines
6. Teambuilding
7. Your Inner Culture

1. Two Categories  
Active Prospective reach out and initiate a conversation - online / offline
(side note Ray Higdon got 20 no's a day every day for 6 months) 

Passive Marketing - Blogging, shooting videos, advertising. Unless you are a marketing genus you cannot dictate results...   You got to reach a tipping point...

Cold market some companies only teach some warm market... IT'S BULLSHIT that a company would not ever teach cold market... Talk to warm market in a way that you are not attached to the outcome. Don't not teach cold market...

Cold Market Tip : If you are talking to leads a important thing when you connect on the phone you got to come across sharp and you know what you are doing. In the beginning ask the right questions... ASK " Why were you open to a home business ? "

Warm Market Tip: The more you push them the more they are going to be turned off and they are going to tell your other friends.

The key ... Asking Questions: Why where you even open to checking out this presentation?
People associate " pushy " with closing. If you want to close more people/sales instead be more         " pulley " " What would this do for you and your family? " What would it feel to be a top earner? "
People that are pushy have the highest refund rate...

Tip: When your talking to an existing network marketer and they are looking at your opportunity and they say " I have failed at a bunch of network marketing companies I don't know if I should do this?" you say - What makes this any different then?  Now they are convincing me they can do it....

You Think you need more time? If you cannot build this part time you cannot build it full time...
You got to be efficient with the time that you do have! Proper producing time
CRUSH IT - Gary Vanderchuck

Here are 2 of 8 biggest ones. You need to understand this in multi-dimensions. When you recruit people they are looking for one thing... They are looking for 2 things acceptance and approval neither of which they will receive. And when they go to their family or fiends they will receive the rejection... You need to say screw acceptance and approval

Here is a advanced leadership: Self sabotage - Talented people come in and put in 2 a day or put people every day in the business... Land mine #2 they are recruiting people and there are no duplication. They start associating recruiting with painful. You don't know what you don't know... you are 3 feet from gold and you quit. This is where all talented people hit this and they take the eyes off the prize.

Your new teammate is asking how do I prospect, recruit, and show them how to do it... and you are creating a environment that cannot be duplicated. Your actually working too hard! Your doing things in a non duplicating culture and way... You have to create a environment where everyone can go to to learn... EMBRACE SYSTEMS!

You have to enter into the student culture. Depending on the size of your goals will depend on your aggression. You have to be extremely aggressive to want to do better to show up and do the absolute best! Growth and Contribution 2 of the most important things.. You have to keep growing... well IF ONLY ... there will never be a time where you don't have shit to go through... where you don't have landmines in your life or business. You got to make your new people students... 

Did you get a nugget in how to become a Top Earner In MLM? Did you reach all you goals for 2014. Will you take these things and implement them or simply keep doing what you been doing. 

Hope this helps see you on the next one...

P.S By the way if you want to know more on how to become a master recruiter a course that has helped me out is this one..

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