- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

This industry is one of the most awesome fun and rewarding businesses in the world. 

However it is impossible to stay in this industry without getting the some form of rejection no matter how we participate in this industry eventually we will be hit right between the eyes.    

This can render you completely immobile in your business destroy your excitement for the potential of the business and your go get-em attitude...

Everyone faces rejection at some point in their life but what makes our form of rejection that much worse is when it's from people you love and care about they may take the human form of a spouse.

It's important that you make sure anyone joining your business knows that this is not personal and that they can expect it from the very beginning... 

The first falure in network marketing is listening to people that have no idea what they are talking about. 

So when human nature takes over and you want to run out to tell your closest friends and family about how much money you can make most will tell you that you have lost your freggin mind. 

And if you have 10 or 20 people do that to you in a row chances are you will quit. 

So until you sign up and have been properly trained by your company do not I repeat do not go out and talk to your friends and family. 

Its a fact that some of your very close friends and family will never join you no matter how successful you become. 

If you are going to open a bar for instance you are sure to have some family try to " save you " from making a huge mistake even if you have done all the research and got all the information needed to to make it happen. 

Often not the F.E.A.R of anticipation of rejection will keep new networkers safe and sound in their comfort zone. 

Marketers will feel the need to immerse themselves behind study courses and have to study the products /services or going to meetings even though they have already have been 10 times. 

They will do everything and anything to keep from actually prospecting ( I used to do this myself ) 

Most people will call a MLM a "SCAM" not even having called a single prospect. 

Another thing is that when someone says "no thank you" don't take it personal. No does not always mean no it also means not right now. 

It never means no I don't like you... it's all in the process to finding a yes...

Another part of dealing with no is the numbers... 

If you talk to 12 people through out the week those few no's become larger then ever. Increase the number of approaches and decrease the impact of rejection. A reasonable ammount is on average 30 people a day. 

80 percent of your time should be focused on filling your pipeline all other activity is just busywork. Get off the bleachers in the cheering section and get out in the field. 

Many people make the mistake of inviting rejection into their business by presenting a far to narrow focus. This is done by promoting 1 product or one division of their company. 

Hopefully this helps in getting through the NO's to get to the YES. 

If this post helped be sure to like, comment or share... 

P.S If you want to know how to be a master prospector in your company then you not only need a guide but you need a step by step playbook... check out this master playbook here...
In a world of people trying to get rich, Blogging stands out to me as being the tried and true way to build your brand and your business...

If you want to learn how to get more traffic to your blog then you are in the right spot.... I will tell you exactly how I drive traffic to my blog and show you my results

  So How do you get Traffic to your blog? 

I want to give you a couple of tips that you can use in your business right now to get traffic immediately to your blog…

I have to admit I am a believer, I have posted every day since July 2nd 2014. Some days are tougher then others… 

The numbers on the right hand side represent the number of visitors that my blog receives…. 

You can clearly see a jump in the numbers… I predict that in 3 months I will have double the traffic ( at least ) 

So here is my stats taken the beginning of July and then on July 28th 2014

These stats were taken directly from my blog... 

I am not going to use theory and I do not do really much deviation from the way that the top bloggers do.
Most people make this more difficult then what it really is 

I will go over how to get more social media interaction can greatly improve your traffic to your blog.

Ways to outsource... that makes sense... when you make more money you can have others do the mundane things that you normallyy do in your business.


where do I need to post my blog ?

I always do the standard sites Google+ FB + Twitter + Pinterest ( get the Pinterest button on your blog ) 

I use the power of back-linking and social bookmarking
Onlywire + Link Luv along with SocialAdr.  (Backlinks and bookmarks) 

While these services are paid their cost is minimal for the results that you get. 

If you in the Home Based Business / Network marketing nitch use the forum find you specific nitch where people are posing on authoritative sites and do so… give people valuable content and link back to your blog / your hub

Facebook groups 
Tip:  as you start posting on FB groups and you get a captica then STOP POSTING. 

Networked is also another one that I hear about

Tribepro is a site that you can use but only if you are creating content on a regular basis.

Article Marketing works… but its a total pain in the butt. If you do this by yourself it takes roughly 45 - 60 minutes each post. You can use dollars on select posts.  Someone for 5 dollars will literally have your article spun and submitted to different article directories and back linked for 5 dollars! 

Here is a question to ask yourself is your time and effort you put into your post worth 5 dollars. 

So when you thinking how to get more traffic to my blog… hopefully you can get some ideas and begin implementing them immediately in your business. 

I would really appreciate you commenting and liking this post ( It's good Karma =) ) 

P. S I recently purchased a Professional Blogging course by someone that receives over 30,000 visitors to his blog daily in addition to creating a 6 figure monthly income all from blogging alone. You by far have to invest in yourself and check out this course… it’s worth every penny… 

P. S. S Hey I will be posting a review of this product as soon as I finish going through the entire course right now I am neck deep in it right now 

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Chances are if you are reading this you want to know how to make your own blog or if blogging for money works.. well you have come to the right spot...

I was really skeptical when I heard the above statement... In fact I though personally that blogs were kind boring tidbits of information that was online...

Then I met a 6 figure a month earner that turned blogging about solutions to peoples problems and how viral it could go. I was blown away how someone could get 30 thousand plus hits their blog on a daily basis! Insane... hungh?

It's not about posting something online and hope that someone sees it. It's about marketing to a specific type of person that you want to sell your product or service too.

If you create a blog post daily then you can MAKE MONEY!! But there is a but to that you have to know the how and the where and the who..

So I am going through a awesome course right now that is literally showing me everything to blog my way to success.

Tip : Reply to your comments... people actually get a response from their post but they never take the time to reply to the person ever leaving the comment!

In this post I want to share my favorite method to creating great content and my favorite tip for how to properly format each blog post so it is SEO optimized.

So how do I get started on my online brand??

It all starts with....

Consistency - - -  You got to do it as part of your routine and the difference between traffic and sales

Find out ... the customer or prospect

What do they want ?
What do they struggle with ?
What are their common problems ?

So instead of you thinking what do I .... think about them and what you can do for them...

Here is my FAVORITE way to create my content

So how do I come up what to write? MY FAVORITE  pick 3 books for your nitch and decide the number one reason WHY you purchased your product or book and that can be your blog title.

Look at your bookshelf... stop being a consumer and be a content creator...

1. What can I do with what I am doing with my marketing and 2. What can I teach from what I just learned.

My FAVORITE and most easy SEO tip ( search engine optimization )

 When you are blogging for money you need to use the proper SEO to optimize your blog and allow the search engines to pick up your keyword one way to do that is to BOLD Italicize and underline your keyword...

P.S If you want to know how to make money blogging I suggest learning from someone that has made a the kind of income and received the traffic that you want but more importantly can show you exactly how to do it... Click here to see this amazing course that will have you becoming a pro blogger and making money doing it...

If you are looking to build your brand with Instagram Marketing and create a rapid following then look no further.

This is one of the hottest social media platforms
and  you have come to the right place.

How to enhance your brand - Nobody is teaching this right now. So you can see how to leverage this social media platform...

This is completely free and you can reach your ideal clients...

Facebook shelled out a billion to acquire it! That statement alone is pretty powerful...

Choose 2-3 networks and master them...

This is FREE! It's about exposure and build relationships and become seen...

-Photo-sharing mobile app for Iphone and Android
-It's one of the most popular Social Networks
-Photo Manipulation - 19 different filters
-Add description, use hash-tags and share your photos with your target audience FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare
-Enhances your brand and makes your business look more professional

Tip : Take photos outside the Instagram app as the quality will be better

Quick, Easy & Fun way to engage with your ideal clients
The ability to take 15 second Videos - Make a impact in the short attention span era

The attention span of the consumer is getting shorter and shorter... so how can you engage your audience and get results...

Instagram Marketing is about follow and attracting followers

When you create your instagram account make sure you keep it public.

Why Instagram For Your Business?

As of October 2010 over 16 billion photos shared that is over 1.2 billion likes every day
150 million users - 55 million images per day - 8500 likes every second - 1000 comments every second

Are you receiving any of that engagement ? Two major trends right now is mobile and visual 
The rise of Mobile outnumbers the number on planet earth... more people own a mobile phone vs a toothbrush! 

A picture is worth a thousand words... The best social marketers show and tell... 
Instagram forces you to be a mobile thinker and be visual. 


  • Search for Instagram  at the app store 
  • Download app 
  • Set up account 
  • Choose username 
  • TIP : Use your twitter handle 
  • Upload a photo - Congruent 
  • Add your Bio - Congruent 
  • Connect it with your social profiles
What images should you share on Instagram 

o Primary tool to share Culture with photos 
o Show behind the scenes/ day to day and culture of your business 
o Transparency
o Culture congruent with your Core Values affects Your Brand's reputation

You need to put images out there that portrays your values and your persona / who you really are... if someone can resonate with your values...

Show your team meetings, events, use the hashtags name of the event... position your photos to target new audience or letting people find you through hashtags #

A 15 second video can bring in sales by showing the behind the scenes of your business...

Don't know what to take pictures... BE YOURSELF!!! Bring your prospects into your culture

If you found something online and you are excited about then take a pic of your screen with your camera your editing a video... got a new training or product... your drinking your company shake 
Image with a tip. 

TIPS: Quotes are always such a easy solution... when nothing is going on or worth sharing... It's a personable way its about showing who you are... 

Social Media is a personable way of building your business... 

How to find Target Audience and attract them to you with #Hashtags

Use #Hashtags related to the picture 
- Post pics relevant to your brand 
- Research #hashtags related to your business, nitch, brand, problems you're solving, audience's phychographics, their circumstances, interests 

up to 30 #hashtags - post majority in a comment 

Post consistently 3-4 times a day

3 tips to get your first 1000 followers 

Tip # 1  Find your Facebook Friends and Fans on your phone and follow them on Instagram! 

Tip #2  Find and Follow Influential Users ( in your nitch ) 

Tip #3 Engage with your followers and follow others 

Tag people on the photo and reply to those that comment on your photo... 

I hope you found this Instagram Marketing tips of value and look forward to seeing you on the next one. 

P.S If you want more Instagram training and other online marketing strategies, click on the link below. This is where I get all my online training and learn all the latest and greatest by clicking here now.

One word ...Video 

second word 


It goes without saying that there is a reason why You Tube is in the top three spot.

And it goes without saying also that hopefully if I have not convinced you to start posting videos this will get you to do so...

What would over 36 signups and $5000 dollars do for your business after posting 1 video?! Well if you want to find out you have come to the right spot because we are going to dig into this content.

You tube is very easy and its not hard to put a video up... here we will go over some basics but fear not as I will at the bottom of this post put up a link to the most awesome training on this format on the market today... Hands down... this is coming straight from a marketer that uses this product on a regular basis for my marketing...

Video Marketing is one of the most powerful, yet underused strategies.

I am a blogger and I use S.E.O (search engine optimization)  to optimize it but I understand the power of video and use it to push traffic to. The posts that I have videos on are the ones that convert better.

Video is powerful because it puts a connection between you and the prospect but is really underused. This creates instant rapport. From S.E.O standpoint it's easier to rank on Google and You Tube then a blog...

Easy to make a 2 - 3 min video and churn them out fast...

You Tube is hovering around the number 3 site in the world... so you want to post on sites that where the

I know a marketer that has produced over $5000 dollars with a 3 minute and 25 second video!

Focus is the key you will get results...


Keyword research - Keyword research must have traffic
all you got to do is Google Keyword research and there are tons of videos that show the how... all that is required is that you actually do it...
However I utilize a tool that literally shows all the how and the why click here for this ninja tool.

Optimize your YouTube Videos for chosen keywords... 
( optimize your blog post too ) 

Back link your video URL to increase rankings 

Steps for finding KEYWORDS 
- Pick you keyword 
- Google keyword planner with " Exact" match 
- Go for lower completion keywords with 500+ searches ( especially starting out ) 
- Have your keyword in the title 
- In your description should be about 4-5 sentences with your keyword throughout. 

HUGE KEY:Always put your capture page link at the very first part of your description.
HUGE OPTIMIZATION TIP: Time stamps  optimized with your keyword to help you get additional keywords into your description and help search in Youtube
Time stamps hardly used in YouTube but great to have... 

0:58 - MLM tips # 1 how to talk to prospects on the phone 

90 Percent of what I know I learned form the same place here... 

Back links are basically links out on the web that point to your YouTube Video... 
Google owns Youtube so Google favors Youtube content... 

What to Make a Video About 

- Marketing strategies 
- "Aa-ha" moments 
- Company reviews
- Product reviews 
- Leader Reviews 
- Value based training 
The key is Posting on Purpose another great course from super ninja Rob Fore available here 

When Creating Your Video

- Be yourself ( gotta break through ) 
- Be excited 
- Speak with confidence ( get better with time ) 
- Hit hot buttons ( No Leads is huge ) 
- Don't have to get the hair perfect 
- People want humans with "Non-guru" like personalities
- Screen capture videos are great
- ALWAYS have a call to action at the end (so,so,so,so important) 
- THIS IS CRITICAL tell the prospect what to do when the video is over "click the link" 

If you want to dominate the search engines and use video because you know it will produce traffic for you... then check out this link here now, for the most comprehensive video training course I have ever seen....

Wanna know the most "Ninja"part of what we do as online marketers?

Would you believe that this is never taught to internet marketers yet every top producer understands this about their market?

Would you like to know what that is? Would you like to know how it works...

...and how to apply this to ANY market or niche...

...even in any industry?

If so...  read on 

Here is our Special Hangout - You can create the coolest life ever when you put your head down...

On a personal note I love these hangouts with my team because:

1. I get the opportunity to connect with my awesome team
2. It charges my batteries for the week ( until the next one )
3. I always at least get one good solid nugget that I can apply in my business immediately.

Keyword here is FUN! Every one of these people have a lifestyle of envy because most people work 8 hrs a day plus travel these people work from home 1 maybe 2 hrs a day ( weekends off )

Please be aware results may very and that there is no guarantee of income whatsoever...

Every person on this panel is a 6 figure earner... I wanted to break that down for everyone who is reading this. 6 figures a year is 100 k  or 100 thousand at least a year in order to make that income lifestyle you have to generate a minimum of $8,400 a month...

Not too shabby.

 Because you leaving anywhere from 30-80% of what possible sales on the table if you fail to understand this about your market.

Yes... It's that serious. 

Find out how you appeal to the "values" of your target market and find out how to turn on this "switch" at a moments notice...

...once you understand how your market responds... ...this whole thing gets a lot easier.


Chris goes over the marketing funnel and exactly why your marketing is flawed. But more importantly how to fix it!

P.S I know after you watch this video you will want to be a part of our team so I have provided you a link below for you to do so... Ready For a change?Join our team... Click here

Its a simple business and we let things complicate...Look upon the tough time as great times... Divorce , childhood, getting into trouble in high school, be grateful for every punch to the face because they help make you who you are...

"Pain Pushes you until a vision pulls you"

Everyone is confused and frustrated but those that have a vision will get through that.


I like Network Marketing and I love the life and there is a way to use the internet leverage time and how to brand " YOU "

ILT  Invest Learn Teach...

Invest - Your time and sometimes to Learn something... The catch with the I (Free) is normally your most expensive way... You have to learn to put money out and invest in yourself...

T = Teach..

So you learn the information and you invest in the content and then you teach... If you embrace this content it will change your life...

If you attend webinars you got one tiny tweek to make to get into profits... and that is to take notes and your notes that are basically unlashed checks...

You don't own social media so all the external things are used to drive people to the hub (your blog). When was the last time that you bought something from a 2 year old email... but your content is found on your blog...

You don't have to be a blogger...
Question 1 Why should someone listen to you...

That is a weird and selfish way to think... its not about you it's about teaching others and that will help you create success. And celebrate success...

Success before creating content does not make sense - create the content NOW... build that following based on content and value into the marketplace

Question 2. What do I talk about?
What are you studying? Researching? What are you reading? Take notes...  Turn your notes into content...

Should you create content daily??? Are people looking for value daily are people looking for content daily? In the beginning you are not going to be pretty or branded images...
What if getting super rich takes 5 years would it be worth it? That is the way that you should do that.

Once you embrace the fact that value = impact / value = money

Take this very model of ILT and run the hell with it...

Embrace the fact that you are the person that others will never be impacted unless you create success and its what you are being called to do ... To bring value to other people lives...

Once you start playing big when you have a webinar that brings in 300k for 90 days its crazy...

Pointers to help make this possible.


  • Intro
  • Question
  • Content
  • Call to action

This is literally the formula... it works 

At the end send them to a capture page if you don't have a capture page then give them your email address and ask to connect.

Internet marketers want the automatic pill for the system... reach out to them... talk to them...

How do you know if you need mindset training? Look at your results...
Overwhelm is a disguise for procrastination 

It's powerful to offer something to people besides just your opportunity...

Final Thoughts: 

Do affirmations every day and night 
Numbers beat all ( how many no's did you get today ) 

Build You - by pumping content into the marketplace ruthlessly.
If you got value out of this I would love it if you would share it

P.S There is a attraction marketing system that I would like you to know that is utilized by six and seven figure earners... This is what I use to ILT and it works! 

Hey everyone whenever I come across awesome content I feel compelled to let you guys know not only something that can help you in your business but where you can get more information that can help you dramatically in your business! 

This is the things that you need to focus on to getting the opt in FIRST and then let your sales funnel do all the work...

There are 4 elements 

And the squeeze page that you have in place is key... If you do not know what a squeeze page is or how to create that I will recommend a system that will show you the how to... Ok moving right along 

This is for any targeted advertising that you may be doing...

1. Clear and specific headline 
This has to be as laser targeted as humanly possible... make sure the headline is on your FB ad as the same on your squeeze page

2. Super simple squeeze page design
( here is a example below) 
As you can see this squeeze page it is what it is... There is no buttons or images the message is in the copy. 

3. A clear and specific call to action & button 
You got to tell them what exactly what to do see where it says " Enter your email below and instant below " stay away form submit, enter, or continue 

4.  Offer away information then you think you should...
Give away less... people have short attention spans... so give them bite size pieces of information 

That is exactly what I focus on when I do my capture pages 

Hope this information helped at all

P.S in regards to that system that will go over all the capture pages process and help you create the perfect funnel for your offers... click here 

If you are searching online for Network Marketing Recruiting Tips: I have 5 ways you can absolutely crush it! 

If you want to play in the big league in the Network Marketing Business then you will want to follow these methods.

Tip : It's important to let your audience know at the beginning of training's what the subject matter sis

If you are willing to put in the time to learn marketing to attract people to you then you are going to be successful.

BE WARNED : I never say it is going to be easy.. It's worth it

If you know you need to get your message out to as many people as possible then read on.

Question for ya... How would it feel to make your annual income your monthly income?!

Think of one word to describes  that feeling and put it here ( ___________ )

What I am going to tell you in the next sentence is going to make a huge difference in your business if you take it to heart... "Stop suffering from compareitus!" embrace possibility...

You got to get out of jealousy and comparing yourself to others and step into empowerment.

You have to stay focused on goals not on your current circumstance

What is a branded top earner
According to Ray Higdon  its a :

  • 6 + figures in their Network Marketing Company 
  • Someone who is branded OUTSIDE their company (Think of You Inc) 
  • Someone who attracts people from their value

If you are just focused on a Network Marketing Company - that's awesome..

To be a top earner you need - Systems - Lead Generation - Prospecting and Recruiting - Team Building - Mindset

1. Systems - It what keeps your leads flowing.... It's because I have a system...

INVEST, LEARN, TEACH = most basic model

You invest your time your money to learn something that you can then create content that teaches to build your audience.

This is YOU attending Webinars, Reading Books, Listening to audios, events paying attention and taking notes and then taking those notes and cashing the checks...(the notes)

Can you just take what you are doing and simply... Learn Do and Teach...

The other model is DO and Teach what you need to be doing is you need to celebrate and win...
and shoot a video and share it.. these are part of systems that work

2. Lead Generation - 

If you aren't generating leads you actually AREN'T marketing...
winners like the kick in the butt. By following the ILT Model you simply do CTA's (call to action in all content and it's as simple a emailing you... don't ever create a video create a call to action
But Scott I don't have a capture page, a blog... at least give out a email

Create valuable content (translate your notes) do a call to action and  then create relationships with those leads and then help them do what you just did by teaching them ILT and Lead Gen...

3. Prospecting and Recruiting 

The key to warm market recruiting = differentiation you will hear someone say I made 6 figures in 90 days and half the crowd is like wondering what they are doing wrong part of the crowd is upset because they have not had any success and the others are like I cannot wait to hear what script they are using... 

In warm market you need to approaching your warm market in the manner in which they already see you. 

Cold Market = Posture knowing what you know without the need for approval from anyone.  Begging bugging, sitting and answering questions is not posture.
Know where you are, If no leads, Prospect! 

4. Teambuilding 

Be smarter with your time - Many of you if you have a team you are spending an insane amount time with those who are not doing squat... teach people how to treat you... You are going to burn out before you hit the big numbers. 

Stop hanging out with people that are a time suck. Give them challenges and homework and look for adherence. Inspire them by doing the shit you wish that they would do... Lead by example with your example. Teach them simple steps for ADHERENCE... 

If you would teach people to talk to one person a day you will build a empire... 

5. Mindset 

Not consistent = NO VISION If you do not have a DMO... you are connected to the internet so there is no I don't know what to do. Dr Michael Bechman "Pain pushes you until vision pulls you"  See yourself as better... focus on goals not circumstances George Zalucki " The thinker thinks and the prover proves"

The things you are thinking has to show up in your life. Mindset , you need time, it is the hardest thing to improve.  This fifth step greatly impacts the previous 4 steps. How do you know if you need mindset training. Look at your results  BAM!!! Look at your results in your relationships look a your results in your business. 

If you are not living to your full potential then you need to own not just know... there are people that are worse off then you that have better results 

Your results will tell you every time time when you need mindset training. 

People Most Get stuck 
  • Confusion
  • Frustration 
  • Lack of accountability 
  • Lack of consistency 
  • Overwhelmed 
  • Poor Implementation 
For those that understand value and would like to have a secret recording of a 6 figure monthly money earner that is extremely hard to find but is profoundly awesome then enter your name and email for the free recording

New Graphic

Free 1 Hour Audio By Mistery 6 figure earner at a private training...

What do I use to get people to opt-In? How do I get people to get to want to willingly hand over their email mail address? Well you have come to the right place to find out. 

In this article we are going to go over the 10 ways you can attract more leads to your business by using lead magnets.

Now I am a active internet marketer and I like so many are out in the trenches actively online getting the message out about my company(s) product and or services and how it can help others. 

But it's that critical moment when someone goes to your video, your blog post, your article, and you have less then 30 seconds to get them to want to give you their information....

It has to be something that your audience stuff you cannot send them your crappy stuff (old mp3 from 3 1/2 years ago) this stuff has to be current and have value. The email address is the money... They are exchanging their email ( money ) for your content...

2 things...

1. Know your audience  2. You have to find out what your audience truly cannot live without

Sell them what they want but give them what they want and need. 

Number 1. Ebook, List or White Paper - 
Create a guide in easy to understand and read format. They normally help explain marketing topics such as: 10 blogs you cannot go without, 10 tips to getting a better conversion rate. 
Create a list of information. Think specifics here, cater to your audience what do they want to know about? 

Number 2. Strategy Call 
A free strategy call can benefit you and your new lead. They will have the opportunity to get some one on one time with you and you may gain them as a client. This requires you put in the time but the rewards can be great... PROVE YOUR WORTH! 

"My strategy calls are worth 250 dollars every day but for you sign up for one of my free calls and together we will have a breakthrough in your business."

So again for a exchange of perceived value you get their email address. 

Number 3. Webinar or Livestream

By creating a webinar it is a great way to put your face in front of your audience in a cost efficient away and you can be everywhere at once! Your leads also having the convenience of attending from the comfort of their own home!

The opt in rate is insane! You can put it on Evergreen business systems if you choose ( Google it ) 
share you knowledge!

Number 4. Free Video or Audio Training's 

Think of what you can offer to your audience. Here is where technology meet people you can have a weekly hangout training's in your digital community.
Tip: People will opt in for training videos because they can be used as a reference time and time again. 

Number 5. Coupons & Deals 
Does your business ever offer any deals? Would you be willing to give your email address fir 50 percent off your favorite store or a free ticket to a upcoming event?

"Get Your Free Ticket Now!"  " 50% Off All Products..." 

So in a trade you are giving them a deal for their email address... 

Number 6. Surveys or Contests  
People are willing to fill our surveys to get their voice heard. Restaurants ask you to fill out a survey for a free lunch. ( They get feedback and an email address!) 

Think about it, who does not what to win a contest as long at the giveaway is worth it. Lay's patato chips recently ran a "Choose your flavor" campaign in order to vote you had to register and give away your email address... 

Number 7 Juicy Bonus 
How can you sweeten the deal? Think of a way to entice your audience into action 

This can really be anything ...  "If you buy xyz and forward me your receipt I will do a one on call with you!

"Hey go over to this blog and training and if you want the bonus worksheet that goes along with this then put in your email and I will send you over the worksheet that goes along with this..."

Number 8 Assessment or Test 
These types of tests are regularly on Facebook. Have you ever seen the results from a personality quiz or posted in a friends news feed. 

"What kind of animal are you?"

It can be really any kind of quiz but the results will not be shown unless an email or Facebook signup has been received. Engage and interact with your audience. 

Number 9 Teleseminar 
These are great if you have affiliates. This is like a webinar but it combines several experts from different fields. This is a great way to broaden your audience. This is one of the best oldest and greatest ways to grow a list. 

It's kind of like a music concert you go to watch one particular band but you may hear from 3 or 4 others too in the process. 

Number 10 Information Gate / Price 

This is the process of holding back some information. People are curious by nature. Even if they are not completely sold on buying a product, they may just give out their email address to find out how much it costs or some other hidden details. 

You may not make a sale but its all about catching the lead! 

Keep a little bit of the best stuff behind a gate and allow entry upon the opt in... 

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