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                      This is what helped me bring in 3 - 7 extra leads every single day for me...

In this blog is how you can increase website traffic it is important to your money making online business and is all about getting people to YOUR website.. 

It's pretty common knowledge that the the more visitors you get the more better the opportunity to making money is 

Times have changed and sending traffic over to a site is not as easy as it once was. It would be extremely good to understand a couple of different methods traffic that you are getting today could be gone tomorrow... Like I said the internet changes 

Let me give you 7 other methods that will help you in your efforts...
I have been there done that... 

1. Optimize you website / blog for social media - This is a the single best way to get traffic and it was really hard for me not to pick this one. Twitter, Facebook, Linked In can help you increase your traffic almost exponentially. Make sure your website is fresh.. you need content every day ( hence why I blog) 

More visitors equals more shares. If you want content to use in your website just like the article you are reading right now then check this out ... I get a lot of inspiration to utilize in my marketing. 

2. Business Cards - I used to be all about this but I actually don't carry them because of the internet if someone wants to connect with me then they can get a hold of me on my website or blog... If I did carry a card it would have a toll free number anwsering service and my Facebook link 

3. Advertise offline, I know a gentleman that is a MASTER at this - he has a product how to advertise 147 different ways offline... I can send you over his link just contact me above... 

4. PPC ( Pay Per Click ) still effective still good I use this still in my business Facebook mostly a great way to get people to a specific site. 

5. Groups - Facebook / Yahoo its a great place to get your message out . Interact with prospects that are already interested in your nitch and let them know they can visit your site and learn more.... Participate in conversations and dont spam people... especially throwing your like out there...LAME

6. Create a Squidoo Lens - Why not? Create a topic and lead people back to your website... provide VALUE... 

7. Guest Blog - Write a post and contact a fellow marketer to post this on his / her blog , be sure to put your link that puts them back to your website / blog as well .

Learn ,Train, Succeed

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If you are looking for the Best Autoresponder Service Hungh? 

Good for you, the people that succeed in this business are the ones that are actively searching for the answers. 

Becuase right here right now I will introduce you to the Best Auto Responder Service that money can buy. 

So... there are things (tools) to put simply that you will need to be in business and one of those tools is an Autoresponder

is one of them. 

It is vital to keep in contact with you leads that come into your capture page or landing page... It is vital to send emails out to your group when you come across information, product launches, post a blog or video.

You must be willing first to invest the monthly fee for operating your own autoresponder service do not think you can simply download a program and make this work... 

I never knew why I needed one... 

If you decide to send out the email from your personal email or website  the spam filters will see its from your IP address and shut you down.. 

So that leaves the question... What autoresponder service is right for me? 

Well I want to give you not only the best autoresponder service but the best deal as well! 

When you break down the function of a auto responder you begin to see the benefits lets go over theses:

  • Keeping in contact with subscribers.
  • Promoting your own products that you create.
  • You could other peoples products as an affiliate.
  • Providing more content and more value to your subscribers.
  • Re-introducing old content to your new subscribers.
  • Getting input from your subscribers by asking them for feedback or help. You may have experienced something like this already if you’ve purchased anything from or similar site  and received an email a few days after receiving your package asking for a review.
  • Send out surveys to your subscribers ( to get valuable information and feedback ) 
  • Or  any of the above.
The best part is the training is absolutely spot on I mean the training videos on how to do everything step by step... as they literally hold you by the hand and show you from signup for the service to advanced marketing... 

It's important to note that all autoresponders are not created equal and that you should choose the one that you feel comfortable with... However,there are some email autoresponders that simply do not have the ability to get your emails out... I like to keep things simple ( monkey see, monkey do ) if someone who is making a bunch of money ( 6 plus figures plus a month and I happen to see this person using this tool to send out emails to he or her list of a hundred thousand people I tend to follow and do what they are doing...   

The dirty little secret.

.. dont you believe you should be paid for the services that you use? I know it sounds hard to believe but when you offer this same product to others you too can get a couple of coins in the bucket and maybe a little more. 

You can go here now and sign up as an affiliate and when you refer anyone to this service you can get a small commission back... Not bad hungh??

Here is the really cool part ... You can test drive this service today simply by clicking here for only 1 dollar... Not to mention that the service itself is only $19 dollar per month... 

Now you have the opportunity to get this premier service and test drive it and see for yourself that it's  the baddest autoresponder out there. Do yourself a favor learn more about how this is simply the Best Autoresponder Service out there. Click on the banner below... 


In this post I wanted to go over 1 of 3 really import things that you must do as a marketer and it will serve you well... 

Don't take my word for it I learned it from a 6 figure a month earner... Mr. Vick Strizheus.

We as marketers are under a lot of pressure... Scott What are you saying ? I thought it was all blue sky's and living the E- Lifestyle!?

There is the need to look good in front of others. I never had understand why people are so concerned with the way they look to others..

I want to share with you something that I learned today
Just one tip can change the way you look at things.

There are people that will tell you want you want to hear and not what you need to hear... Tell the FREAKING TRUTH... I remember back in the day when I was just a kid in Network Marketing that I would damn near say anything to get the signup...

I have sense grown up and put my time that best serves me.. I will not work with someone unless they are in my deal... I wont do any hand holding and or anything that does not serve me... its not being rude or crude... I certainly did not have that...

Do what you want that best serves you...  If you like this and other marketing tips
the shoot me a blank email to and you will get the straight up realness from me..

Have a Awesome Day
And I mean that

Scott Lindstrom

I want to give credit to the person that was the inspiration of this blog post I invite you to visit

Is it right to copy someones work? What if you make it your own? What if... 
In this video I explore this concept. 

What is your thoughts on this? I seriously want to know  

If you want to learn and create a life of Prosperity and Abundance and want to learn from people that are doing it right now click here or the image above. Literally a viral blogging system.

How to get traffic to your Blog

Blogging Strategies …  that work

If you  are looking to get traffic to your blog you have come to the right place…

I struggled with this exact  problem and you know what there is light at the end of the tunnel

I learned from n 7 figure monthly earner and I am going to be sharing are really

 golden nuggets here. If  you want to know the all knowing secret then its not here… I run the ball down the field every day and I stay consistent every single day…

I pound that rock… and if YOU pound that rock every single day it will crack I assure you.

At the time you are reading this  

You will notice the keyword that I am going for…"how to get traffic to your blog."

Now I want to show you what I do and please if I am doing something wrong here then by all means tell me in the comments below

FIRST: I like to go after the low hanging fruit that will enable me to rank at the top for that keyword / keywords. Why go after the large keywords that are being in competition by tons of markethers…

I like to use NON SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) tactics hat literally WORKS EVERY TIME! 
I did a blog post a while back and using the methods of the course my blog post visits when through the roof for that post !

I will do a post in the future on this post to prove that it is indeed a pattern!

So you want to know how to get traffic to your blog see this blog post
Posting On Purpose For Profit Review and then you tell me…

I want to break it down for you so you can see the number of eyeballs that will see your content

At the time of this post the most that searched for this content according to the key word planner is 480 searches a month for the keyword How to get traffic to your blog

I am going to get tons of traffic to this page  these numbers are monthly and highly conservative

  • Take Bing and Yahoo and  put about the same from them too = 900
  • Shoot a YouTube video  and get 100 a month  
  • Upload it to document sharing sights = 100 a month
  • Do a audio and syndicate it  = 100
  • Do a article on it = 100
  • Put it on Facebook and boost the post  = ??? ! ! !
  • Not to mention any normal blog traffic already 

And then if you got any traffic coming to your blog already let’s be reasonable and say for the sake of conversation that you have  any doubt I can get at least
1800 – 2500 people searching for this keyword “ How to get traffic to your blog

I want to prove that ranking is easy to do with the right tools with any subject… this
Is proof  so lest review…

1 Do keyword research on a topic 
2. Do the methods described in this course 
3. Insert you offer
4 Rinse , wash , repeat - make money 

Thanks I hope you enjoyed this post be sure to visit my blog at

Something can be said about a leader when he flat out admits he did something wrong. In this video my sponsor Jorden ( the hippie dude ) shares his biggest online traffic mistake... 


Scott Lndstrom

Hey guys this is basically my first yes I said it first presentation using microsoft powerpoint and a screen capture software... 

I then took the live footage and the screen capture video and the live video and merged them together in a video editing program and then uploaded that to the video sharing sites and also uploaded it to Youtube... 

I want to recommend " Key word " an education program on how to create videos Click here for the information on this video and a ton more information that can help you in your Video Marketing Business...

In this post I am introducing a simple 3 step process to see just how easy it is to post videos. I was searching for a way to make videos and exactly the best way to make online videos... and I found it.

I created this short video based on the process that you should be doing to get the results you want in your marketing..

I took a course that will show you exactly the formula for getting a minimum of 10 to 50 leads per day to your website by clicking here  . I was blown away at the fact that I was fumbling, bumbling and stumbling my way through getting more leads and traffic through video marketing... 

If this info helped you out then please linke and comment below 

Thanks I appreciate you and see you on the next one

Scott Lindstrom

Me and Mark Herbert the co- creator of Tube Traffic Mojo

 Click on the image to play video

Who should you work with... who should you partner with ?
Thats a good question since there is so many people you can sign up with...

It's not so much the person you sign up with as much as it is what you can do...  

First ... Do you want more time more freedom, more income and more out of life period... there is no free lunch it requires work but the work you put in now will pay off forever! 

Can you follow a process ? Can you follow a simple formula? 

Jorden Shultz a long haired hippe from Colorado caught my attention at a live event in Las Vegas... back in 2012

He has sponsored 500 people mostly completely on auto pilot in this video there is the smart way to do it... 

you learn how Jorden Shultz uses this one thing to be able to spend more time doing what he wants...

In face last year alone he has taken 22 vacations while helping 10 people and 5 become 6 figure earners... 

Jorden lays it out how you can achieve success and why our team are having people that are achieving results. 

Lock arms with us and Join us in our team today... 

Catch you soon 

Jorden and me at a Rockin Event in California 

This is the most hottest and the most latest marketing that you can possibly get... this is the nuts and bolts of the business.

Those that have attended No Excuses in the past were probably looking for a way to build their home business using the internet.

If you attended the event or gone through any other internet marketing training course, then you probably were blown away and even overjoyed by the networking opportunities, content and the massive amounts of knowledge give to you.

But then you, like others, got him sand not much happened after that…
  • You’re business didn’t grow (if at all)…
  • You didn’t get many leads (if any)…
  • You didn’t make much money (or probably none)…
…and getting discouraged and demotivated is something you may continue to fight against to this very day.
Perhaps you even had given up! I hope not…
- You can see this awesome event by clicking here 

I wanted to tell everyone that I will be going to a summit in Las Vegas, This is a event that I highly recommend that you go to... It dose not matter what your skill level is! What matters is that you place value on your business and

You will see how that that there is a form of a process and the how to behind it all.
You will realize that you can see that you have to learn the A - Z  not    X,B,F,A

You can see that there is a different between speakers and trainers... and you will see that this is something unlike anything else that you have ever been to

When you see the people in the video they are from all walks of life some old, some young, and some  are brand new while others are experienced  submit your application today!

So you are marketing your product or service and you are not getting any signups to your product or service the question is... why?

One of the most effective marketing tips I can give is to tell you these simple words...


How does your site help them how does your products help them how does your marketing serve them....

There are a lot of marketers out there that is extremely passionate about their product or service. We as marketers are also proud of our marketing... but none of that matters to the customer...

The customer is thinking ... "That's great Mr. Super cool money earner, what are you going to do for me? "

The customer is reading a blog post or checking out a youtube video and or connecting with you through social media or even seeing you at an event. The customer needs to know if you have what they feel they need to solve the issue I am having.

Once your customer knows that you have the solution to their problem then maybe your training and your associations and years of business might matter.

It does not matter what courses you graduated from and what certifications you have what can you do for your customer that helps them...

Once people know what you can do for them then people will

If you would like to know more how to see this actually works then click on the image below 

I will tell you that you wont be disappointed! 

So Remember it's not about you its about your prospect. Make sure you think of them before you... like Zig Ziggler said " Help others get what they want, and you will get what you want 

LTS - Learn Train Succeed 

Scott Lindstrom

In the video I talk about getting started with a 90 day challenge...

now there are many 90 day challenges and its a FACT that these are scientific studies that its takes 90 days for a change in your life...

I joined the 90 day challenge to reach my personal goals...

As a way to change my money state of  being I have goals I want to get done I have dreams that I have... I want the following...

  • I want  to make money ( to provide for my family ) 
  • I want to get more traffic to my websites ( more visitors = more signups = more $ $ $ ) 
  • I want to learn more marketing ( use different types of strategies ) 
  • I want to empower others and create a team of people that can empower others 

Click here to start you financial 90 day challenge
Doing a 90 day challenge is great doing a 90 day challenge with a team rolling together is

I have created a 90 day blog and will keep track of the event. If you life is worth living its worth recording...


I want to be clear this is not for someone who quits after the first 2 weeks
IF you think this is going to be easy... It's not
IF you are looking for a excuse to quit... You Can
IF you think that you can just push a button and make money... You Can't ...

IF you put your head down during this 90 day period and when you lift it back up you will
transform your business and transform your life.

Internet Marketing is a skill and any skill takes a little time to take


When you get started in the 90 day day challenge you are held accountable and you are pushed toward your goal... put your head down and get it done no matter what... and when you lift your head back up you are rewarded with the benefit and rewards of you hard work and effort! 



FEAR NOT... Sign up on the form below you will be added to the 90 day list and I will send out a message about when we start up again...

All you have to do to get notified of the next 90 day challenge fill out the form below 

We respect your email privacy

If its still available You can get started with the 90 day formula by clicking here ...

See you in the next challenge ! 

Scott Lindstrom