- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

Sometimes we get busy or for a better word screw up and loose customers...

when our customers leave us because we stopped communicating with them and basically left them out in the cold while we pursue other things..

I understand... I have lost customers because I got " distracted " and let's face it if you don't feel the appreciation you leave...

Getting new customers is the hardest thing compared to getting a previous customer back...

Think of all that time and effort it took to get that original effort, not to mention cost.

90% of your customers will leave you due to perceived indifference People will forget what you say and also they will forget what you do but they will not forget how you make them feel.

Knowledge is power even if it hurts. So you may find out why they unsubscribed or left due to you'r too fat, skinny, tall or short.

Once someone is on your list for every month you do not have contact you loose 10% influence.

Once you loose your customers you can use these 5 ways to get back your customers you lost.

#1 The hardest is basically pick up the telephone and let them know you are sorry and that you want them as a customer... offering them a special deal or new product could get them back in your corner.

#2 Get them a referral... . Look and see what they are promoting on their Facebook page and give them a connection that is looking to buy their product, good, or service.

#3 Make a introduction that can help them in their business and their industry. Introduce them to a leader or someone that is a influence in their industry.

#4 Do a blog post on them and. Do a google hangout do a article and produce some content on them.

#5 Send something through snail mail. Send a actual card... Send Out Cards is a company that you can

These are just some of the training you will learn by clicking here..

Scott Linddstrom

I was told the other day, something BIG is coming, and here it is!   This Tuesday night we're going to lay out an exact game-plan on how we're going to help create more 6-figure earners than ever before, and in less time too.  
 Last year, we helped 8 people come home from their jobs, and we helped 5 people become 6-figure earners in their businesses working very part time.    
 It's our VISION that in 2014 we will help create at least 50 new 6-figure earners, and help at least 80 new people to come home from their jobs.

  What we're going to lay out on Tuesday night is going to be the beginning for a good majority of the people in our vision! 

Will you be one of them?    
 You might be saying, How do you know that this will work?     
First off, we've done this before, many times with many different income streams, and every time it's worked like "MAGIC"!     
Really, it's worked because the people followed the daily action plan, and got results.     The most important thing is having that daily action plan, and we do!    
 And this Tuesday night at 9pm Mountain time, we're going to share it with you.   So mark your calendar now, and be here, because this is probably the most important hangout of your year!  
 This will be the hangout that people look back at a year from now and say 1 of 2 things…     
"If I'd have listened to what they told me, I could be one of those success stories"   OR  
 "I'm so glad I was there on February 25th of 2014, because that was the pivotal moment in my life that helped me create the success I have today!"     
What will you be saying a year from now?     The only way to know is to be here on Tuesday the 25th at 9pm Mountain time!   
 See ya then,   

Scott Lindstrom    
 P.S.  If you're truly ready to make some changes in 2014 and be 1 of our 6-figure earners…  
…make sure you're a part of our team, and that you're getting as many people to this live hangout on Tuesday as possible.   
Then I'll plug you into our team training site, and you can begin inviting people to our hangout as well!

Why The Heck  Should Someone Join Your Team ?
How to avoid the pitfalls and the traps when things don’t work and how to avoid them?
How to make yourself more attractable to others?
Click Here to see the hangout 

Our Team does this really cool FREE Google hangout once a week where you got top earners just like having a casual conversation with the team in regards to marketing and how to better yourself… Topics range from week to week be overall the end result is the same VALUE!!!

Hi my name is Scott Lindstrom and I am a part of Team Be The Change… my story parallels many network marketers out there who are grinding it away… When someone asks you ” Hows that business going??” … and you put on a fake smile but you know deep down your results are not what you want them to be.

So in this episode the Team really went all out and I had to put up the following format so you can get the most out of this hangout…


05:32 What we as Team Be The Change is all About
16:00 Different ways you could be affecting your marketing
17:10 Congruency
19:00  Different types of traffic
21:30 Prequalifying
25:06 Buying Averages
33:50 Value In Emails
36:10 Why our team is different when it comes to marketing
37:10 What’s so important?
40:00 Finding out who is your target market?
43:24 Major marketing No No…
44:20 Bridging the Gap
50:00 Newbie to Internet Marketing – Ugh Oooo
51:10  Who is having the success!
53:55 Jorden Learns BullSh*t!
55:20 What you should be Focusing on!
57:01 What you think you know you don’t !
58:30 What people think that is crazy!
61:00 Write this down
62:10 Bottom of the Mountain with the Lake Sharks
63:10 How To Leverage Success
69:00 How To Give Value!
73:00 Belief in yourself, how do you get it
76:40 The Authority Triangle
85:23 How to share your story…
91:04 What’s most common for you and the new person
92:32 Two States of awareness
98:00 Take some nuggets
102:40 How to market
106:30 ______ Every little success
109:55 Jorden gives a great tip with Aweber ( Autoresponder )
115:30 The habits you create
120:19 The Power of Choice
123:35 What’s going to happen next week ( Huge announcement )
129: 33 Quick Gmail Tip
131:01 How Chris deals with lead unsubscribes


I wanted to be clear here, it does not matter if you are a part of our team or not we have something to offer to everyone. My favorite motto is one taken from the Hard Rock CafĂ© “ Love All, Serve All “ It does me no good to hold back on delivering the goods and to keep you struggling.

Scott Lindstrom

Do you control riches or does riches control you? That is what Mike Dillard is talking about in this video - Mike a Multi-Millionaire and creator of Magnetic Sponsoring takes the time to talk about money... 

So do you control it or does it control you? If you walk into a Target or a K- Mart does money own them or do they own money... Walk then into a Nenum-Marcus or Tiffany's and you can literally feel the difference . 

It's about the shift in their mind from a poverty base consciousnesses to a prosperity base consciousnesses.

I love the story of Mike because its the typical average Joe guy that literally went from waiting tables to having the best things in life... You got a guy that was waiting tables and was having no money struggling in his network marketing company to where he is today...

As he says " Attitude is a mental disease it is either going to help you or hurt you." 
He goes on to warn those who you are hanging around with and what you are allowing your mind to take in. 

Number one 1 Be on Guard and  2 Go back to the basics read great positive literature and listen to Tony Robbins... 

Take where you sit with money (emotionally)  and how you perceive it 

Read the book ( Abundance )

Scott Lindstrom

P.S Here is a way to create more abundance in your life click here to find out now... 

You Defitnally Want to click on this image

So the master returns... If you have not had the opportunity to I recommend his course Magnetic Sponsoring as he is the father of attraction marketing funnel.

I first heard about Mike Dillard's return as I was on his list back in 2004 and I missed the boat as they say on that opportunity. 

So I was ecstatic when I heard that is was going to take a group of people and coach and mentor them and was going to create the success stories that we hear about all the time. 

If you don't know who Mike Dillard is Google him go to this Link CLICK HERE I did a full on review of his product course and if it is worth going through and is the content still valuable... 

I had the chance to hop on his new group of students that he is in and got to be a part of that...

I wanted to make sure that you guys who are following me do not miss another opportunity and so you don't miss what going on put your name and email address to the right of this post and I will only send you the goods no crap and that's my promise to you. 

Mike is getting another class together and I know you can afford him... it's a matter of action and the action takers will win. CLICK HERE to be a part of his new group before he closes the doors.

I look forward to getting some of the nuggets and sharing them with you! 

Thanks I look forward to seeing you on the next one 

Scott Lindstrom 
P.S I wanted to share with you a awesome system that literally is helping 
thousands and is responsible for my personal transformation Click Here to find out.. 

So I was able to hop on a webinar on Sunday, why Sunday. You got to be doing the things today others wont do in order to have the things tomorrow that others wont...

Which webinars should I get on Scott? Answer: All of them...
Scott where do I get on them.

Answer: Duno... find them...

But I am getting of base. I actually want you to go get a book called "Go For No" I picked up the book on
E Bay for 13 bucks.

What do you feel and think when you hear NO. What do you do when you hear no.
You can virtually have anything you want if you are willing to hear NO enough... just think for a moment logically you actually have math and the law of averages on your side!

I was listening to the Authors of the book Go For No and they rocked the webinar...

There are two models I want show you.
Failure <<< you >>> success (most people are here) 

Here is the new model I want to share with you.

you >>> failure >>> success

The number of times you are willing to hear no is the relationship of the amount of success you will have.
I wanted to share some core beliefs from the book so here they are in no particular order.

#9 In addition to yes goals, you got to got to have no goals.Get your NO quota for the day.
Dont just have yes goals if you hit your NO goal you will definitely hit your YES goals.
People think it has to be the number no it is the action that get's the result.

#4 In terms of presentations quantity trumps quality the number of people or shots is more important then how perfect you did the shot.

Unseen - Untold - Unsold 
Some Will, Some Wont, So What , Someones waiting... 

Here are some numbers for all the analytically people or number crunchers out there 

60 percent of customers will say no more then 4 times before they buy,
44% will give up after their first no 
22% will give up after their second no 
14% will give up after their third no 
12% will give up after their fourth no 
(92 % give up after the 4th No) 

Make it a point pick up this book and make it a point to get more No's then you do Yes... 
It will change the way you see rejection... 

Scott Lindstrom 

P.S To see how to earn a income from home while having a life click here 

There is a big difference between a choice and a decision... The power of choice and free will is what makes life so wonderful and worth creating..

I just found out from my wife's Ultrasound that I am going to be a father ... of TWINS!

I remember getting the news I never knew that expression " Week in the knees " and how true that statement was because I had to sit down from that...

I told my wife I need to spend $3,500 on a course that will take my business to the next level ...She looked at me and said "Honey I believe in you!" So rather then me putting it on other necessities for the family and our new found children she told me to make it happen...

How can I not succeed with my woman with a ironclad conviction of her husband and what he is capable of.

Now having your spouse or significant other just makes the process so much enjoyable...

My dad told me " Son don't ever do anything don't do it half ass " Funny how we remember things as a kid from our parents hungh?  So When I had the opportunity to go ALL IN in Empower Network I made a commitment to myself, my family and my team members...

Most people today if it is a direct selling company or Network Marketing company make a choice to get in but say I will try to make this work for x amount of time and if it dose not work I will move on... question is what the hell are you moving on too?

First off let me be clear just because I am promoting Empower Network does not mean that I am drinking the cool aid... I am an internet marketer... I use the internet to promote goods and services to people that I not only believe in but think that is so good that I believe in it... That means I can and do promote other products too!

If you are promoting something and don't believe 100 percent in it DON'T DO IT!!!
Your personal conviction will show in the videos you post and in the content you produce... People can smell B.S and see your true self coming through!

So when people ask me how much money are you making with that I can say... My bank account does not reflect my future... I am learning right now and just like college sometimes the learning curve is different for all of us..

I am on track to reach my (clear) intentions and will achieve my goals...

As long as you are in a forward direction every day and working toward your goals, You will not fail!

I believe in Empower Network I believe in my Team " Be The Change " we all are very close and have a culture that is that we help each other and I am telling you a system for success unlike anything I have seen before...  T.E.A.M  " Together Everyone Achieves More" I mean literally the founders of my team have my best intentions and are striving to see that I make it...

I want you to go here now >> Click Here << enter your email and see a short video about my awesome team... I know you will be like " These are the coolest freaking people on the planet!"

I will be honest with you, I want you on " My Team " and I want you to find your why and your purpose and get you what you want out of life...

Dave Wood the founder of Empower Network has this cool saying and I want to quote it now... " Let's lock arms and fight the forces of evil" and " I will see you on the beaches of the world."

I dont know when I will see you but look me up on Facebook and you will
see me.

Scott Lindstrom

All I can say January was epic,

I rounded off the last part of January with the Empower Network Freedom event in Miami, Florida.
This event is for Empower Network affiliates and members to gather, celebrate, learn, collaborate and draw inspiration.

Many leave these events with a lot of new friends and a renewed energy for their own businesses. This event was no different. I saw and experienced a lot of breakthroughs. 

The event was from Friday, January 24 through Sunday, January 26. I arrived on Thursday to get ready, get settled, and meet with other leadership members
We had a team membership breakout session unlike anything I have experienced before. Our team has one on the highest success rates.

Me Chatting it up in the Breakout Room

This was so cool because the people we have chatted with for so long on Facebook got to meet in person.

Product Launches 

The High Ticket Academy was launched. This product teaches marketers how to sell high-end, high-ticket and high-commission products, whether digital or physical. It is based on experience of selling 5 different workshops that cost from $3,500 to $25,000. The benefit of selling high-end items is higher commissions, higher profits, and more serious customers. 

Empower Network held a leadership panel, where we answered questions and trained the audience. It was designed to help the audience direct their business activities for more productivity, greater effectiveness and more sales. 

The highlight of my trip was i got to have some one on one time with my sponsor Jorden Shultz who is a six figure earner a year. Dont let that hippie look fool you. This guy is a marketing genus when it comes to social media and advertising... His laid back personality and his absolute wanting to help others make him " One Cool Dude" That and the fact he took last year about 16 different vacations! 

He actally sat down and shared the information on how to achieve greatness financially in my business. For all those interested click here and I will gladly provide the Mp3 audio for you....

That’s a wrap for January. Keep in touch with me on Facebook and come back next month to see all the highlights for February.

I started reading a book that was so good I had to get the audio... Secrets to the Millionaire Mind
T Harv Eker ... Holy ...S***!  This book is so good I literally cannot stop putting it down...

I am taking on 2-3 New Students this month to put through my training and have them come out for some personal training with myself and my teams. To apply for consideration for our team and be ready to start achieving massive success click the button Below and I will contact you after you fill out the information and Join Now


"Former Ambulance Driver" 

P.S I will give you access to my team hangout where we mastermind -- go here now

Scott Lindstrom

"Being a leader means finding the path,
but before you can help someone else find
their path, you must know yours"
           ~ Arthur, "Aspire" by Kevin Hall
Ever wonder why some people have instant
success in their business while others 
struggle still trying to figure out
the "secret to success"?
It is because they understand a certain
principle that many others have yet
to realize about themselves and their
Sure.. when business is booming there
are never any conflicts... 
...everyone is happy and lifting each
other up to new heights. 
Yet when we fall upon tougher times
(which all organizations go through)
You find some people get discouraged...
...they are crippled by fear...
...they start saying to themselves 
"I need to find something better".
What they don't realize is that this 
is really their "test"... 
...which all true leaders go through. 
Everybody who has set out to do something
great has faced this time of "adversity".
It is how you respond to the issue at
hand that defines a leader. 
It is in that pivotal hour of decision
where you make the decisions that
shape the rest of your life.
In this moment... 
This is your awakening. 
Do you choose love? Or Fear?
Do you choose to do what is best
for you and all concerned? 

How big is your vision?
How big is your dream?
Can you be trusted to lead? 
Or do you simply confuse others?
Will you lead yourself and others
...even to possible slaughter? 
Or will you rightfully lead your 
people with a resolve that only 
battle tested leaders have learned?
Would you like to learn how to be 
that leader? 
A leader that people look to and say:
"I will follow them anywhere" 
"I trust them with my business"
"I trust them with my life"
Come hangout with us on Tuesday's
and listen to the stories of tribulation
and triumph...
...where the real lessons have been
What has transformed these once broke,
destitute, ordinary average individuals 
into successful, significance driven
leaders that lift up each and every 

person around them...
...and learn how to become the change
that you want to see in the world. 

See you there,

Scott Lindstrom

P.S. On these hangouts we are going to reveal
 to you how going to change the game
for our team in 2014. No holding back, nothing left to guess about.
After this hangout you will know EXACTLY what to do next...

I am now completely fine with hanging up on someone... I used to talk to everyone especially if they were human and had a pulse... that used to be my only two requirements...

I my days of network marketing I used to want to get a yes from everyone... I hated going through the averages... for every yes I had 10 no's.... I was getting it seems all the tire kickers and non serious people. I mean it just makes sense right when you are building your list... Remember we are in this business to do the three C's ( Create, Capture and Convert )  I would rather have a 1000 raving fans who love and want to hear from me than 100,000 people that are sitting on my list...

So last week I a woman called me on the phone that simply wanted it to be a scam so bad she literally took control of the conversation and went on and on and on...  how generations of her family got scammed by Network Marketing and the conversation go to a point finally where it getting nowhere ... I interrupted her and said " Mamn nothing I do or say is going to change your mind...  I see it is not going to be a fit for you and see no value in either of us continuing this conversation. When your serious about making a income from home feel free to call me back...": click....

You heard the expression that time is money right ? Well lets look in our crystal ball 3 to 5 years down the road and see something... time will become more value to you.. so you will want to charge for your time... Hence the reason why people who are successful charge for their coaching services... If you are making a certain amount ( lets say 6 figures monthly )  chances are you can show show someone how to do that so you should charge accordingly... makes sense ... right?

Never be afraid to look someone in the eye and or over the phone and say that " I don't think this opportunity is a good fit for you... "

Here is what 80 percent of  people are looking for

Something Totally Automated ...

No Warm Market --- ( Not a problem its o.k not to bug friends/ family )

No Calling or Selling --- ( O.k the company can do that )

No Contact with the people who will be joining the business...

I kinda cock my head sideways put this kinda dumbfounded look on my face  and go Reeeeaaalllyyyy?

Dude, this business is freaking hard... you will learn the equivalent of a college degree in wealth and how to create money on demand!! Your not going to college to work for someone else your going to create wealth and learn the principals of wealth.

>> Side Tangent : It pisses me off when people want to know the secrets to making money and then want to pay only $ 9.95 for it... not only that even when you tell them what they need to do to make the money only 20 percent will actually do that... and half of those will quit... I have spent thousands and thousands on courses, seminars, events and products and its all a learning experience! << Tangent Over...

I have in my past Set up blogs including the one you are reading now

Learned HTML / Auto Responders / Social Media / Video Marketing / Copy writing / Placing Ads and other different methods of marketing...

I have fallen asleep at the computer...literally...  missed my favorite shows... worked weekends and fit my business into the nooks and cranny's of my family life...

Why because it's for the benefit of my life and my family's life so when some wants to complain and bitch and moan and say I can't do it... how do you work with that...

Know yourself... work on yourself... develop yourself...

Hey if this article helped out comment below

Now you got to know that anything in life is worth the fight and if you want the Lamborghini of the home based business industry I want to introduce you to my team and see if we are a fit... I make no guarantees and or promises but I will say that you have a hell of a better chance when you got hands to pull you up when you need it... Click here to see the video... it's awesome...

I want you to make it a great day ...

Scott Lindstrom "AKA The Ambulance Driver"

Click the link above and see you on the other side

Are you running out of leads? There are super cool ways to generate leads and I want to eliminate that for you.

I love to generate leads for your business and there are many different ways... All of them cost you next to nothing... Think from a broad prospective...
If you have any questions or comments feel free to hit me up below...

I want to share a few more ways...

Think about connectivity as a fellow marketer told me "It's today's new currency." if you are not connected to people or people who are NOT interested in buying your product or service then you are dead in the water...

Remember, some are high tech and some are low tech crazy... ( hey don't judge they really do work )

So here they are in no particular order...

Skymall Magazine ... you read that when you are flying... what if you took a sharpie marker and a post it  note and put it on a part of the magazine that represents your business...put it next to a vacation if you sell vacations picture or if there is a blender and you sell blenders write a post it note saying I can not only beat their price but my blender is ( throw in your unique selling point ) and stick this note in your purse/pocket and call me when you get off the plane or go here ( and your website ).

Airplane again - If you have a brochure or flyer and tape it to the trey table right before you exit the plane. Don't do this all over the aircraft but in your immediate row sure...

 Mailbox Junk Mail - Ever thought that you would ever want to get those junk mail applications? you get applications and you get them that say " No postage necessary when mailed in the United States...Any junk mail envelopes I put in a little note " Your job sucks checking envelopes " check this out... 2 a day
that is 500 business exposures a year! Didn't cost diddly squat!

Pay my bills - This is for when you pay your utility bills and or car payment bill, light bill, phone bill see the above strategy and do the same for this...

Thrift stores and garage sales
and buy books that your sell products or services... Since I am in marketing I buy self development / Self help books... and my threshold is a buck and I get a rubber stamp " for the best business ever  contact (www. your site . com ) and put it on every other chapter ... and then sell it on Ebay or better yet
donate the books to the library... you are not only helping your community but you are getting someone to go to your website... and the second they are done with that book they have to return it to the library...
You can actually take over Meetup sites on that are not active and get the leads of the whole group. You can organize and its costs 72 bucks to organize 3 groups. All you got to do is call meetup up and say you don't want to pay that and they will drop the price by 50 percent. Or when you get to the fill out the credit card part then go bounce  to another site and then they will call you with that special deal...
(wink wink )
Meetup works you get to go put in everything that you think that they would want and now you have specific contact info you can email them, meetup up with them..

Advanced Strategy : go join thousands of meetups and when a organizer steps down they send out a email membership of who wants to take over the group... then you step in... you can have people sponsor the meetup group and put your affiliate logo and links and have people buy stuff from the site.. Do you have to meetup live... no.... The question comes up what if everyone wants to meet up live? Go find someone on the list and have them run the live meetup and you still organize it.. its a win win all around...

Telemarketers - Not for everyone but it is important for some of you.. if you do mlm or home based business they are going to call you they hate their job and they have to close you with one shot... so you say I will listen to your pitch if you listen to mine. They do what network marketers do already they just don't know it yet.. "Hey what are you selling Joe" Hey Joe I know how bad your job sucks and in a few seconds you have to read from a script and you need to say this call needs to be recorded for training purposes and trainer if you are on the phone as well your job sucks as well so take down this website..

You Tube - Videos this stat is crazy it's 53 times more consumed then a written blog post.. No frikin brainier..
A different way to create leads they can watch you and get to know you... 1 super tip... When you do your description put a word there and in the keyword tags that is not in the English language- 123ginger, bluediips
and do that in every video you do. So instead of seeing all your competitors down the right hand side you see your videos instead...  Go back into every video and you can see your videos more will show up on the right hand side... You tube is owned by Google so you have to play in the Google space.
So when people put your name in google what comes up? You or your competitors?

Call you voice mail and ask yourself - Would you hire this person? If its a tip of the day or quote of the day you can use your voice mail to generate leads.. Be upbeat and excited or tell a story... tool of the week tip of the day... quote of the day...

POST IT NOTES  with a qr code... and it cost 35 cents on a entire pad and put them anywhere you want.
car windows... at the car pumps in books... where ever..

EBAY- Think about this there are so many opportunities out there you can go out there and go as a dutch auction and sell it for a penny and you get all their contact info... take a brochure ( power seller ) go add that brochure to everything you sell on Ebay...

BLOGS! -  Online You should have one... people are online they are buying! We have to meet people where they are... meet people online... Video with a blog makes it 10 times more interesting...

Testimonials - Leave a great testimonial and leave them for all the leaders... it is a major traffic driver for your sites especially when they put it front page on their site!

Whewwww that was a lot... You need to have more leads then you can physically talk to...

Any questions let me know I am here to help

"You friendly Ambulance Driver"
Scott Lindstrom