- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

Running a business is not easy especially from home. Here are 3 home business tips that can help. You need more fans, more leads, more conversions and in less time right? I completely understand.
Trying to build a home based business can be like solving a algebra problem by chewing bubblegum.

But its really much much simpler then that. Do we have to accept the fact that our business will will come slower if we do not put the "Full Time" effort into our business but work it from.

If you believe that I got some ocean front property in Arizona that I can sell you... I think that was a song if I remember correctly.

There are a number of things that the "PART TIME" person can do to maximize your efforts into your business there are a ton of things to literally shave off days and weeks off your learning curve and business building strategy...

Lets face it we are all going "PART TIME' in this at first unless you have a wealthy relative or no job otherwise you are going to fit this business if committed in the cracks of your life...

Today I have some simple tweeks that you can use in your home business and here are the 3 home business tips in no particular order.

1. Treat Your Business Like a Business and Not Like A Hobby!

It's so easy with the distractions of the world that if you do not have ADD already you can find yourself already off task. At your job you have a boss and a set amount of work you have to preform so if you are working at home... treat it as if you were at work. Limit distractions (eliminate is better) attempt to have a check list of what you want to accomplish.

This was sound advice when I did a 60 day challenge a while back I got this spreadsheet that gave me points for daily actions and I was totally blown away that I was so lax. It pinpointed where I was having the greatest faults... numbers don't lie and when you can see your production or lack of it's a pretty good wake up call.

There is a 7 figure a year money earner in the home business nitch called Ray Higdon who I recommend that if you get a chance to to go over to his blog and every day the man is producing content like a machine...  call it information saturation.

So when you show up for work late... or worse what happens when you don't show up for work at all...

Now you have a dynamic life (like me) I have 6 kids a job that has me traveling and I never have the same day twice... so I have a weekly to get done list as opposed to a daily list... If the weekly tasks work for you then do it adhere to it and make it work.

The rubber that meets the road is how bad do you want it? How do people achieve this success that you so want? How do they do it... 60 and 90 day sprints and then rest a week and then do another round until they reach their goal...

This is one of the best secrets that I could possibly share with you...

2. Skinned Knees means your in the game! 

One of the fastest ways to get in the game is to go for paid marketing. Their is no getting around it you get more traffic, leads and sales Faster if you put some skin in the game!! That would be cold hard cash.

Don't get me wrong you can also go the freebee way and use Social Media but I use this passive method primary to build my brand while I am out there playing the game. Many people get discouraged and quit right before the game actually gets started. Thats ok this industry this niche is not built for everyone that is why the reward is so high... great things happen to those who don't quit.

I want to throw out some things that don't cost a arm and a leg... that can help you in your business.

Solo Ads - Google this you can find a ton of sellers... for click and leads... They tap into other marketers lists and get instant traffic to your offer. The key here is to find a good source where you are getting a good R.O.I (Return On Investment) just because you have a bad batch don't discount it I normally use the three strikes rule before I move on... just in case I got 2 bad batches and the last one was a fluke.  This is powerful when you can find the right provider.

PPV Pay-Per-View Ads - Is super low-cost lead gen strategy, where you can "steal" your competitors traffic for pennies on the dollar.  If you are in Elite Marketing Pro member there is training in the back office. If you do not have EMP then get informed on this strategy by doing a Google Search and cash in on this strategy.

3. There Can Be Only One! - from the movie the Highlander 

Like most of everyone out there I can get distracted... I had what was called hyperactivity in the 80's growing up... today I would say I have ADD. In school focus was not one of my strong points.
So back in the day I was promoting 4 different programs and dozens of products...

The result... all over the place and really not focused. It was not until I heard a famous marketer say that simplifying will turn things around and how by using the power of focus could change my results.

You can start getting results by...

Use one Strategy -  and do that over and over again... People that master 1 method and do it over and over again are successful ... there is a expression "Jack of all trades , master of none."
Pick one strategy and go buck wild with it... there are 7 I can think off the top of my head that you could use. Once you get leads flowing into your business then move on to the next...

Promote One Product - If you company sells many pick the one that you have used or use yourself and gotten positive results... if not use other peoples stories until you have one of your own. Know the product inside and out until you can promote it with conviction... 1 percent doubt and you are out! You can always promote the others if opportunity arises but your main focus should be one product.

Promote One Company - You got to show people that you are in one place... Understand the products or services and what they can do. Have a general knowledge of how you get paid ( comp plan ) and understand what your company goals and visions are.

If you are focused on too many products then you need to scale back and re-focus and keep things simple.

In Closing 

If you like me and building your business on a budget and with limited amount of time... FOCUS and SIMPLICITY are the two thing that are going to help you in your home business.

Just the simple action of treating your business like a real job thats essential for your success. Leaving some blood on the field with some paid marketing and then using the power of one and being focus makes it completely manageable... AND FUN! Hopefully these home business tips will help you in your business...

P.S I got involved in a program that shows multiple strategies as a home business owner to promote whatever product or service you are using... click here to find out how.

Scott Lindstrom
My Facebook Page -
(760) 269-8876

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If you want to know the #1 secret to how to increase the traffic to your blog.You are in the right place  because I am going to show you exactly what to do.
So I was going over some content and I about fell out of my chair.It literally hit me like a ton of bricks...

I decided to check my Alexa rankings this is the entity that tells you what rank a website is in the world. This is what I saw as of 12/ 21/ 2012 on the website

All I can say is WOW!

If you want to know how to increase traffic to your blog this can help!

Two things I know from looking at this

1. This SUCKS !
2. I know I will never be this low ever again!

I don't even rank enough for them to compile any data on me!

I found a way recently that can dramatically help me in my efforts...
When you find yourself looking at other peoples blogs
do you stop to look at how pretty is is? What colors they use? How about where the sidebar is located?

I mean all these things are important but fail in comparison to the thing that is going to push you through the ceiling... You know we see these successful marketers and we wonder gosh they must be super human they must be very smart.. wrong... they had determination.

I learned how a homeless guy living in a van in Hawaii did blogging and became the biggest internet marketers out there..  No I am not trying to be a follower. However living in a van sometimes sucks!
So back to want I wanted to go into the #1 strategy on how to increase traffic to your blog...

OPM no its not that song OPP from the 90's 
It's literally a way to STEAL content from other marketers.. The goal here is that we want to try to create content on a CONSISTENT BASIS.

"Good Teachers borrow ideas, great teachers steal them"
-Mr. Swanson Evergreen High School Geometry 1987

You got to keep your list engaged by sending them content on a regular basis... 

Look at the other blogs how often are they updating their content? It's like every other week maybe once a month... But I don't like writing content... great when you get sick and tired of it and you are making a ton of money Outsource that and have a writer post blogs for you... 

We are taking about 4 X a week... you can write a post like this or you can use the method I am going to describe here to get ideas.

I am literally going to share with you a golden nugget that can shave months off your learning curve 

I am implementing this strategy as of today and will be going forward.

  • WRITE WHY YOU LOVE IT  ( a paragraph or so ) 
  • LINK BACK TO THE ORIGINAL  ( always give credit ! ) 
So you are going to be bettering yourself in addition to creating content !

You do 2 or 3 posts of your own content and or do 2 or 3 with the method described above. 

Let's pretend that you create content 5 days a week x 5 blogs a day is 25 blogs per week x 4 is 100 blog articles a month! Very few people in your niche read that much content... If you want to put yourself in the top 1 percent of bloggers in your niche start by reading the top 5 blogs in your niche and that will rocket ship you and your mind past everyone...


Ray Higdon is in my opinion one of the best bloggers when it comes to our niche market his blogging course is a must have for any blogger out there! The man creates content daily. He is a 7 figure a year money earner! The funny part he was a 6 figure a year money earner and his blog sucked ! 

There is a effort level that will be needed here make the difference on you and your family future!

Now if you have any questions please get in touch with me below, I am a real person that wants to see you succeed. Personally connect with me on Facebook and send me a message. Yea its Christmas... no start now... like today. 

P.S We all know that content is king but how do we get our blog optimized to receive this traffic this course is going to show you the mechanics not he basics... I recommend you pick up this course 
that is going to shave off weeks to your learning curve. 

Me and the man Ray Higdon

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This is the biggest way to make money in one hour then any other method!

This information can change you life!

I have been a spectator on webinars for a long long time but never have I decided to take the rains and wanted to stand above the rest of the marketers...

How to attract on command sponsor 16-28 people per month and sell any product or service with an almost magic selling formula..

This is the highest sales converting strategy...

Hey quick question..

Do you ever see leaders doing webinars but feel unsure weather you how to do them yourself?

Do You want residual income but don't have the 5-7 years to build a large down-line to make it happen?

Now ask yourself...
IF you had a cost effective way to earn $3,000 - $8,000 per month that was legitimate would it radically change your business?

Have you  been in learning mode the last couple of years and with the results that you are seeing...

Stay tuned here comes the goods...

Income, Persuasion ... and leads... you can get it all from using this tool.

I learned this from a gentleman who can make 10 k in one night in game 6 of the world series 2013 in 90 minutes and there was a list of only 100 people...
MBA Solan School of Management and BA from Stanford University Steve Jaffe

Author of the E Book Lead Generation Formula 3,114 in the last 90 days

Webinars are effective at $297, $397 and $497 price rate...

Keeping people focused and learn the approached and keeping them engaged if their life is going to change... not hype not fluff not real...

Not everyone will attend normal is 20 - 30 percent 63 percent attendance is unheard of was not a accident there is specific tactics that you can learn!

You can learn how to aggressively promote your webinars.


When I first started my mlm I sponsored a handful of people... and they all quit ... eventually
I got to a point where there has to be a different way that's when I found MLSP...

You can generate leads but that is not going to hit the money... the money is in the the stuff that is sold!! SALES CONVERSION... Selling is what gets you paid... if you got products and services that you believe in then you have no problem selling...

Why webinars? There is a  higher conversion then sales letters or videos similar conversion to selling from the stage! THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL

Why Webinars Work ...

  • A scheduled event not "interruption marketing".
  • Heightened attention  Time is suspended your info is the only thing that matters 
  • Marketing to a captive audience. Get the prospect into a state.
  • You educate prospects on everything they need to make a informed decision
  • People perceive you as an authority ( even if they don't register to attend ) 
  • Increase sales funnels of other products in your funnel.
You can use webinars to sell anything !

7 tactics that make the difference

Unique Selling Proposition ... 
Structure your titles around a USP  

Your prospects are deluged with invitations and faces "Event Clutter"
Training webinars, team hangouts, opportunity webinars, Team conference calls, 3 way calls , super Saturday events and conventions.... 

TITLE YOUR WEBINAR SO IT DOES NOT SUCK ! Do not get lost in snore fest ....

USP Must
1. Proposition this is a offer a promise to deliver some benefits 
2. Unique The proposition must be different form what competitors offer 
3. Selling the proposition must "pull". It must move the masses to take action


Tactic 2  Generate leads with webinars
Have the registrants to your autoresponder automatically... 

Tactic 3 Aggressively Maximize Attendance ... BE AGGRESSIVE not some weak timid 
re assert the email with bullet points with the benefits statement. 


Tactic 4 Exploit Influence Triggers how to get people to buy selling is one type of influence people 
On a daily basis you are influencing people perception of you...

Your here on this planet to change your life and change other peoples lives! 
You will learn the influence triggers such as
  • Authority 
  • Social Proof 
  • Reciprocity
  • Scarcity 
  • Liking 
Tactic 5 GET OVER IT .... your voice your issue your looks get trained properly run with it ! When you are running along you don't have time to stop to look in the mirror 

You are some training away from being a successful webinar presentator... 

Tactic 6 Be A Buyer - all the leaders are still buying courses and developing the courses to develop your skill set 

Tactic 7 Automate - Automated webinars that is the way to leverage your time.. this is the way to do it it's not a replay... there is a place for that. Automated commissions that you are doing other thing s

Passive income from "set it and forget it" marketing 

The purest form of time freedom 

How would you like 50 percent from Facebook cold traffic? YOU CAN ! Mike Dillard started the Elevation Group with automated webinar with launching his course 
Time freedom 

Here is a Example of this!

Results Steve Jaffe created a 1 hour automated webinar to pitch a $297 product called "Tube Traffic Mojo" This was a MLSP Course 

Best You Tube Course on getting leads ... this can pay out 100 percent commission if you are the mastery level  minus a small percent transaction fee %3 

Sent cold leads  put a add to cart button  some bought on the webinar some on the replay

21 % attended the webinar a good show rate 82% stayed until the end and saw the offer  Excellent "stick" rate 
14% buy the offer at $297 
that is 3% from lead to sale! This is MONSTER! 

Standard conversion from lead to a $297 offer is 0.5 to 1 percent with a sales letter! 

You have the oopportunity to get a hold of this fully developed course

I am a real person helping real marketers just like youself I would love it if you would reach out to me on FB and lets connect
Shoot me over a message on FB today!

Scott Lindstrom
My Facebook Page -
(760) 269-8876

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Yes I said it... How to get red hot leads every day for FREE Using Instagram

Click Here like I said in the video 

There is no clickable links how am I going to market on this thing??

Are you showing no results for the time that you are sitting in front of the computer.
This is a strategy that you can use in addition to whatever you are currently using.

Video has been a huge component for me coupled with my blog but now with Instagram you can spend 10 - 20 minutes a day and makes a great add on strategy to what you are doing already.

there are 3 easy steps I am going to show you on how to generate leads for  your existing business.

You can learn how to monetize it very fast...with no money spent!!! ( ok the apps that are add on's cost a couple of bucks )

You can learn the strategies that you are going to learn here right now implement them and start getting new followers tomorrow!

You may be asking why are targeted followers important... because that is your list! That is the beginning of everything!

Instagram is a online photo-sharing and social networking service that enables.its users to take pics videos and apply
digital filters to them and share on a number of social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

So why would you want to be on Instagram??

200 million active monthly users
70 percent of Instagram users long in at least once a day
200 billion posts
60 million photos posted daily
7.3 million daily users
8500 likes per second
Owned by Facebook

These numbers as of this post you can imagine that these numbers increase every single day

50 percent more engagement then Facebook and 100 times more engagement then twitter

Go to Google play store or Apple store and download the app
the next step is to set up your bio and this is the critical step that people miss
you need to be set up to get results.

Followers can come fast ... like next day fast!

Nowt the bio let people know you are who you are
You can use emojicons :) (google search emoji)
* Instagram queen *
* Internet marketer extreme *
* Social Media Trainer *  ( you get the point )

The call to action... key tell them what to do...

You need to brand you as the leader... do not brand someone else...
Have your link.. the best lead capture page you can use...

Insta biz builder campaign... if you are with MLSP... if you are not you
need to check it out here.

Here is the strategy to get a huge following on Instagram!

Be descriptive give people a reason to follow you
Add Emojicons
Always have a Call to Action

Follow someone and like 3 to 5 of their Instagrams and comment on one...
Use Hashtags in your posts like #followforfollow #follow #followback
and be reciprocal that is so important

Search for hashtags in your niche and comment / like 5 of their posts
ask to connect!

Use Blog Widget from (great tool!)

CONTESTS - this is huge! In getting followers

Lead Getting Content 5 post is optimal 3 post is minimal

Share a picture... have a random post and dont do it too much...
post content that is congruent to your message...

Quotes are good...use a inspiration screenshots...

Blog Posts screen shots! - and people will check it out contact you and bamn leads!

Content -You can share tips and tidbits of info that can help others... whatever
you are doing in your nitch market.

Self Promotion - how many followers you just got take a screen shot on your phone

THIS IS key Create a good call to action. Call to action is key if you want results like this click the link here or check out my

Content stays up to 3 to 4 hrs before it gets burried... dont do hypey stuff or
be spammy stuff... seriously if it looks slimey or like "Make a million in 30 minutes" then hope you enjoy wasting your time.

VALUE IS KEY! Dont share pictures of your awesome mlm products, money, nobody cares about your products your damn company or seeing piles of cash! They care about how you are going to help them...

Of course they want to join you not your company or you telling them to go click the link ... its about being a better... no... it's about being a AWESOME MARKETER!

Two things people lack are leads and leadership if you can show someone and get them results
they will stick with you... for life, why because you helped them.

Videos- You could do 15 second tips do 15 second snippets and then say to see the whole video go to ...


Below I have the formula to get leads of your business completely free it just takes 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Post content 2 or more times a day
(4 or more for best results)

Use a Call to Action to check out bio on only 20 percent of your posts
Make it 10 percent if you are just starting out thats
 out of every other day is self promotion
normally if you do a webinar you can do more...

The description of your posts are SO SO KEY...

1. Call to action in the places part
2. At the beginning tell them to tag a friend
3. Tell them to check your bio to get more leads and followers

People are not going to buy from you until you help them! Remember that


VIDSTITCH (videos)


What the #@&! is a hashtag... 

O its the pound sign on the phone... 

is a keyword or phrase by the # syment it make the content of your post assessable to all people
with similar interestes even if they are not your followers

re hashtag - add hashtags ???

do initial post ( with no hashtags )

after you do your post
then go back and get instahelper for your hashtags

Do not do more 30 hashtags per comment. 20 is a good number.

So whats New ?

There is a brand new search button! 6.11 you can search people and photos and target
people in your niche...

You can edit captions of your photos...

So I have just shown you in this post

Anyone can get Insta- Results EVEN IF

  • You have zero tech skills 
  • have never downloaded a app 
  • have never had any success marketing online 
  • or have little time for marketing strategies that take hours a day!
So what are you waiting for you want to see how you can learn this this and become a internet Instagram marketing master with a funny little phone app that can make you serious money...
Click here to find out more!

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How to get Facebook leads with video in as little as 30 minutes!

How to get traffic and how to get the FB Leads... Facebook video ads WOW how to leverage the power of Video to generate leads within 24 hrs

Simple 4 Step Video FB leads cash formula there s a formula you will get here!

You will learn why most marketers FAIL and things you need to keep from annoying your FB fans.

So lets use You Tube and lets cut about 30 videos in the next 3 days!

The Anatomy of a Six Figure Business

for some that picture is worth thousands to you...

People watch 52 billion videos per month... and its a instant relationship builder...
It releases the tension because they got that video of your face... 

Would you like to read a blog or watch a video... rather watch a engaging video.. 


TM + CV+ P + CP = LEADS 
Target Market 
Captivating Video + platform                  (platform vimeo / facebook / youtube ) 
Capture Page 
Leads = Your List 
Offers --- > Email follow up / other offers 


Hey you were searching for this / Here is the information on that / But you may be running into these issues / click below to get that problem solved... ( click on your link . your capture page ) 

It take time 3 - 4 months 

YouTube is a great way to generate leads and you are walking them through a process 

Getting your videos ranked is a process on page / off page SEO.. ( search engine opoptimization depending on what keyword do you want to rank for 

When you do Facebook and combine it with YouTube you can get results massive results so what I want to share with you is the the strategy 

why is this so powerful because there were at the time of this post 52 Billion videos online per month and 35 billion are online video ads...this is according to comScore

This is what is replacing tv ads... and the # 2 website is Facebook and the number one is yep you guessed it Google. As this moment there are 1.28 billion active Facebook users on right now! 

This is highly targeted ads due to Facebook Profiles /Interests / Groups / Pages

This is the 3 Tier Approach Combining a  Facebook Fan page + Video Ads + Your Email List 

When people start seeing you every direction... it starts working. It take 5 - 7 exposures to get a sale 

Here it is  the 20 thousand view 

How often do you scroll through the news feeds... everyone does it... 
We are gong to do a Facebook Page Post and create a video ad that plays 
and brings them through a process... 

Utilize Facebook Graph Search to Look for a Targeted Audience ( start making a list ) 
you are going to need it later.

After you have made that list of products, companies, gurus, interests, you cannot recycle your videos from Youtube.. because Facebook is Interruption Marketing... 1 to 2 min MAX 
your Yourtube videos are 3 - 5 minutes max.. 
The attention span is short on Facebook! 

Here is the Video Format... 

   ( You have like 15 seconds to get them to watch the whole 2 min ) 
       Interrupt and Hook -  ( focus on me ) get them in the first 5 seconds  so...ask a --->
       Question -  ( Example : Still struggling to loose that baby weight ) 
       Intro with Name - introduce yourself ( quickly )
       Cold Hard Facts ( over 97 percent of people will not retire until they are 74! ) this is that           reminder of the reason you hooked them in the beginning 

What they are going to get 
       Time Frame ( tell them how long the video is ) 
TIP*Value ( this is the Hook ) Stick with me till the end and I will show you.... or give you...
        1-2 tips (give enough to want more) This is Open Loop Marketing ! Super special secret will             keep them on your video
          Remind them  they are struggling with (PAIN) or looking for. People want help then they are going to start to trust. Having difficulty... 
         Cold hard facts 

Solution to Problem 
Call to action ( link in post ) couple of times... be assertive

You problem have a product, offer, company or service probably solves a problem in someones life... If you have a product or service your product or service is that painkiller for their pains...

You can share results that other people have had of someones problem and you are giving them a solution when you show you the results look at what Jane did or John did in the last 30 days...

Have a strong call to action tell others what to do... get them over to your capture page.. there is nothing wrong with having confidence in the product or service 


We need to go into the power editor in FB and create a video post. Images that are eye catchy and that will be a image that is interruption marketing... and if you don't have the option of getting a image when you edit your video at the beginning or the middle you can edit a image a into the video... 

Don't ever let technology scare you... now insert post text... put your capture page link first... put in the http: then put some copy... put a question in there and get people engaged... 3 or 4 lines of may have a call to action button... if you have the option

NOW CREATE POST... now you created your Facebook Page Post....


Create a Page Post engagement ad... you need to Creative section.. this is the core of the ad. and select the post you just created in the power editor. Now you need to put the place it in Desktop NEWS FEED or on a Mobile News feed. 

Next go through Audience the process of finding your target market 

Location do English speaking countries 

Local Marketing is possible ( very local ) 
Interest and age  

You only want 1 kind of interest (per ad) don't put in all these different products, services and gurus
like 20 different interests so you can know if its a good interest or not..

Optimization and Pricing recommended with CPC ( cost per click  ) 

The money is in your Fan Base
Grow your fan base ( FB Likes Campaign )

You can literally to your fan base host a webinar (charge money for it ) then sell a offer on the back end...

So this is exactly and you want to think about the end in mind...

Here is the steps

Here is the steps get your hands dirty! 

Now if you want to know more sign up with your name and email below  so you can get the latest marketing tips and strategies for you your business... also simply click on the search bar in the upper let hand corner and type in "facebook video"

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Tanya Aliza when is comes to branding yourself as a marketer has got it down to a science.

She's already know as one on the top online home business blogging and marketing coaches and teaches the latest lead generation and brand positioning.

Nobody likes chasing people in their marketing but when you learn these simple principals you end up getting people who are attracted to you and what you are doing.

If you were to ask her what her title was way back in 2009 it probably would have been "Frustrated / Burnt out financial specialist"working 6 days a week 12 hrs a day wanting to beat her head against her desk.

Now she provides simple easy to learn training who is constantly is recruiting new people into her business every month.

"There are small little tweaks in your business that can make a world of difference."
Tanya Says

She has a training that is specific to you and getting yourself out there to the masses... especially to those in the Home Business, Affiliate and Network Marketing arena.

She just crated a new program on how to brand yourself. The test result are in!  The principals that that she is teaching has had phenomenal results. So now these results are working for her she makes it a point to show others what is working.

She is not the girl that consistently getting hundreds of leads but you can bet she get's 20 to 30 high quality lead every single day. She now can show you how to do that exactly as well. What could 20 or 30 consistent leads do for you every day and your business?

Then she can show you exactly what to do once you get the get the leads and how to take those leads and convert them into raving fans and loyal customers! She will show you how to build a list without hounding your friends and family.

"Back in September of 2014 she was able to add  12 new persons on my team personally."
Tanya says.

How many of us was able to say that? She literally walks you through what the online prows are doing to build their brand and finally have a proven way to attract more leads and sales into your business.

She has broken this program down into some video training and step by steps training that shows you the latest strategies and tactics that the pro's are using today.

She will show you exactly  how to get people to want to whip out their credit card and make the purchase

I had the opportunity to be on a webinar lately where she shared some of these concepts and literally I was getting nuggets of gold... things that I was extremely impressed on how she delivered this information and was blown away...

So what is the next step? By now you want to know how to get a hold of this information you can do so by clicking on the Ultimate Branding Blueprint picture below. I personally endorse Tanya's program. I get no compensation whatsoever  from the sale of her program but I must say if I continue to hear the success stories that I have been hearing I will find a way...

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