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If you are looking for the inside scoop for Facebook Live / Mentions you are in the right spot.

There is Facebook Live and Facebook Mentions... it is available only for i phone users right now. It was only given to celebrities and those with a large following. As of now its on mobile devices and its only available on I phone ( for now )

Eventually everyone on every platform will have access to it.

What it is , How to get it, and how to use it...

Make sure you have the latest version of Facebook on your phone if you don't see it close it and re open it. Be patient they are rolling it out to everyone.

Facebook Live is tied to your profile page 
 is available on select I phone users only (Jan 2016)

Facebook Mentions are on Android and I Phone  ( separate app you download ) and is tied to your Fan Page 

How TO Get Facebook Live It will appear as a part of the status update on the menu
To Get Facebook Mentions is a app you download in the App Store

Broadcasting capabilities
Facebook Live - you can basically do the same the broadcast limit is 30 minutes on Live
Facebook Mentions - 1 hr or 2 hr broadcasts

You need to get a verified page first and you have to have a check mark on your name
This can be frustrating because FB does not tell you exactly what the criteria is that they want...

It's a way to grow and engage your fan base

It does not matter what device it is you can still watch em...
You can interact directly with your friends in real time

Keep your video for friends to view later...

It's easy to create constant video content...

You will get a notification from someone who is live by going to their page and following them...

Can you see the power of this in 2016? A lot of people are not using this... possibly the verification is a pain in the can try this link to see if it works. If not ,then go to Google and type in Request Verified Badge Facebook ( or something like that ). 

If you do a lot of live broadcasting its going to increase your edgerank ( the way Facebook ranks your page ) simple... The more broadcasts you do the more edge-rank that you get

Facebook LIVE Tips 

Tell ALL  your friends ahead of time when you are going to broadcast.... It's going to create a buzz it works in terms of your engagement...

Ask your viewers to subscribe to receive notification when you go LIVE
- Tell your friends to tap the subscribe button on live videos and where to get notifications next time you go live...

Write a compelling description before going LIVE. A great description will capture your friends attention and help them understand what the broadcast is about...

Go Live when you have a strong connection. - Check the app to make sure you have a strong signal before going Live. If your signal is weak the ' Go Live ' button will be grayed out. Try to find a location where you are on wi-fi or have a 4G connection

Say hello to your friends by name and respond to their comments LIVE - Your friends will be thrilled to hear you mention their name and answer their questions when you are live

Its All Recorded so you can respond back to people that leave comments and engage with them...

Do a lot of live broadcast and do questions and answers... it will help you engagement and so people will see your posts

DO NOT SELL ON THE BROADCASTS - Give away value... Don't pitch and build your brand and make it about you then your business and sharing stories and experiences (SHARE YOUR STORY) ... at the end mention the resource and go to this website... It's not about selling it's about building relationships and creating a friend. 

If you loose connection while LIVE find a place with a better signal - If you loose connection while live don't panic! Go to a  place with a better signal and your app will automatically try to re-connect, your existing broadcast will still be saved to your Page. Think about weather you want to delete it before starting a new broadcast.

Broadcast for longer periods to reach more friends - The longer you broadcast the more likely your friends are to discover and share your video with their friends on FB. I recommend that you go for at least 5 minutes. The maximum you can broadcast is 30 minutes on FB LIVE. On Mentions I have heard of 2 hour broadcasts.

Finally, be creative and go LIVE often! - Try different types of broadcasts and go live frequently - to keep viewers engaged

Remember when you finish that this is a Facebook post that you can share to social media you can download the video and you can put that on your YouTube channel and then use it as content as well as sharing it to your blog. 

Understand Facebook is a changing everyday and what was around a couple of months ago might not be around now...

Eventually you might see a desktop version as well ( like a Google hangout ) 

After the broadcast is over you can edit the comment area and put the link (in the top section) 

If your in business keep your fan page PUBLIC at all times... that way people can comment even those who are not your "friends" 

You don't have to edit just go to your Facebook profile and just talk...

Just for everyone here is another cool streaming app called 
BLAB.IM this is a streaming app that you can have 4 people on 
and it is connected to Twitter and there is a desktop and mobile right now it is available with i phone

Hope this helped feel free to leave a comment below and be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW... 

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