- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

On my journey It's really a mind shift when you start to think differently then the rest of everyone else. I say that because as of this moment I am thinking different then everyone around me. Everyone is in this rat race of trying to just make it Monday - Friday and living for the weekend. 

I am working toward and adjusting my mind to comprehend a different perspective and I am moving toward separating myself from the rest of everyone

The only way you can go it up and make this upcoming year a great year.. You might be looking back and thinking that this year sucks... 

I want to give you these tips that can really help and hopefully make a difference in your life 

Here are some 

Tips for success, for the New Year 

1. Visualize your success -   You have got to see yourself of where you are going not where you are at. Our minds trick us to simply focus on the now... Yea now SUCKS... but if you dwell on that you are sabotaging your ( future ) success 

Here is a question " What are you going to do with that money once you make it?" I mean you better be specific here with the answer ( exactly ) ? 

We live in the microwave society and we think that this is going to happen now. Nothing is built overnight it takes one brick at a time... 

2. Focus on one task at a time - Want to recommend a book here "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olsen. Don't get lost at looking at the big picture for too long.. take time and eat the task in small parts. Success is built at one thing at a time... Its just as easy to say no as it is to say yes... 

Lay one brick today and keep laying it 

3. Get Active - I see people all the time that don't take action... and a week later they complain they are not getting help but they are not doing what they need to be doing... ( work their business )
They are focused on everything else but their business..

Focus on getting things accomplished and then watch t.v after you have completed your task FIRST... 
You should be focused on income producing activities. Don't sit on the information that you have been given... 

4 Don't be afraid to say No - Its a powerful word I had to learn this because I want to help out so much and be their for others. I get along with everyone I am not looking for approval but I am easy to hang out with. 

Hey you want to go out this weekend " No " I got something big I am working toward a goal. I can normally find a way to do both 

5. Value YOUR time - You'r time is worth a heck of a lot more then you think. If you don't value your time people wont either. I want to be real here some of you are overstaying your welcome with your sponsor in your business.

Value the time from the people you seek help from. The best way that you can learn this is to value the time of others... by default you will value yours. You can make more money but you can never get back the time you spend. 

6. When you need help ask for it - There is no shame in that ! I am part of a community that where I can post a question in the Facebook group and within a good couple of hours can get multiple answers. 

Don't sit there and ask for help unless you have done some of the legwork yourself. What do I mean? Have you looked on YouTube or Google FIRST ? I am teaching people self reliance.

Type it in a couple of different ways and you will be amazed of what you will find... 

7. Be a good listener - When you are around leaders and in general listen to people when they speak. Don't get offended ... really... sometimes what you need to hear is not sugar coated. Time is of the essence and so just take the good and get rid of the bad. 

8. No matter where you are in your journey BE THANKFUL - Be greatful for what you are going through and where you are at in life is so important. If you are not happy right now with no money do you really think you are going to be when you have it? 

Money is a magnifying glass to who you are... Be greatful where you are but have a internal bug that pushes you forward to better and better goals...

Hope these tips have helped you in your journey...Kick but and get to work 

Make this year to remember in your business if you have any questions click on the contact me button above and shoot me over a message... 

Learn, Train, Succeed

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A lot of people will use the bottom of the blog post who utilize pictures mostly just to attempt to connect with others ... there is a difference between just putting up a picture and having a specific call to action... which one you think is going to get more clicks.... Remember I always say

Make everything you do as a stand alone lead magnet...

By using a call to action image this will help people to click on what you want and then take that image and put it out on other social media outlets...

Getting Images for your blog is critical yea you could risk having some copyright  infringement and or illegally swipe a image off the internet but most the time it's the wrong size which means you have to go into your favorite imaging program and edit the picture...

Enter Canva this creates something specifically for your blog (many many are free) and depending on your style you can click on it and edit... you can upload a picture ( own image )

So you can pick a picture or even import your own photo! You can overlay text on your image! This is a totally free tool... you can post the image, pin it, tweet it, email it. You will want to play around with this!

You can do so much as far as adding the text image and using it to send people with a specific message over to a capture page the picture of me and the ambulance does nothing to help me and if you were to click it would not take you anywhere.... This is what you do not want to do... The next
post I do I will do a call to action image ;)

Learn... Train... Succeed

Scott Lindstrom
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(760) 269-8876

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  A blog is a central hub for your business if you want to be here for the long haul build credibility a way to show your skills then this is critical... I want to share with you the blog basics , this is so important to get the leads and sales.

I have not seen any top earners who are online and don't have a blog...

Why blogging? Think when you go to Facebook when you go to look and see whats going on? You will see blog posts. Do you know one of the main things people come to FB is to socialize and consume content!

With a blog there are two types - self hosted blog or a free blog through word press

Put your name on the blog ( brands yourself ) look at my blog I am branding me. Its your logo your face there is a form for a way to generate leads and there is a training videos... Content ... banners to generate leads

The First this is YOU... Your Brand So this has to do with all about you this is vital I see marketers make the mistake of branding their company or product... why?? Your company can go out of business your product could be dropped... The only constant is you...your logo, your own logo. When you come to the Blog you get a instant feeling of trust.

The second this is keeping it clean... It should not look like a garage sale and should be very easy to maneuver in place. Its set up in a very clean way. Your Story tab - very important that people know you ( know like and trust you )If you have got a lot of stuff on the sidebar with stuff... banners and videos and  one of the things you want is not to confuse the prospect...

The third is the about you page. The about you page is your story people want to know who you are and what your about what are your goals with this business? People look at you to see you and who you are... trust me My blog the page the gets the most views is my about me.

The form on the left (sidebar) is a way to capture name and email. You can have it on the right as will as long as you have a way to get email and name.


The ultimate goal here is to generate leads from it and it lets you connect with other people...

How easy is it to setup a blog there are a couple of things you can do is go to a site called the only pro is you can have it up fast the cons is you are limited functionality... If wordpress does not like your content they can delete your blog... You want to own your business assets and own what is rightfully yours!

Dont let you being cheap cost you a fortune in the future...

You want a self hosted as your own blog because you need to control your own business...

The other way is and get the software to self host your own blog... Wordpress provides the software and install on your own server... ( Host Gator ) or ( Blue Host ) I recommend Blue Host and you can get a free domain name... and set it up...

You want to turn your blog into a lead gen (generation )  machine...

Your blog is the center of your universe

You need to have a system like create the capture pages and the other money maker is your Youtube Channel. You get all these social media platforms and you point them back to your blog
and the Blog when people click on things you make money...
Drive people back to my blog I want them to get to know me... when you optimize your blog you will get leads...

Create content...

Click The Image Above to Get Your Copy! 
Mark Herberts a Boss at creating content and especially when it comes to blogging I want to share this guys class that I took (part of the live class) and it was worth every damn penny!!
You can get it here.

There are plugins you can install on the blog and there is one that you will want to have
One I am going to recommend is...
"What would Seth Goden do" You can do custom messages! Everywhere they click they stay connected to you... Create content and drive traffic from social media to your blog... it's easy and amazing on getting people through social media.

Native Advertising - It creates content the majority of their users do not like ads they like to consume content it is creating highly consuming and highly effective that is also in the course

Why do you do this daily?

Create good content do it and how many times a week and a way to outsource your content!

This blog basics you are going to learn all the way up to some advanced stuff. This will push traffic to your blog and make you money!

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First off you can build the business of your dreams by making yourself a an authority figure / leader by the brand you create.

This causes a magnetic pull to you...

Remember its easy to draw people to you then it is to use push yourself onto people. I want to show you how to become that authority figure in your niche ...

There is a step by step to building a business and this is about creating instant authority and making you the expert...

I am going to share with you the formula for getting people to come to you!


Determine a hungry audience
Get a lead Magnet
Build Rapport ( after we attract leads ) with education
Recover your advertising cost with a low barrier
Following and maximize profits on the backend (selling additional things)

You remember the process to dating right? The same is true with your business here,
normally you start out with something free or low cost and that is a low barrier.

You can sell them using Attraction Marketing Formula...

Under a $100 bucks low barrier

So they opt into your funnel where do you send them

Why is authority so important? Its the difference between the hypey marketers by telling people that I am awesome...

Nobody thinks of Dr. Oz or Opra think as sleazy salesman because they are perceived as being
an authority yet they can recommend something and it fly's off the shelf...

Don't be pushy just let me show you and let me recommend some cool stuff

Big advantages of Network or Affiliate marketing... .everything that would hold you back in a normal business... all you got to do is learn marketing.

How do you want to build your business?? You can learn the skills or bypass all of this and focus on the skills which is how to market but 2 disadvantages to Affiliate marketing... you are building someone else's brand. I am not building a asset... I want to introduce you to Scott Lindstrom before xyz.. I don't want to position this person over here over me first.

Its not your results ITS YOUR KNOWLEDGE THAT WILL POSITION YOU AS THE HOME BUSINESS AUTHORITY or whatever authority you are in the niche you are pursuing.

In the Affiliate Marketing niche there are lots of competition with everyone promoting the same thing...

If you want to succeed you got to set yourself apart from other people and here is the best part
Most people are FREAKING LAZY!

People are looking for their success outside their own self... people it's you! There is no perfect system, perfect product, perfect mentor, best comp plan.

If you do a few tweaks more then the average guy then you will have the advantage...

there is a simple process
I want to go over

1.How to create your lead magnet
2.What to do with your lead magnet when they opt in
3.How to pull prospects to a buying decision
4.How to brand yourself and become the authority event when your promoting other peoples products

I will probably turn each of these into blog posts right night now I am talking specifically about 3 and 4

Most people thing marketing is 

Solving problems, providing value, education, branding, selling

Marketing does not equal promotion... people want to plaster links without value

Marketing Is:
Providing Value
Building Relationships
and wrapping your message in value

Take a stranger to a friend then to a customer and then business partner

1. Your personal value...   what do you have? What skills? Whats upstairs that you have to give.
2.  How Much you provide ... How much do you give

Money make more Money is  $ = V      ( value )
Everyone is on the left instead of focusing on the right!

That is that famous quote is on the right side of the equation... form Zig Ziggler...

"You help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want"

Its what your passionate about... when you learn the skills of marketing with whatever you are passionate about... take your focus off the left side and come over to the right side...

They try to simply promote only the company without giving the value...
If you were asked to provide Music at a party you got 3 choices

1.You could show up with a stereo system ( anyone can do it )
2. Write lyrics and get a band ( really hard and nobody knows your songs )
3. Play some cover songs (leverage someones success and experience)

This is how the Beatles got started. This is about learning by doing... it was the process...
Its a great way to cut your teeth but if all you do is show up and plastering links.... you are doing really nothing to give part

There is a three step process my buddy Ray Higdon says cash the checks
Learn... Do... Teach
Learn Share the info and then Suggest  then that magical part of the final equation will happen the freaking sale!

Take something you want to learn about... share something that you can give prospects to help them and then recommend something... people are paying for your insight.

If you throw up all over the prospects take the 3 most coolest things and give it to your prospects... by the way this is were the final part the selling comes into play... and at this point you are simply showing them the best way to get the knowledge they want by clicking on this link and buying that product.

Take a product learn it go through it get a couple of good points and share the information with your target market then recommend or suggest what can solve their problems... In becoming a home business authority you got to learn to first become a leader by doing then by teaching and finally the money will come to you its really that simple.

P.S I want to share you a system that you can have the most turn key system if you want to build a online business, I am giving you a suggestion that could help you click here now.

I always say

Learn... Train... Succeed

Scott Lindstrom
My Facebook Page -
(760) 269-8876

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Using Facebook Video Marketing with Youtube and Facebook is a great way to market... Understand methods come and go so what works today especially when it comes to Facebook

I am not going to go deep into it but I am going to give some nugget that you can use in your business and some resources!

You must understand Traffic ( I talked about this in a previous post )
It's about getting eyeballs to your website

The more people that does that out goal is to get people to our website. Not all traffic is equal... Visitor intent is always important as to the quality...

Go to Google and type in "Order Chinese Food" and how to basket-weave came up what would you think of the magical power of Google you would be what the heck is this... So there is targeted traffic and regular traffic.

Put the targeted offer in front of what the visitor wants.


It builds rapport and trust like no other strategy online...I can build a relationship with someone who is on the other side of the world.

Creating videos it like creating little soldiers that work for you 24/7 for years to come

It literally you as a leader form the beginning...

Video is a platform and a way to present your message... People get freaked out when the video comes on you got to act like a fake person to sell... Video is a way for people to give a little window into your life. Why is reality tv shows watched so much because people love to watch people...

Creates a mini celebrity status between you and your prospect.


Youtube = Great Site with tons of traffic
Wide open at this point
Many Marketers have moved away from it

Remember this >>>> When the heard is zigging you want to zag <<<<<

Sure there is a risk but it can bring it a ton of leads...

Don't ever go on the internet and spend traffic on nitches...

The Youtube training that was taught 2 years ago still works today!

Facebook Video = Incredible for building a audience and promotion and building an audiences and it's almost as good as building a list

Why Youtube? 
Create Videos that provide a solution to their problem. This is the essence of entrepreneurship. Keyword rich videos show up in Google It's a second method next to Google in Search. How do I ???
Tons of people go to get the answers
#2 search engine in the world...

When you come to Youtube they (the world ) go to the search bar first
It all starts with keywords ( use the free keyword tool )
It is still a great place to get leads!

3 things that are important

Your Title
Your description
Your Keyword with good description

ALWAYS HAVE A CALL TO ACTION... tell them what the next step at the end of the video.

Why Facebook? 

Why do I love facebook video?
Awesome way to engage your audience
Its stands out from the normal text updates
The organic reach of videos is much higher

Upload the video directly to Facebook

There is a keyword tool Video Keywords and to find out the searches and see what people are searching for.This is all I use not to say the free keyword planner
This will show you the competition for the keywords in what videos you could rank in Google and you have potential traffic that can to build your list!

All you need to do is use a keyword on this tool and you can rank on google...
It shows a the number of people searching the number and then how many videos that are used for the

Recommend this strategy with a page but if you are sharing quotes and inspirational on your personal profile you do not want to sound too pitchy

Build up your page and promote your videos... videos still get organic reach...better then regular posts!

Hope you got a better understanding of Facebook Video Marketing I truely believe that this one two punch when it comes to marketing with video is the way to go.

There is a flat out awesome video formula its a video script formula that I have been using and it flat out works! The best part it is only 7 bucks ! Click here to get your hands on it!

Scott Lindstrom
My Facebook Page -
(760) 269-8876

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Here are strategies that you can use in your business. It is really simple

6 top strategies on how to build a following, boost your results... immediately

To market online you must have an audience otherwise nobody will hear you. You must then SERVE that audience by providing value engaging with them. Yes you can provide value and if it's valuable to you SHARE IT!  ( you can use a 3rd party at first)

Once they know, like, and trust you - THEN you can give them offers. Done RIGHT they will become eventual customers
There are many different platforms with you can build your audience and many strategies to use PICK 1!!! Stick With It and MASTER IT!

Use the platform to build your email list and learn how to put your capture list in front of people

You must understand your target market in order to be effective! Talk to your Niche market and be

What does the prospect really want
What can you Give to people or do for?
Sometimes you can give away things you would not morally do it ( like in a content ) and you need sales or signups
Its perfectly ok to ask someone in your up-line if they have something you can use or ask someone that can produce something for everyone to use

  • Offer a 
  • Coaching Call 
  • System Setup ( Facebook page ) 
  • A Header ( you can outsource on ) 
  • A PDF 'Cheat Sheet' how to set up you bio for leads and sales ( great idea ) 
  • If you have a certain skill offer it  people love 'done for you'
  • Set a deadline ... time limits or bonus offer amount 

2. Create a Upfront Free Giveaway

  • A front end Giveaway
  • Can be simple - but if YOU are the creature and featured it immediately establishes you as the authority figure. 
  • It's OK to rely on 3rd party at the beginning but take things up to the next level - create something yourself...
  • Model on what others are giving away 
  • What have you learned that you can share 

3. Tell The TRUTH 

  • People love helping 
  • Tell them you are trying to hit the next level 
  • Ask them for help 
  • ONLY do this occasionally and you can get away with it 
  • Make it a win /win The first 4 people who buy x will also get y... 

4. ASK Your Upline / Team Members to help 
  • Again People love to help 
  • IF you don't ask you don't GET 
  • Ask if they themselves have created something they used as a 
  • Make sure you reciprocate when you can ( when people give be sure to give back ) 

5. Do a webinar 

  • I got one of the most easiest and simple webinar platforms to do... 
  • You will freak out at first this is normal 
  • Everything gets easier with practice 
  • Nothing is more powerful then a live webinar 
  • If you are new or cannot face doing this yet - again use the power of leverage with your team your system and your line up... 

6. Testimonials 

  • Unless you are completely new there will be people who will write or record you a quick testimonial 
  • Testimonials are very powerful 
  • People believe others and social proof  ( you need this )

So hopefully these 6 tips helped you and can use a couple in your business. I do not want to dive into any particular strategy I just wanted to show you a couple of broad strategy. I simply wanted to show how to build a following  with you home biz.
Remember to keep it really simple and you don't need to offer something that is going to require rocket science...

A example would be to offer like giving away a pdf how to set up the Bio on Instagram... that is powerful ... something that simple can help people and people will in turn give a email to learn this.

P.S I am all about giving value and something you can use in your business if you have a marketing questions please go ahead and reach out to me below on FB. If you want to know the system to learn all these and more then click here...

Scott Lindstrom
My Facebook Page -
(760) 269-8876

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The biggest struggles in this business is struggling with marketing these are the basic of lead generation. There are a bunch of people out there that want to know what is the sales funnel?

You must have something you must present something of value to Give in order to receive... You must learn in order to ask them to opt in.

If we perceive value and therefore we buy it I am going to show you the basics of lead generation we have to create a offer then we have to drive traffic to that offer. This offer has to be something that is going to grab your prospects attention.

So I want to go into how to craft your offer which is the 1 step in lead Gen (Generation) process.
Then you get the tools
and finally you get the traffic.
Let me ask you a question first.
When you decide to join someones email list " WHY DO YOU DO IT" When you know why you do it? Once you answer that  then you can understand others...

I want to explain the biggest reason people fail when it comes to marketing online...

1. Most people fail to understand the basics and generate leads online
2. Most people they don't understand what people are looking for not what you want... you finding the needs and finding solutions to peoples problems is what you are working for

Using Hype and claims of fortune and glory does not work, well it can actually but not for long...

Overselling and under delivering. You want to always undersell and over-deliver

Don't put the offer in front of the wrong people...

What is Lead Gen? ( Generation )
The way to find people though effective marketing of those who are interested in your topic, product or service that you have then you collect their contact info from them...

1. Traffic  ( this must be targeted )
2. Capture page ( message must be same as the original  ( message )
3. Follow up ( this is the fortune )
4. The Sale


The biggest load of crap is that people is that everyone is your prospect... People have ZERO interest in what you got you are going to get nowhere if you try to get them interested...

> So... ask yourself what problems  do you solve with your product or service
> Paint a picture for the prospect throughout the process
> What are your prospects needs wants and desires? ( Who is a perfect fit for your product or service)

Have you ever heard of Attraction Marketing... the art of positioning yourself to be expert and because you know skills then others want to know you because you have a perceived value you bring to the marketplace...


A irresistible lead bate that gives your prospect a piece of the pie for exchange for a email and contact information

Here is your 3 step process for you very own lead magnet...
  1. Target Your Market ( once you read you will understand Attraction Marketing
  2. Make your offer high value and easily consumable 
  3. Pre- frames them for your paid offer 

It's best if you end up creating your own lead magnet because you are unique. If people see a bunch of people promoting the same thing what makes you different?

You can promote other peoples stuff but eventually you need to promote your own thing.
1. Be specific ( let the prospect know exactly what they are going to get )
2. The magic Bullet - Make a huge high value point they can get results with fast
3. End result - Speak to the prospects desired result... ( what do they want ) 
4. Immediate Gratification - This is what the person can use right now... (nobody wants to wait) 

A Pre-frame A good lead magnet will pre frame your prospect to see out more info from you
High Value - A free offer shouldn't be cheap. It should give something 
Consume Quickly - Create something that they can use right away Avoid large video style boot camps and thing that take forever to consume 
Stand Alone Value - Your lead magnet should have value on its own... This is the first impression with your prospect so make it good 

What Format Do I Use To Giveaway?

Report ( 2 - 5 page ) PDF Report or Guide 
Cheat Sheet or Worksheet ( PDF )
Resource List ( Like the one down below ) 
Video Training ( 18 minutes or shorter ) 

Competition Checklist 

I wanted to make this as simple as possible so here are some things that you can check off as you are going through

Is it specific?
Does it focus on one big piece of the pie and deliver?
Does it speak the desired result that they are looking for?
Does it pre-frame the offer you are giving them? 
Does it have high value?
Does it allow for rapid consumption?

If you would like to see part 2 of this story CLICK HERE 

These are the essential parts to the sales funnel so when someone asks what is the sales funnel 
is all about, now you know.

P.S The biggest take away from this that I could give you is the basis for Attraction Marketing and how 
important it is to learn this skill you can see for yourself go right here now.


Scott Lindstrom
My Facebook Page -
(760) 269-8876

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