- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

Do You want to get 50+ leads a day using Facebook with Video?

Here is a question you should ask yourself .What would it do for your business if you could make short videos that were impactful and brought you leads while you sleep?

What would it do for your family if you could get your business off the ground and money was not an issue.

What would it feel for you to generate leads that already knew you, liked you and trusted you and were ready to buy?

We are going to go over who your target nitch is
Understand the simplicity of Facebook ads
Understand the process of setup
Understand the basics of the structure of your video
How to put your ad up online in 24 hrs form now be getting leads!

I mean we are talking about a 90 percent opt in rate

Why video ads ?
There is no better lead then one that sees your face first and then chooses to opt into your offer.

Video has proven time and time again to convert better then any medium because its - break down barriers that other strategies have.

With the combining of video ads with the reach of Facebook it's a 1-2 punch that you cant beat

So who is your target market?  For me it's struggling Network Marketers who need more leads for their business, they want to make more money in their business. Do you have a product that fulfills a need.

Where does your ideal prospect hang out? 

The question is when it comes to Facebook. Profile or Fan Page?
In business it's smart to have a page.
Facebook discourages business practices on a personal profile.

Choose ( public figure )  Name the page your own name and fill as much information on it as possible.Include to a like to your personal site in the description
I do NOT recommend a biz op link
I recommend you have a graphic header created
First impressions are everything...


Video must be short but impactful 
No more then 3 minutes long 
Basic editing is always preferred 
Professional elements recommended
Do a video intro 
Have a lower 3rd ( branding tool ) ( great video making resource ) 

3 Parts To Creating A Good Video

INTRO - Always state your name, location and ask a question i.e "Are you struggling to get leads with your business?" ( state the obvious at the beginning of your video ) 
CONTENT - You want to hit on the pain points of your target market. 
use "Home Business" vs MLM or Network Marketing as Facebook Youtube and other platforms do not like that. ( Hit on the pain points and bridge it ) 
DO NOT SCRIPT VIDEO - Don't read a script... Let yourself shine through on the video.  
CALL TO ACTION - Send them to your website, ect 

Tip : One of the things to do is to tell them to go to your link and click the link below. 
People are there to socialize and share and connect and it's logical to tell them to connect with them on Facebook and connect with them. 
> Have them send you a message 
This is awesome because they will contact you... 
They know you are real 


Whenever possible do your video in HD format 
The higher the professionalism the better 
If possible add background music throughout the video

Type of Equipment To Create Your Video

Use your mobile phone when possible
Make sure your audio is good 
Make sure lighting is good 
Have a clean area around you
Don't try to be fancy 
Don't lie or over-hype 
Speak to the pain points and give value to them.
Remember the more authentic you are the better your results will be.

Hopefully this shows the clarity of using Facebook Video Ads and the power of video in ALL YOUR CONTENT!

P.S If you want to the bay far the best video course I totally recommend you check this out.

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Do you need more blog traffic? Are you struggling to get people to your blog? Well if that the case you are in luck.

I am going to share with you the exact strategy used by a 6 figure a month money earner when it comes to blogging!

In this high-energy, high-impact information, I won’t be holding back! I will share with you exactly how she recruits 4-5 people into MLSP and 2-3 people into her primary company every single week!

I know if you are trying to get your blog up and going then this is for you! 

She started using attraction marketing she choose a method of marketing and then became a specialist in it. 

Its all about setting up your blog right the first time... 

This is the #1 Mistake New Bloggers Make and Why They Don't Make a Dime With Their Blog

Your reason for blogging is to get leads to get sales and you need to be posting for profits... When you write a blog post you want to get it to get you a lead or sale...  


My niche is home based business marketers that want to learn online strategies to build their business. What's yours?


Do you want Leads, Sales, Etc...

7 things you must have to create a solid foundation

  1. Opt-In Offer  ( always have one ) 
  2. Call To Action ( End of the Posts ) 
  3. Keyword Research 
  4. Facebook Plug In ( good to have ) 
  5. Banners  ( ways to make more money )
  6. Video Testimonials ( a lot of people actually watch them ) 
  7. Social Sharing
To become a blogging master click on the image above! 

After every single blog post put a signature line at the bottom.  This is yet another way to get more people to connect with you... This is normally an offer along with a chance for others to connect with you or sign up on your list.

Make sure you have social media buttons available to allow others to share 

Blog structure NOTE : This is for users that are using A SELF HOSTED WORDPRESS BLOG...  ( you need these plug ins ) 

  1. All in One SEO Pack 
  2. Akismet 
  3. FT signature Manager 
  4. Growmap Anti Spambot 
  5. Google XML Sitemaps 
  6. Suscribe 2 
  7. Wordpress Related Posts 
  8. VCita ( contact tab a widget ) 
There are paid plug ins as well ( type in exactly how they look ) 
SEO Pressor 

You can schedule a time for people to talk to you and charge them for your time... if they want a personal consultation you can charge like $20 bucks for 15 minutes... not too shabby.

Mistake # 2   TOO MUCH JUICE 

Social Syndication
Blog Commenting

Either you are not doing enough or you are doing too much to get your blog traffic.

I am going to show you is a simple strategy...


1. Do Keyword Research
2. Write a SEO post 
3. Open up a Spreadsheet 
4. Implement a 10 Min Strategy

10 minute DMO (daily method of operation) You will take your url 
1. Ping farm 
2. Pingler 
3. Linklicious - or other link building site.
4. Use Tribe Pro or Go to Fiverr and have them add more back links to a video 

All you need is back links and social bookmarks as of right now that is key... 

4 places to Find Content for your Blog

3.DVD or Tapes 
5.PLR Store ( not always recommend ) 
Do not copy and paste google will hurt you completely re-write it in your own words 
Personally I use WWN Whats Working Now. This information is actually based on a webinar that I listened to and simply came up with the keyword and put this in my own words... and the great news is it only a dollar for this awesome content. 

Are you stuck with not knowing what to write about here are some things that might help you.

5 Things On What to Write About

1. How To Video 
2. Company Reviews 
3. Product Reviews 
4. Personal Development 
5. Leader Interview

Google Plus
Facebook ( Your Fan Page ) 

Keyword Tool To Use
Google Keyword Planner ( FREE ) Tried and true ...  ( $19 to $49 ) per month

Tip : Why would you want to try to put 10,000 article sites into your Article Marketing Robot software just pay 5 bucks on Fiverr and have someone do it for you.

Remember always think about human beings and connecting with them. 

With the information that you have you should be able to increase you blog traffic like never before.

Hey if you liked this post shoot me over a comment below.

P. S if you want to know the exact system that I use to generate my leads you can check that out here 

Scott Lindstrom
My Facebook Page -
(760) 269-8876

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Who is your Avatar ? Can you define your Avatar ?
Sound pretty weird hungh?  If you have seen the movie then I can assume that you think I am referring to the blue aliens from the movie...

This is extremely important to your business and you need to know who is it that you are speaking too. By doing so you can basically remove all your competition...

In this article we are going to go over together your Ad Budget and create instant Rapport, and immediately multiply your income..

When you go through FB you see a lot of offers and if you determine who exactly you are speaking to you the more effective in your marketing you would be.

Are you a internet marketer who gets eye strain and or back pain over the next month  ( that is a very specific ad ) it speaks to a specific person.

In this article we are going to go over together your Ad Budget and create instant Rapport, and immediately multiply your income...

Tip : Here is a great tip when you make your offer headline and bullet points  FIRST come up with a irresistible offer first then create the content after that off that make is so compelling that the person will have to opt in click or buy.

A Avatar is actually a old term that goes back to sand-script.. when a god goes into a physical being to speak to humans...

One thing that other terms for avatar ( target audience ) a audience but we are talking about talking to a single human being... so speak to them like they are many...

You do not want to impersonalize communication but personalize it as much as possible use the term I instead of we... remember it's not about you its about the audience...

What is Zero Competition?
Well -- you have to avoid the " cookie cutter message of death...

Traffic platforms such as " Youtube" do not like he make money message or seeing income claims
It's totally ineffective to send people directly to capture pages.

You avatar is NOT

"People who want money"
"People who need leads"
"People that want shampoo"

Can you guess why?

Answer : It's too generic its not laser target , specific...


You first have to write a completive narrative
Biggest mistake all the newbiew make

You can share experience that not everyone has ( job or previous job ) I used to be a Emergency Medical Technician working on a ambulance running 911 calls. There are days...

So you need to "bridge" and when you are talking to someone who they don't want to be and show them a place that they might want to be.

Hey is your life like this then let me show you how it could be different.


Who will relate to your story?
What life experiences or career?
What age group?
EMP team examples

You got to connect on a level other then the money... where you are taking folks from where they are now and where they are going and you are using ____ to do that...

Where will you find these people

  • Time to get creative 
  • THIS is how you crave out a new market 
I want to go over 

The 12 - Step Avatar Discovery Formula 

This is your formula to find your Avatar... 

1. What is you compelling narrative?
2. What's the demographic that will best relate to your success?
3. What are their major pains and frustrations?
4. How can you get more specific and detailed?
5. How are they looking for the solution to these problems?
6 How can you help these people?
7. Where will you reach them?
8. What are the compelling message their receiving?
9. What are their results?
10 What are their real problem?
11. How are you different?
12. What's your proof?

This formula will help you answer the question who is your Avatar?

P.S. If you want to get to know what EMP is all about and how it can help you in your business you can click here now...

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There is awesome 60 day challenge that is for Elite Marketing Pro members...
Sept 16th is the date.. cannot wait...
Can you imagine someone that is telling you to do something every day...
Put your blinders put 100 percent

I am devoting a entire blog page to this challenge you can check up from day one as I go along.

This is a free service and Doug DeMecurio and Katrina van Oudheusden

This can be life changing...

Elite is a empowering system that makes you become a great marketer. It is not a push button system.  This is about a vision that will arm you with skill sets that will provide you freedom and independence.

That is what I am committing to... I am doing this to create more success in my business.

The quickest way to gain exposure is to do it with social media but not  in a way that is not spammy
but it attracts people that want the same as you... Learn how to post on purpose with profit
People are afraid  to be on camera

You will overcome that! You don't have to be on screen to be attractive... there are lots of tools that will help you present...

You will tie it all together with blogging... and you will learn how to do this right...

You will take the concept of branding yourself

You will take the strategy and put it into action and get your capture page and send people through your funnel...

You will get good at capturing leads and converting sales.

You will lean how to monazite your email list.

We are talking about 9 modules ! And homework ! Yes I said it things you are going to have to do

You will see what a full on sales machine works and what a 6 figure business looks like....

And yes you can learn how to do paid marketing as well...

Here's to you and your success! Treat this like a 5k investment!

Successful people are afraid but they are are more afraid of being below their potential even more then of failure.

Join me on the journey I will share my knowledge and just like Ray Higdon says " Learn, Do, Teach

Fact : Too many people are going broke trying to get rich quick.

If you want to get traffic and riches without doing the work then this information is not going to be of any benefit to you.

Branded traffic is the key to brand yourself it is traffic from people that know you and have given permission to market to them...
It is the exact opposite of interruption marketing or spamming...

How do you get this branded traffic? Well if you want to know you have come to the right place

By putting value into the marketplace
By solving the problems of your target market
Work on attracting you and those that study / are interested in the things that you like

Don't ever use non serving language...

" I don't know what my target market is "

I am so happy and grateful that I am finding out what my target market is...

If unknown attract " you " who are you...

you need to create it

Value in the online world = CONTENT
that comes in the format of
  1. Blogs 
  2. articles
  3. videos 
  4. sound-cloud 
  5. Facebook Statuses 
  6. Instagram pics 
But two questions you need to ask when it comes to the content that you are getting out ...

1. What the heck do I talk about ?
2. Why would someone want to listen to me ?

If you want BRANDED traffic 
then you give them value and focus on them 
So what do I talk about again 

That is the key to brand yourself... 

Look at your notes and transfer them online 
Do you ever attend webinars? Read Book or attend events?  Making the sacrifices to make things better your writing checks... 

What can you do in 25 minutes ? 
You can Read a chapter 
Watch 3-4 short training or inspirational videos 
Transfer those notes to a video or social media (those old notebooks) 

Why would someone listen to me?? O.K BECAUSE YOU PROVIDE THEM VALUE 
If you broke down in the middle of the desert and someone offered you help would you ask for references first? 

always post on the the standards : Google plus , Twitter, Facebook... 
on a standard / daily basis... 

You can do SocialAdr is a paid service and will help you get more traffic by putting your links out there and people sharing thoes links... 

Post to Facebook Groups post in some groups... of 10,000, 5,000 and 25,000 
Post in a couple of groups but don't waste your time with a capture page in there... 
When someone posts in the FB group... people are looking for a buy button or a email op-in 
and if the answer is yes then they will close is

Now couple that with a FB post video and blam you got some awesome content that you can get out to the masses!

If you are posting a youtube video or blog you are going to get people to visit your page 

Instagram - the new social platform on site... Instagram and do tracking with  

TIP: Track everything! Track where do you get traffic from? You need to do what it takes to find out where your traffic is coming from... 

# hashtags on Instagram are magical... If you search for a # it will find what you are looking for. 
throw a # hashtag on a comment and immediately rank for that comment.

Lets Talk Email here for a second

Let's talk about branding when it come to email :
After someone opts into your list give them their free report / free video, audio but let that be the only canned email that they will get .

Make the email totally you! Don't be the slick car salesman using pre made emails in their auto responder, people have become immune to that

Shoot them a email saying hey need help in your business are you looking for a mentor, here I am...


1. Have a great give away ... the give away sucks you need to change it... have one that one that comes on your page and its the type you want. Make them toss and turn in their sleep if they don't get that great giveaway.

Tip : Have 3 give aways on the same capture page but change the giveaway - 1. A video  2. A Free Report 3. A Audio put them on a URL rotator
and see which one converts the best!

2. Ask them to become a lead - The number 1 reason people do not join is because you don't ask...
Just start doing a call of action every piece of content... Don't over complicate this
If you are using the following on your opt in forms " Get On My List" "Follow Me" " Join my newsletter" are freaking horrible

We want solutions to problems...

TIP: Lets talk about how to Make BIG MONEY when you brand yourself...
Affiliate Marketing - what not to do take a standard capture page that you get and then
spam the crap out of Facebook with the link ( capture page )

How to make money at affiliate marketing -
1. Get the course
2. Take Notes ( learn it inside and out )
3. Shoot video and blog about it and do reviews

So Instead of capture pages and do Reviews ( share some value ) and then say if you would like the full scoop then go here!

Don't worry about freebie seekers they are always making little money...

NETWORK MARKETING and branding...
You need to stop , stop , STOP putting you stupid company and spamming the heck out of everyone with it! I am sure you company is good but stop putting join my ____ business or buy my _____ stuff here..

Key: Raise Curiosity : Hey having a blast with my team... hey my buddy just won a brand new BMW...

How to make money from your own stuff...
If you say to yourself you don't know... that's ok... the reason is they think too much (overcome that by understanding all it is is monetized  trainings)  Its a deeper version of what you would do on a webinar ( kinda like the watered down version )

Tip : You want to make the big bucks - - - DO WEBINARS


Marketing ----> Invest + Learn -----> Teach = $ $ $ 

Brand yourself with branded traffic. If you thought this content was good then be sure to like, comment or share this information 

Remember: Stop looking at how far you have to go and instead look at how far you have come!

Some questions that I got emailed to me about this post and I wanted to go over that right now

Q: How long should my blog post be ?
A: Ideally shoot for 700 words and a video - at the very least shoot a video and post it... look at people like Eric Worre is a guy that just does a video. However someone like Ray Higdon does a video and a blog post..
My bear minimum is 350-400 words plus a video but if I don't do a video then my minimum is 500+

Now if I tell you that then you go o my god... you are thinking too small ... The key is consistency and value. Now if you are really wanting to brand yourself then I recommend then you look at those two people I just mentioned.  Hope that helped...

Q: What is my first plan of action I am brand new 
A: It depends on your goals I see business as two things marketing and prospecting... when I started my idea is network marketing. Ray Higdon did a blog post and video every day... and then spend a hour or hour on active prospecting... Don't be afraid to prospect... 

If you are new and you don't have anything shoot videos then have people email you thats your call to action... Thats with no blog, no website, no leads... intelligently prospect on social media and do a combination of that! 

P.S If you would like to know where I learned this information and how to brand yourself then I would like to show you the system that can do that for you here.

Its important to not only to be a consumer but you have to have to producer

You Produce through practicing but produce through action…
Get something good at one thing… and produce the hell out of it... 

You can spend months or even years just consuming. Getting on the webinars, going to the events,  but in a severe  but  lack of production…

Consuming information –

Utilize it consume on a training and then become a producer… You are going to get the biggest bang for your buck by going to events and trainings

Some of the ways you can produce are 

  1. Video – 
  2. Blog Post –
  3. FB Post regular / fan page -
  4. Create a PDF document / capture page

Producing pieces of content  is where a lot of people fall short
A couple of reasons...

When you are just a consumer or consumer mode 
Let's go over 4 of the most major reason for staying in consumer mode 

1. FEAR.  Fear of perfection or lack of… the perfect post / video 
2.  Fear of judgment… are they going to like it.. or not
If you are trying to get everyone to like you… If you got haters you are being yourself and that is ok…

Consuming the people that think they need to learn more then they need to take action to know what to do next time…

If you don’t quit you will move forward

3. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings
4. I am technology challenged…

There is a urgent reason think of your vision vs your why.. when you know where you want to go what you want to do…

Focused on the information on the effort..
Are you consuming and consuming and consuming and not producing.. Are you not giving back to the people…
Whats the reason why? Is it fear of ... only you can fill that in.

Today Take 5 min to a hour and write down what is holding you back and what is keeping you from your vision… the how will come to you when you know the why!

When you hear on a webinar what are you going to do to help others move forward…

I want to leave you with a story of Jim Carey yes the actor Click on the two minute video below!

P.S I use this program that I recommend that you check out ,it has helped me a ton!

Having a Lead Capture Page is a critical part of your marketing funnel

After you read this post you will understand how to make a capture page
So first we have to understand what a lead capture page actually is ?

Here is a good example of what wrong looks like In fact this one was responsible for launching one of the biggest internet products to date! 
Wordpress is where its at and it levels the playing field... That was difficult in the past! 
you don't have to do that... 

Online marketing = traffic and conversions... 

Traffic is pay per click,  adwords, facebook, pay per view, promotions, solo ads... 

Traffic is important but equally important is the conversions... if you get a 20 percent rate just on conversions. We are going to build a landing page...

Wordpress self hosted...  its all at

When your in word press go to appearance and themes with optimized press ( optimized press is a theme that you purchase ) 
With optimized press Create a  number of pages and pick a template. Just look at the different themes... some have videos some videos 

You want to focus on what is your purpose of the page... you got to have that planned out in your head.. (craft a clear message)  What kind of advertising are you doing...

There are some landing page essentials 

  • Headline 
  • Subheadline
  • Opt-In-Box 

          Graphic Call To Action (image) 
          Text based call to action
  • Video ( optional ) 
  • Bullet Points ( optional ) 
  • Form Code 

3 Types of Squeeze pages 

Curiosity based - same as the ad continuity between the ad and the squeeze page it looks the same.... 
(don't want to tell them too much) ultra simple squeeze page. ( just email ) different funnel 

Killer Offer -  It leads to more of  qualified opt-in...  ( email, name phone ) 
bullet points (normally) 

Back End Squeeze...  Where the squeeze page is on the backside of the offer

So What About Opt Ins?? 

When I generate leads and I am not going for a bonus for home business I just go for single opt in...

Double vs Single 

Quantity vs Quality... Double Opt in will have a more of a lower rate but will be more 


Use a Paid Account ( Vimeo ) because if you are using Youtube and they decide to get rid of your account then you wont loose your video

Here was Mike Dillard who was in a video with a compelling offer ! 
Having video just plain works! 

There are 5 Core Elements of you'r capture page...

1. Your Page 
2. Your Thank You Page 
3. Your Confirmation Page / Link 
4. Your Form Code 
5. Tracking 


You need to know your opt in rate you need to know what your sites are pulling and why they are working.  Tracking is the key to doing split testing.. 
Why is that important?

Its important to understand what capture page is working. 

So how can I make my capture page compelling? 
How To Make Money From Your Offer what can you offer?? What can I do?? 

Its simple as a 5 minute webcam video - give good value 

You know stuff that you can teach people... They could get a pdf report... you can re direct to any number of pages... 

Go to a one time offer... and then they can go to pay pal... or lets say your doing paid marketing or pay per click... people opt in the next page they go onto the link to buy... and put that money you make into advertising.... you can do different things once you capture their email address... you can get them into a low barrier front in offer and then go give them something to the front end... 

Conversions... when you go to some sites is by having pop - ups or going to thank you pages... 
There is a major difference between people that create their own content and those that don't. 

I am providing the link to optimized press below... I totally recommend it... get it learn it and use it! 

So Scott whats the total investment for all of this??

You will need Optimized Press lowest package as of now is $97 dollars ( one time ) 
Aweber or other autoresonder like it   $20 dollars a month 
Domain Name (www, $10 dollars per year 
Hosting account you need to host the on  $4-$10 dollars a month

So less then 200 dollars... 

To learn how to do the wordpress install is for another different post at another time... 

Here is a question?? What Would it feel like for you to be a TOP EARNER IN MLM?
You can create freedom as a top earner...
Well if you have struggled in your business I am going to go over 7 ways to overcome that struggle & win.

You are in the right place if you want to become at Top Earner in you own MLM
Are you are tired of attending event after event at the same rank?

So...You want to play big!

Most of these things are very simply but ALL are Tested and PROVEN...

There are reason people struggle in this industry see if any of these describe you...
- didn't invest in education
- didn't get around right mentors
- I didn't understand team building, recognition and building community
- I was easily offended
- I lacked vision

I want to just give it to ya straight... You need to get kicked in the butt.
Vision is so much more powerful then your WHY...

The problem with just a why... if you are not constant then you need to have that crystal clear vision.

Does any of those sound familiar?

You have to stop relying of what you think you know and instead look at your results..
Look at the Damn results!

You can have greatness you can have freedom where ever you are

So here we go lets dive into this

1. The Two Categories of Building your Business AND the expectations for YOU and Others
2. Prospecting and the Ability to TEACH prospecting
3. Closing and the ability to teach closing
4. Time Management
5. The Landmines
6. Teambuilding
7. Your Inner Culture

1. Two Categories  
Active Prospective reach out and initiate a conversation - online / offline
(side note Ray Higdon got 20 no's a day every day for 6 months) 

Passive Marketing - Blogging, shooting videos, advertising. Unless you are a marketing genus you cannot dictate results...   You got to reach a tipping point...

Cold market some companies only teach some warm market... IT'S BULLSHIT that a company would not ever teach cold market... Talk to warm market in a way that you are not attached to the outcome. Don't not teach cold market...

Cold Market Tip : If you are talking to leads a important thing when you connect on the phone you got to come across sharp and you know what you are doing. In the beginning ask the right questions... ASK " Why were you open to a home business ? "

Warm Market Tip: The more you push them the more they are going to be turned off and they are going to tell your other friends.

The key ... Asking Questions: Why where you even open to checking out this presentation?
People associate " pushy " with closing. If you want to close more people/sales instead be more         " pulley " " What would this do for you and your family? " What would it feel to be a top earner? "
People that are pushy have the highest refund rate...

Tip: When your talking to an existing network marketer and they are looking at your opportunity and they say " I have failed at a bunch of network marketing companies I don't know if I should do this?" you say - What makes this any different then?  Now they are convincing me they can do it....

You Think you need more time? If you cannot build this part time you cannot build it full time...
You got to be efficient with the time that you do have! Proper producing time
CRUSH IT - Gary Vanderchuck

Here are 2 of 8 biggest ones. You need to understand this in multi-dimensions. When you recruit people they are looking for one thing... They are looking for 2 things acceptance and approval neither of which they will receive. And when they go to their family or fiends they will receive the rejection... You need to say screw acceptance and approval

Here is a advanced leadership: Self sabotage - Talented people come in and put in 2 a day or put people every day in the business... Land mine #2 they are recruiting people and there are no duplication. They start associating recruiting with painful. You don't know what you don't know... you are 3 feet from gold and you quit. This is where all talented people hit this and they take the eyes off the prize.

Your new teammate is asking how do I prospect, recruit, and show them how to do it... and you are creating a environment that cannot be duplicated. Your actually working too hard! Your doing things in a non duplicating culture and way... You have to create a environment where everyone can go to to learn... EMBRACE SYSTEMS!

You have to enter into the student culture. Depending on the size of your goals will depend on your aggression. You have to be extremely aggressive to want to do better to show up and do the absolute best! Growth and Contribution 2 of the most important things.. You have to keep growing... well IF ONLY ... there will never be a time where you don't have shit to go through... where you don't have landmines in your life or business. You got to make your new people students... 

Did you get a nugget in how to become a Top Earner In MLM? Did you reach all you goals for 2014. Will you take these things and implement them or simply keep doing what you been doing. 

Hope this helps see you on the next one...

P.S By the way if you want to know more on how to become a master recruiter a course that has helped me out is this one..