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Attraction Marketing is a must if you plan on generating your leads online and be know as a leader.  It is in fact the strategy that people that " brand " themselves to have the the most qualified leads come into their sales funnel. These People are already seeking the solutions to the problems that they have

I personally own Magnetic Sponsoring for $39.00 and you can too (click the pic ) or get your copy here. It was the game changer for me and my business and it is worth. I cannot say enough but if you are a Leader and serious.... I know I can go to your library and pull it off your self.
More Leads and more money...
So lets stop for a min and think why a MLM company or any company would not want " You" to brand yourself and create a stable income when they can have a walking talking billboard for them... " I did that for years in fact I will testify I too drank the kool aid and was a follower." Anyway back to the subject at hand.
Instead of going out and chasing prospects hoping that actually someone will be interested in what you are selling. Use Attraction Marketing so people who are interested in what we offer raise their hand and let us know they are interested before we speak to them.
How is this possible ?
You simply provide valuable information that they need and want. Attraction marketing is all about providing VALUE on the front end Don't believe me? I just offered a product that is for  $39.00 to get you to visit my sales funnel... However because you are a valued reader and I want to provide Value... I am going out of my way here to provide free training videos... you got to check this out its FREE <<<<CLICK HERE for your free videos>>>>
YES... It is possible to build your business on a budget...
You lead with valuable information ( content ) that addresses major problems or challenge with your target market. Lets look at a example shall we?
One of your best target markets is existing home business entrepreneurs. These individuals are already entrepreneurs and they are already "SOLD" on the concept of working form home. The understand the industry and are spending money in the industry. The question that you have to ask is, what or major problems do most home business entrepreneurs face today??
2 MAJOR problems :
What if you could provide a solution to those two problems? Would that "attract" us to these new prospects so we could have the opportunity to develop a relationship with them? Now we could show them a solution to their problems, do you think they could maybe grow to trust us how about even respect us as fellow entrepreneurs. YES!
When you are able to prove the solution to people's problems and you provide value in addition to what they are seeking, you instantly build confidence and trust with your potential prospect.
When you have trust developed with your prospect, it becomes much easier and fun when they approach YOU... and ask YOU about YOUR business and or opportunity. Rejection is eliminated and the prospect comes to you.
The only problem with this strategy is if you are relatively new to the industry or have not had a lot of success yet then may seem difficult to be able to provide real value to solve people's problems right now. And even if you did have some success the tech headaches of setting up duplicate websites that convert for you and your team the email autoresponders, the html code required, the follow up process, product creation , programming tracking and split testing... and that's not even the half of it... its freaking insane... Its not a magic bullet but it comes as close to it as it possibly can.
Its about self automation and making a complex business simple. It's called LEVERAGE and that way you need to add this to your business. No more desperate selling no more pitching... no more rejection
Welcome to Attraction Marketing ... now that you understand attraction marketing, why you must embrace its principals and why you Need THIS to have success.

To your success

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Here I am talking about The 13 Devastating Mistakes  That Are Killing Your Business.

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Its midnight and I am beat !!!

I posted my fist Youtube video up seconds ago. Promise not to laugh. Its all about taking action sucking at first but getting better as you go along....

Take Care --

Welcome to the most underutilized tactic that is ot there today. Yes I am talking about using Youtube Marketing. This is the marketing tactic that can instantly give you credit and GOOGLE loves You tube sand so they should as one owns the other..
Its easier to rank on google and get higher rankings if you add a video along with your blog. It is super easy to do a 1-2 minute video and churn them out fast. You can easily do a couple videos in a hour and get instant traffic to your site... I wish to test this theory  myself. Youtube is currently the 3rd website in the world and is used as a search tool.
There is a course in MLSP that will actually show you how to do a video and 2 other courses that will show you how to use Keyword Research and also how to dominate SEO to maximize your video and get seen...
You might see a slow go at first but you have to build steam so focus and be consistent. in your postings.  So keep shooting those videos and if you are not doing it then you should start. Yes, you too can susceed in Youtube Marketing.
For startes here is a link to a product called Youtube Mojo 

Seriously? I heard rumors and even  a training where a guy that makes more money in one month then I make in a whole year tell me that its a was a waste of time to "brand" myself and to try to get people to follow me. I recently had a conversation with a well known attraction marketer and asked "Is Attraction Marketing Dead?"

She laughed and said "People are not doing attraction marketing wrong they are just not doing attraction marketing"

When you post a ad and or a banner up and it goes to a site that promotes the lifestyle and the money of a millionaire. When they do not get that lifestyle in six months you and the opportunity are called a scam and they will quit because their ego is hurting. There is no real connection to you.... and they will leave in about 6 months.

Lets go over what attraction marketing is not...

Attraction marketing is NOT running solo ads
Attraction marketing is NOT  having a capture page...
Attraction marketing is NOT having even a blog....

Attraction marketing causes people to lock onto you. The type of people you want to attract are the one that wants a real stable business. I just don't want to generate leads... Leads are silly
Let me rewind that and say that again I don't want just leads.
I want to Search, Sort, Select and sponsor without with trying to convince anyone of anything.

You see you need to make your marketing your own and not what the Network Marketing companies will tell you to do. They don't want you to market you they want you to be duplicateable in 1996 that was o.k but in 2013+ its a different ball game.

YOU MUST get audio / video and pictures up. MSLP is a great place to start as you can use a proven system and you can customize a proven system to send people through your sales funnel and attract them to you.People avoid getting on camera and or putting video up because it makes them uncomfortable. Help other become a adviser and not a dog catcher.

Once they enter your funnel do not hard press them put the links up and continue to put out the value for others. So in closing attraction marketing is dead quite the opposite.

Why would you use Pinterest in your business?

1. Set a Strategy  - Pin strategically by considering your objectives before you begin. Are you trying to: drive traffic to you'r website, boost your brand awareness, increase your sales, expand customer engagement? Pick images and others accordingly.

2. Watch your Percentages - Create inviting boards by making 40 percent of your pins motivational and inspiring. 40 percent instructional and educational, and only 20 percent about your brand - including profiles, specials and contests

3 Be Pin Friendly - Install the Pin It Button on your website and give every page and blog pose a featured image that can be pinned automatically.

4 Promote Others - Build your brand by engaging with the community via repining, commenting and linking other pins. You can also tag on another pinner you are following in one of your descriptions.

5 Establish You Expertise - Craft keyword rich pin and board titles and description to boost your Google ranking and be found on your expertise. Use hashtags to highlight key words and phrases your customers search for.

6 Cross Promote - Connect with your other social media by creating a Pinterest tab in Facebook , tweeting your pins, and embedding pins in your blog posts

7 Pay Attention To Pin Placement - Place your most important pins near the middle of the top or the second row of the board. Research shows that the pins placed front and center receive the highest percentage of viewers.

8 Give Stuff Away - Drive Traffic to your website by offering free items such as e-books podcasts and white papers to a pins description. Pins that have a call to action see and 80 percent in engagement.

9 Go Multimedia - Make your brands more interactive by sharing videos screencasts and podcasts. Good multimedia pins include: Turtorials, product demos, behind the scenes tours and excerpts from presentations and webinars.

10 Know Your Numbers - Verify your website in the setting page to get access to the Pinterest Web Analytics feature. The info will help you see which of your pinning efforts are paying off and shape your future strategy.

By Karen Lealand - www.karenleland

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Frustrated... HELL YES!!! I am a recovering MLM network marketer... Hello everyone my name is Scott Lindstrom and I want to share my story. But before I dive into the depths of my past I want to be absolutely clear... I have no intentions of  "selling" "bombarding"or "pitching" my opportunity. My products , my services that I offer has value and is in my opinion vital to you'r internet marketing success. So when I jumped back in mid 2013 I was completely overwhelmed with the vast ocean of choices...

What to do? Where to begin? This can be extremely difficult for someone who possibly has add and is distracted, unorganized and cant has a hard time focusing. So I have been around the network marketing scene since I was 18 years old I am not in my late 30's I can tell you I am not a failure because I refuse to quit... I have joined a couple of opportunities that are providers for the latest tools , products and training's I will share the information -- KEYWORD -- Share never force...

I of now am not part of a network marketing company... I was a part of 2 I think maybe 3 one is still around and is still going... I am more focused on the tools and training that will enable to help you in your primary business. I love the internet marketing industry...

Check out this blog... complicated ... nope... its pretty simple nothing flashy I upload photos post videos put good  content blog daily and connect with people every day... wish the magic ferry dust would help me out s long ago...

Its taken god knows how long to fumble stumble my way, folks I have scrapped my knees across the concrete falling down trying to figure this whole internet marketing thing... Finally I have found the process, resources and above all locked arms with some of the key people to align myself with...

If you ever work with me I will give you 100 percent of my time to those that deserve it... time is the most precious thing you have in this world.. If you do not want to follow what the leaders tell you how to make 3, 5, 10 thousand a day and you are not willing to eat beans every day for a year to get there then no wonder

there are only 1% of the world is wealthy.

So enjoy your 9 - 5 barely making enough to survive on with your little 2 week vacation a year and hopefully you can live a nice quite life... NOT ME I am getting the hell out of the rat race or die trying... so with that lets begin our journey together. All you have to do is put your name and email on the right hand side of this blog and I will only send you  content that is only for your benefit. Here is the real deal I wont ever provide tools tips or training for my own benefit... I was broke coming into this industry I had to make sacrifices and you will too.

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