- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

If you’re on this page, you’ve probably been searching around through my posts reading my thoughts on various companies, opportunities, systems, and strategies – and you’ve finally reached a MOMENT where you asked the question – WHO IS THIS GUY?

My name is Scott and I’m a full time Internet Marketer / entrepreneur. I also want to disclose I am a working as Risk Manager Supervisor on construction sites in California Let me quickly tell you  my story and how I got started...

I started working my Home Based Business in 2000. ( really got my start back in 1996 at 18 years old ) 
The was the idea of being able to...
  • Be My Own Boss
  • Set My Own Hours
  • Go Where and When I Wanted
  • Earn A Great Income

All REALLY appealed to me. So I thought heck, why wouldn't I give this kind of Home Business (a.k.a. Network Marketing  a.ka. MLM Business) a shot?!
Well, without bragging, stretching the truth, or feeding you a line of crap, let me tell you the truth about myself, my story, and how this AWESOME industry of Network Marketing changed my life, FOREVERfor the better – and what I can do for you. Listen to this audio my friends – no holds barred story telling on what I REALLY went through, my background, and what happened that helped me become a producer inside one of the fastest growing companies in the world, and part of one of the biggest teams, I created a brand that will TRANSFORM the destiny of many futures:
Me and my wife Tammy 

I honestly thought I had 6 to 10 people who would surely be interested in joining my business right out of the gates.I thought I could work hard for the first couple years, and retire at a very young age. Everything was good in life – until...
I was Slapped by the Cold Reality of Network MarketingI spent the next two years struggling to build my Network Marketing business. I’ve tried just about everything that they suggested I do. From;
- Meeting in coffee shops
- Approaching friends, family, and colleagues
- Hotel presentations
- Home parties
- Private Business Receptions (PBR's)
- 1 on 1's and 2's on 1's
- Calling leads
- Being a part of networking groups (Chamber of Commerce)
- Posting flyers 
- Calling friends and family asking for referrals
- Having a booth in trade shows, schools, and malls...

I quit the business 20 times and been in 4 different programs!  I am a recovering MLM er ...

Building the business using these methods was NOT what I thought freedom would look like. The traditional face-to-face methods of building the business started to really bother me. Thinking back on the number of hours I’ve wasted talking to people who never really qualified... or thinking back to how I felt like I had to chase people to follow up with them; I thought that there just had to be a better way to build this business.
My Team We are all in the first 20 Rows, I am somewhere in there... 
I have a Confession

I was thinking of quitting on a number of occasions. I had just about every reason to quit with all of the frustration I had experienced building the business. Unfortunately I did just that I walked away from the industry calling it "A Scam" and being pissed off at my own failures. I didn't return back to marketing until the 2007.

On top of all of that I was soon going to graduate from the Fire Academy and I had a decision to make.I could continue down the path I had gone to school for, which would lead me to the corporate world of a 9-5 job plus overtime , traveling back and forth in traffic every day while someone told me when I could take vacations. Or, I could I could try to make this Network Marketing thing work and live a lifestyle of my dreams.– As I made the choice to chase my dreams.

Can you relate?

Has anyone looked down on your decision to build a Home-based business? Said that you were ‘crazy’ for doing so? I was sure that if I just kept to the ‘Proven System’ I would find success eventually. So that’s what I did. I got to the point where I now don't have to work 96 hours a week to support my family

"Where I would build my business online between 911 calls"
My ‘office’ was in the corner of my bedroom of my station and it really wasn't a place I would want to present to prospects. (The fact was it was at a remote station in the middle of a desert). I was there for 48 hour shifts. So... I was happy to be in business full time. I thought if I had more time could breeze through and build a massive organization. I continued to follow the plan to Invite, Present, Train... and I soon started to experience even more frustration building my business.

“How’s that?” you might be wondering.
- Because I had hit the bottom of my names list
- I tried everything that they told me to do
- I was Sick of Chasing prospects, and following up with them
- I was stuck, and I didn’t  know what to do next

I was truly willing to try just about anything to make this thing work on a big scale, but the strategies I was using just wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to go. I felt like I would take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back... over and over again.
I remember what I would tell people sitting down with them,

“If you want something different, you have to do something different”

But I wasn’t following my own advice. I then went on a search to find out a better way to build this business.
I made some discoveries that have forever changed the way I view this business.

If you are looking to build a thriving MLM, Network Marketing, or Home Based Business, Online or offline and want the skills to be able to travel the world, be your own boss... and live an incredible life... I know I can help you!

I look forward to joining you on your journey to success, and hopefully talkingwith you in the near future.

Shoot me over a message on Facebook right now. I am a real person and would like to help any way I can... let's connect!

LTS   ---   Learn... Train... Succeed

Scott Lindstrom