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How does one prevent themselves from being a victim from random act of terror.. Here are 5 things you can do to prevent someone from gaining access to your Facebook account... 

I should know it happened to me and has been messing with my Facebook account for more then a week now... 

1. Create A Strong password 

Things like your dog's name your spouse or children or birthdate will not do. You have to make it difficult for others to guess. A good starting point is 6 characters 8 is better 10 is great of course 12 is superman. 

Use letters upper and lowercase with numbers and symbols and that leads into the next one. 

2. Change Your Password Regularly 

I am not talking about yearly this should be done monthly or even weekly. Just put it down on your monthly to do list and get er done. 

3. Don't Friend Everyone Because Everyone Is not Your Friend

That hot chick that wants to be your friend is actually a guy... (bummer right) Be on guard... check out the profile. 

How filled out is it does it have a long timeline other then 5 posts for the entire account thats a red flag 

4. Don't Go Click Click Happy

You can get yourself into trouble especially if you click on things that you are not absolutely sure

That is exactly what happened to me. I got infected with a nasty but that hacked my fb account... wouldn't you know for every 10 people the virus would send the malware out to 1 person opened it and downloaded it... and then the virus finds it's new host and spreads... 

5. Don’t believe all emails

Don’t forget that honest web services will never ask you to do certain things in an email. 

Facebook will NEVER send you an email asking you to change your password or enter personal details. 

If they need you to do that, they will tell you where in your account settings you can go to do that. 

On that note, protect your email account that you registered for Facebook with,  someone could succeed in resetting your Facebook password.

Do you have any suggestions or ways you protect your account? Comment below

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