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Antinio Thompson has Bachelors and two Masters degrees no less from New York University and one fromColumbia University, and a full-time job, with benefits as a fundraising professional...

He has chosen a different path. In 2013, he re-discovered network marketing as a viable path to realize his financial, personal and professional dreams. Now on the path to success and reaching greater positions within his own company.

What would make him change direction from a "successful business path" ?

We got him on our weekly team hangout to share his story and go over 5 major tips that every marketer should know with Facebook and some bonus content as well...

This was just awesome! If you would like to be a part of our weekly team hangout then you can register by clicking the link below for the next team hangout ...

This is where the gold nuggets of marketing are dropped by those that are in the trenches and out in the field making it happen.


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