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On my journey It's really a mind shift when you start to think differently then the rest of everyone else. I say that because as of this moment I am thinking different then everyone around me. Everyone is in this rat race of trying to just make it Monday - Friday and living for the weekend. 

I am working toward and adjusting my mind to comprehend a different perspective and I am moving toward separating myself from the rest of everyone

The only way you can go it up and make this upcoming year a great year.. You might be looking back and thinking that this year sucks... 

I want to give you these tips that can really help and hopefully make a difference in your life 

Here are some 

Tips for success, for the New Year 

1. Visualize your success -   You have got to see yourself of where you are going not where you are at. Our minds trick us to simply focus on the now... Yea now SUCKS... but if you dwell on that you are sabotaging your ( future ) success 

Here is a question " What are you going to do with that money once you make it?" I mean you better be specific here with the answer ( exactly ) ? 

We live in the microwave society and we think that this is going to happen now. Nothing is built overnight it takes one brick at a time... 

2. Focus on one task at a time - Want to recommend a book here "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olsen. Don't get lost at looking at the big picture for too long.. take time and eat the task in small parts. Success is built at one thing at a time... Its just as easy to say no as it is to say yes... 

Lay one brick today and keep laying it 

3. Get Active - I see people all the time that don't take action... and a week later they complain they are not getting help but they are not doing what they need to be doing... ( work their business )
They are focused on everything else but their business..

Focus on getting things accomplished and then watch t.v after you have completed your task FIRST... 
You should be focused on income producing activities. Don't sit on the information that you have been given... 

4 Don't be afraid to say No - Its a powerful word I had to learn this because I want to help out so much and be their for others. I get along with everyone I am not looking for approval but I am easy to hang out with. 

Hey you want to go out this weekend " No " I got something big I am working toward a goal. I can normally find a way to do both 

5. Value YOUR time - You'r time is worth a heck of a lot more then you think. If you don't value your time people wont either. I want to be real here some of you are overstaying your welcome with your sponsor in your business.

Value the time from the people you seek help from. The best way that you can learn this is to value the time of others... by default you will value yours. You can make more money but you can never get back the time you spend. 

6. When you need help ask for it - There is no shame in that ! I am part of a community that where I can post a question in the Facebook group and within a good couple of hours can get multiple answers. 

Don't sit there and ask for help unless you have done some of the legwork yourself. What do I mean? Have you looked on YouTube or Google FIRST ? I am teaching people self reliance.

Type it in a couple of different ways and you will be amazed of what you will find... 

7. Be a good listener - When you are around leaders and in general listen to people when they speak. Don't get offended ... really... sometimes what you need to hear is not sugar coated. Time is of the essence and so just take the good and get rid of the bad. 

8. No matter where you are in your journey BE THANKFUL - Be greatful for what you are going through and where you are at in life is so important. If you are not happy right now with no money do you really think you are going to be when you have it? 

Money is a magnifying glass to who you are... Be greatful where you are but have a internal bug that pushes you forward to better and better goals...

Hope these tips have helped you in your journey...Kick but and get to work 

Make this year to remember in your business if you have any questions click on the contact me button above and shoot me over a message... 

Learn, Train, Succeed

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