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Using Facebook Video Marketing with Youtube and Facebook is a great way to market... Understand methods come and go so what works today especially when it comes to Facebook

I am not going to go deep into it but I am going to give some nugget that you can use in your business and some resources!

You must understand Traffic ( I talked about this in a previous post )
It's about getting eyeballs to your website

The more people that does that out goal is to get people to our website. Not all traffic is equal... Visitor intent is always important as to the quality...

Go to Google and type in "Order Chinese Food" and how to basket-weave came up what would you think of the magical power of Google you would be what the heck is this... So there is targeted traffic and regular traffic.

Put the targeted offer in front of what the visitor wants.


It builds rapport and trust like no other strategy online...I can build a relationship with someone who is on the other side of the world.

Creating videos it like creating little soldiers that work for you 24/7 for years to come

It literally you as a leader form the beginning...

Video is a platform and a way to present your message... People get freaked out when the video comes on you got to act like a fake person to sell... Video is a way for people to give a little window into your life. Why is reality tv shows watched so much because people love to watch people...

Creates a mini celebrity status between you and your prospect.


Youtube = Great Site with tons of traffic
Wide open at this point
Many Marketers have moved away from it

Remember this >>>> When the heard is zigging you want to zag <<<<<

Sure there is a risk but it can bring it a ton of leads...

Don't ever go on the internet and spend traffic on nitches...

The Youtube training that was taught 2 years ago still works today!

Facebook Video = Incredible for building a audience and promotion and building an audiences and it's almost as good as building a list

Why Youtube? 
Create Videos that provide a solution to their problem. This is the essence of entrepreneurship. Keyword rich videos show up in Google It's a second method next to Google in Search. How do I ???
Tons of people go to get the answers
#2 search engine in the world...

When you come to Youtube they (the world ) go to the search bar first
It all starts with keywords ( use the free keyword tool )
It is still a great place to get leads!

3 things that are important

Your Title
Your description
Your Keyword with good description

ALWAYS HAVE A CALL TO ACTION... tell them what the next step at the end of the video.

Why Facebook? 

Why do I love facebook video?
Awesome way to engage your audience
Its stands out from the normal text updates
The organic reach of videos is much higher

Upload the video directly to Facebook

There is a keyword tool Video Keywords and to find out the searches and see what people are searching for.This is all I use not to say the free keyword planner
This will show you the competition for the keywords in what videos you could rank in Google and you have potential traffic that can to build your list!

All you need to do is use a keyword on this tool and you can rank on google...
It shows a the number of people searching the number and then how many videos that are used for the

Recommend this strategy with a page but if you are sharing quotes and inspirational on your personal profile you do not want to sound too pitchy

Build up your page and promote your videos... videos still get organic reach...better then regular posts!

Hope you got a better understanding of Facebook Video Marketing I truely believe that this one two punch when it comes to marketing with video is the way to go.

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