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We are talking about Cold Market Prospecting,  are you ready to face the cold truth?

It does not matter where you are right now but where you are inside, and the greatness that is inside you...kinda deep hungh?

Unlike most network marketers the work intelligence is the ability to make distinction. It is possible to earn a million dollars in Network Marketing... Yes but if you treat it so...

It is possible to go from complete devastation to success whatever you feel is what success is... absolutely.

There is a method to crack the code to recruiting reps...

The most important thing is how to close prospects and how to join your deal, there is traffic gen and lead gen but its how to close the door.... specifically cold marketing.

Most people spend time following scrips that don't apply to them. They are always chasing
"The magic script" It's important to understand there is no magical script but its in  how you deliver that script...

Its the how that's more important then the what... for some of you that will be worth thousands...

There is a huge difference between warm and cold

Warm vs Cold - They don't know your current history or any results that you have
Cold market there is a few things that make it great to learn
There will always be more cold then warm, there will be a time that you recruit that struggle and they need to learn cold market

Be the type of person you would want to sign up with... So we are going to go into something called Posture...

Beg, chase, convince, bug ( cold or warm )

You need to have the attitude before you get the money... "It's the Attitude that will get you there."
NEVER act small, weak, desperate or needy.

Be quick to qualify vs Quick to Hail Mary...

Someone is going to go "Well... I don't know." ... any resistance and I go Hey it sounds like its not a fit so if you know someone that does want to make some money give me a call. ( dump em )

So after they see the video and or presentation I am looking to disqualify them.

You need to understand there is more of them then of us so they need us... we do not need them.
Always be busy!!! But Scott I am not busy... then be busy...

There is a famous line : when you are talking to a cold market you throw out your question and lets exchange information... "I hope you understand I am really busy and its going to take three or 4 days to get back to you but I will..."

Call them 100 percent the next day later and say  "Hey I have a opening in my schedule are you available at 2 o clock today?"

Always be busy... always, even if you are not so when they want to corner you and they are trying to probe you.

What to say : Break in Communication a BIC create one you have to go do something hey I got to go ( do something ) I got a question " Would you be a open to a side project that dose not interfere with what you are currently doing ?"  but there are 2 things :

The Number 1 mistake for Network Marketers . . .  They talk to very few people or hardly any at all so they need to talk to more people

The Number 2 mistake for Network Marketers . . .  They talk to much and verbally vomit on them say less to more people

Key: You got to have the break in communication prior to the question...


Depending on your company... if your company has a great company related phrase then use that

Now here it comes


That's when the average network marketer starts sweating... If you do not use the break in communication then you are Reactive and reactive is always weaker.

YOU ANSWER : "I apologize I would love to show you but I got to jump on this team call lets exchange info and I will tell you all about it..." That will take care of 60 - 75% people that ask what is it.

What if :   What if they keep pushing, and what if they ask a second time... ? Do not let them push you around!

YOU ANSWER : Look at your watch and say "Hey I am sorry I got to jump on this call let's exchange information."

They say : "I am not going to give you my info without you telling me what it is."

YOU ANSWER : "Hey sorry I got to run, I am sorry love the shirt I gotta run..."

If they have a lack of mentality of they are not getting what I am throwing down then they are not a fit... If you vomit all over them then you are not going to sign them up anyway and its just a big waste of time

Network Marketing while out Cold Market Prospecting leaders do not get pushed around...remember there are more of them looking for solution in crap jobs with crap bosses that they hardly get to see their kids, unable to take vacations they are unable to do those things, they have no money set aside..

The HOW: This is where 99 % that you probably never heard... Tonality ( The tone of your voice )  is more important then what you say... This is the magical "ferry dust" that works its based on how you use your voice...

This is huge and the way you read a script you can use the way you put your expression on something don't sound like a sales call. Tonality in the opening and tonality in the close.

I hope this information you got was great I want to leave with you come from a position of posture come from a place of busyness... use the break in communication and have unshakable faith in your company your products your service. I hope this helped be sure to connect with me on Facebook below and if you got value from this post leave a comment below

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