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Why does Successful Communication mean Successful Closing? In this post I will answer that and give you some figures that may shock you.

If you are in MLM or direct sales there is s word that is called CLOSING... That's right I said it... that word is really means a lot to different people...

Communication is the successful part to closing if you think of yourself as a poor closer then think again! EVERYONE is a good closer... now understand this I am trying to change your belief but you wont get it because your mind is going to fight what I say...

You have been programmed if you are in MLM that you have to take all of these courses and you have to learn sales techniques.

Everyone is a good closer... If you are married right now to your spouse / husband there was a sales process ( courtship ) and then you sealed the deal... you were selling yourself to your significant other... congratulations

If you are currently employed or previously employed you basically sold yourself to your boss and why he should choose you over the other candidates... We all have the power of persuasiveness but when we get put up walls and barriers I cant do do this or I cant do that...

So Scott what is the point here?? 

It has been scientifically proven that communication... ready for this
is only :  7 % of the actual WORDS
             38% of tonality (tone of your voice)
             55% is the energy

LOOK at that again... 7 % so why do we spend time reading scripts or listening to the "guru" on stage thinking that there is something that they know and we don't... and the difference is mindset and how to communicate.

The person on the stage understands that 55% is the energy! You must have the a high sense of energy you must have have another piece of the puzzle called urgency = unbelievable results.

STOP worrying about the magic words there are none... bring the energy and the people that you want to close will sense your on fire and got something they should listen too... you now have the formula for how successful communication means successful closing

 Not every post is about strategy or tips... Its about life and the human factor. I came across a post that literally made me stop take a moment out of my life, go outside, and look up. 

I happen to come across a gigantic rainbow... call it a sign. I went around back and as a summer storm rolled through the high desert.

I wanted to share with who can resonate with the type of person that I am wanting to have on my personal team. To see what I am working on and to find out more more click here .

I also wanted to share where I got the original inspiration for this blog post you can see that by clicking here.

Above all I would like to hear from you the readers. If you are grateful for something in your life put it in the comments below...



In this blog post I will go over the product as I had the chance to go over it in detail and am utilizing the tools that is in the resource guide that the course provided as of a week ago... 

I was on a SEO Webinar and I was intrigued with hearing about a poor mans way to generate traffic via non- paid traffic that seems to be working so well.  I decided to buy the course... here is what I found out 

The internet runs on search... the goal is to get a lot of traffic by posting content and not all traffic is created equal. You always want to begin with the end in mind. What do I mean by that? Where do you want your customer to ultimately go? 

There is a 5 step process for Targeted traffic that Mr. Rob Fore is a ninja at getting SEO traffic like a master chef creating a great dish. I was skeptical at first when I saw the price of the program at $47.00 dollars! I knew if I could utilize one way to generate traffic without getting all technical then I knew I could get more traffic to my site... HOLY S***! It actually worked! 

I had to throw up the screenshot below of my blog. This is the post I did a Post on Magnetic Sponsoring the week before.  All I did was just a couple of tweaks to my post got 7 times more visitors then any other post so far! I had to share the screen below because from now on I am not going to do anything without implementing the tactics I learned... 

If you can see the picture above that snapshot of my Blog was taken 1 week after I implemented the strategy and tactics that Rob teaches from Posting For Profit course! 57 leads from one post, in one week so far!  I was shocked and that was just from my blog that does not including the other way in which you can generate traffic for FREE! And that is from only one avenue of traffic I have got 5 more so total in a week I have gotten 526 least from one piece of content!!!! 

Keyword Research IsThe Key To The Money... 

Rob is going to also go over what what to do with your visitor once they are done reading your content. Let's go over a little bit more in depth here, Are you familiar with Keyword Research? If not, get to know it really good... Everything from this moment forward has to be posted with purpose... don't think so? Look at the other posts below the one circled in red... those posts were not targeted specifically... using.... you guessed it keywords. Google has got a free keyword tool but there are programs out there designed to help you get the right tools. You need to make it easier... faster... but it dose not mean you don't have to put in the work to accomplish it, Im just saying... 

My favorite saying Rob uses is " Don't be being cheap keep you broke!"  Rob has another course that takes this one  and basically builds off of this called Predatory SEO... that is by far the number #1 strategy for getting your content on the first page of GOOGLE! This is a business so you got to invest in tools and get the knowledge to make the 6 figures a year! O.k lets move on... One of the things he goes over really good is producing content. Rob goes over this with 3 specific ways to get your readers to opt in and get to know you! 

Keyword phrases are going to get your readers to convert to leads that are going to opt into your offers and hopefully be on your lists so you can provide the value to. If you want to increase your traffic I am going to give you a big tip here so I hidden it deep in the post here.... 

1) Get a blog immediately!!  if not then Click Here  ... you can get a ready made blog ( literally a plug and play) on a one of the most top trafficked websites..  Start Blogging immediately! Yea you could go with Blogger or Wordpress but 
you wont have even on the same planet of high rankings traffic with Alexa (the #1 go to source for web traffic on the internet). 

Rob delivers the value in this course... 

In this course you will learn how to take one piece of content and use it in multiple ways to get the maximum amount of leads for your efforts! Your jaw will drop with the methods that Rob uses and how he uses non SEO tactics to get massive amounts of leads! He shows screen shots of how he uses his other course Predatory SEO to get an insane amount of leads that by watching it will make your eyes bleed while your head explodes shortly there after... 

And that's just the first module! there are still 2 others and a bonus one!  I was extremely pleased with the ease of the material and how Rob speaks in a "Non Guru" way. He sounds like a guy that you could sit down with for lunch and he could show you how to make 6 figures a year with no problem...

I am personally going to the My Lead System Pro Conference " Live the Dream "  in November 2nd and 3rd in San Diego California... its going to be absolutely crazy! Rob Fore is scheduled to be there as one of the speakers. and you can bet I am going to get my picture with him for sure! I would recommend this course to your library and above all utilize it immediately and make it part of your DMO ( Daily Method of Operation ) to utilize the strategies and tactics in this course... Honestly I would have paid the $297 dollars...for the course as my first post using these strategies paid for the course and then some. For $47 bucks its a steal! Get it today!

My personal recommendation on this course is : 
5 Star Rating..

Welcome to Version 2.0 of Magnetic Sponsoring (2nd edition) 

Click the picture above to see the video
Magnetic Sponsoring Launched in 2007-08 with flagship product created by none other then Mike Dillard. I managed to pick op the original version when it first came out several years ago... This single product has to do with some of the industries largest success stories out there. I had the opportunity lately to go back and re-read the product and go through it all over again through the eyes of a marketer.

I wanted to give a honest personal review.This is version number two as it was updated not too long ago.The main question that I am going to be answering by the of this blog post is does the information contained in the product still hold true today with all the changes with social media, Google updates and the passing of time?

What is this Magnetic Sponsoring ?

The course is ready for immediate download
Essentially what Magnetic Sponsoring is  a 78 page book of awesomeness utilizing the power of Attraction Marketing to 
generate more leads and or traffic. This is a necessity to anyone in network, internet, or affiliate marketing. 

This goes over ( in detail ) how to brand yourself and make you an authority figure?  Why would you want to go around and just be another billboard trying to pitch someones deal? There is a science behind this that is absolutely awesome once you learn it. The product absolutely delivers as it gets you prepped and ready to receive the next course Black Belt Marketing.

What do you get when you sign up ?

For an additional  shipping charge you can get also the physical product sent to your house! 

That is the main question that everyone asks when you sign up with Mike Dillard. 
Value!!  You get Videos 7 hard hitting raw and up front information that breaks it down plain and simple 

 DAY 1
"How To Get Invited: Why Cold Prospecting Methods Are Dead, And What To Do Now..." 8min 30 sec
DAY 2"How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Sell"  6min 49sec
DAY 3"The Two Types Of People To Recruit For Your Business And How To Find Them?" 8min 44sec
DAY 4"How Turn The People Who Said "No" Into Profit"  8min 27sec
DAY 5"How To Get Paid To Prospect" 10min 54sec
DAY 6"How To Write Effective Ads" 5min36sec
DAY 7"How To Attract Wealth And Distributors To You" 11min 59sec

A closed door MP3 Download interview with good freind Mark Wieser 57min 16sec

A 19 Page book called Essential Reports ( downloadable reports ) PDF
valuable lessons he has learned over the years 

Special Report #1: Creating Killer Advertising
Special Report #2: Posture – A Career Changing Lesson 
Special Report #3: Developing a Magnetic Personality
Special Report #4: Sorting Vs. Selling

A 16 Page book called Domain Secrets (you may give this one away) PDF. 
All about domain names and then some

A prospect Profile Sheet ( downloadable ) PDF.
So you can keep track of your key players 

Other Special Bonus offers while you are checking out! 

When you go and purchase you will have the opportunity to purchase 2 dynamic products at that particular time ( you cannot go back later to get those same deals )  one is Black Belt Recruiting and the other is the Copywriters Guild

Black Belt recruiting is a Magnetic Sponsoring with a severe Kung Fu Punch! When you purchase the magnetic sponsoring course you will get the opportunity to purchase for 30% cheaper! 

Black Belt Recuiting Up Sell

But wait there is more Mark Wieser the same gentleman that was on the interview in Magnetic Sponsoring co-created Black Belt recrutitng! 6 hard hitting in your gut punching audios that will make sponsoring prospects so much easier and faster before.

This is how to get people to say yes to you when they have already said no. This course is literally showing you how to position yourself as a expert before you even sponsor one person. I would have to say that Black Belt Recruiting is the Jedi course to learning " the force " behind recruiting and sponsoring. 
Copywriters Guild Up sell 

You get to purchase the copywriters Guild for half off and that is a steal ! What is the number one thing that good markets need to sell their products or services to the masses? GREAT AD COPY.. 

Learning how to write ads and presenting that on a silver platter to your customers. That is absolutely a must for $147 for $97 dollars! Use it to write killer articles and emails that sell. 

This is  a college course in copywriting. Learn how to create killer squeeze pages, capture pages which is a absolute must if you ever plan on being a 6 or 7 income earner in this industry.

What Guarantee does Mike have?

Mike Dillard is so sure that you will love his course that he wants your business and he is willing to give you a 10 day trial for $1 dollar! If you get to the sign up page and attempt to close out your browser you will get a chance to try it out for a limited time. 

The last chance offer 

RISK what Risk ! MIKE goes all out with this Ironclad Guarantee... 

Make Money as an affiliate!

Mike Dillard goes to the next level through promotion of his products. Ask yourself a question what kind of person do you want in your business? Do you want someone who is actively seeking a way to actually increase their business. YES!!! 

If you position yourself correctly you should have no problem with people asking you the keys to the castle. If you cannot sponsor them into your primary you can offer the tools and training that will help them. Either way its a win win for everyone!

YES ! You can still make money with the course even though it is almost 7 years old?.... YES!!! 

There is even a back office ! You can see all the products that you have purchased. You can see all the leads that come in through your sales funnel and that are buying and allows you to connect will all of them. 

For all you people that say that it's to hard they have hold you by the hand steps to start earning commissions. 

There is customer support and even a links tab were you can promote sales letters, banners and squeeze pages. 

In Closing 

First I recommend you go pick yourself up a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring today! 

Second recommend every course Mike Dillard has to offer ! If you are serious about building you business online then you need this. If you go ask any 6 or 7 figure money earner I am sure they will say Mike Dillard was a role model in their early career! This is a road map to your success and you deserve that! I have to say after reviewing the product and being around the as long as it has that this is one of the very few products I rate it :
5 start quality! 
It was just too good to put down when I first read it and it's still holds true even today!
I also recommed you seriously look into if not get the follwing Mike Dillard Products: 

LTS ~ Learn... Train...Succeed

I would love to know what you think about the course please...

Something that everyone should know how to do that is the most important part of your primary business is inviting... If you can master this along with (promotion) then you will literally get a stampede to your business. It is the precursor to all other things. 

95 percent of Network Marketers blow the invite...

You are new or sort of new to the business and the industry and you are excited about your product or your service... You lay in bed at night looking at the ceiling dreaming of the where you will go on vacation and what you will do with all your fortune... 

Calm down and take a deep breath because learning how to invite is going to mean the difference between success and failure. 

Don't tell the move... Spoiler alert...  

What is it.. and you tell 3 or 4 benefits that are great. Yet your prospect is trying to decide in 30 seconds its one of those things... so they can simply go its not for me and move on... Did they see it .. No... 

You have to be smart if you are spending 45 seconds to 90 seconds inviting someone that you are saying to much.. 

"Hey I am real busy I want to show you something or get together for 15 min ? and they ask What is it? 

    I got to run but I want to schedule a time when we can get together or give me 6 min of your time... But they keep asking and are pushing... say hey I am real busy I will catch up with you later. Don't give away the matter what...  

Did This Blog Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below 

So recently I had the opportunity to receive a free consultation with a marker since I bought his product... It was defiantly some good value for the small up front cost... Because I acted within a certain amount of time I was reliable to receive the products that normally cost 3000 dollars at a great price of 1000 dollars!

 So I was excited... However 2 things I did not agree with he said in order for the program to be successful I would have to stop everything on what I am currently doing and just focus on marketing his product for the next 30 days! I would be able to make a 1000 dollars a month... I was already solid with my team and there was no way I was going to drop them for 30 days to focus on another program... but the person... was totally monotone when describing how this program was instrumental to my success. I was not feeling emotion that this person was someone who I could believe in and follow... no connection emotionally...

Its logic backed up by emotion... so when he asked in a very low unemotional voice for the credit card numbers I went ... CLICK.....

Now sure he could easily chocked me up as someone who " lacks " commitment and that I basically wasted 30 min of his life... I believe that I got a pretty good self evaluation out of it...

Anyway the thing that I hope you can take away from this is when you make large purchases into programs, deals or anything you have to be " ALL IN "  One percent doubt and you are out...

Point in case a pregnant woman cannot be 99 percent pregnant...

Learn... Train... Succeed

 You want to go where everyone knows your name... 

Remember the 80's theme song to the show "CHEERS" I had to watch that growing up because of my parents and even though I didn't understand why a bunch of people would go and hang out with each other over and over again and that was part of the show....

 >>> Side Note : I actually visited the bar in Boston called the Bull and the Finch and it was used for the exterior shots in the show.... <<<  Boston in springtime was very cool to visit...

It's about a group of people that meet at a normal getting off work bar (pub) to to hang out socialize and say hi to each other... They  exchange conversation with each other , have a couple of cold ones and then take off for destinations unknown.

One thing that they developed both on camera and off camera was a bond... different people from different backgrounds social circles and different levels of intellect,. It is vital to your business that you lock arms as my up-line says and fight the forces of EVIL... what evil are we in the flipping 16th century? Is this a Batman movie?  no... Evil to me is things that will keep you poor, things that will keep you down.... You got to draw a line in the sand stick you middle finger in the air and drop a couple of F bombs to get your point across... and my favorite thing right now I say is " G.S.D "    ( Get S**t Done... )

So I have the privilege of being with a super cool team that is there 100 percent and when I want to go to get inspiration, hangout, get powerful training and above all make it through the finish line... I want to personally invite you to share the experience and get to see first hand the group of people and be a part of our team just hang out get to know us get to know that there is a couple of thousand and we are growing...

Just come as you are to the hangout and watch and see if its for you...  Hey we are serious about making money but you got to have fun doing it otherwise what the hell is the point?

I am not trying to endorse my own team... o hell... yes I am... I love em... its actually a place where I feel that if I just put my head down I can succeed for once and when I lift my head back up I will be on a beach with a umbrella in it sitting around palm trees in some place outside of the United States.. 

You don't have to join I just want you to test the water Like I did and was like " yea this is cool " I totally let my southern California attitude show and tend to throw out a bunch of dudes... and bros... so forgive me. 
Anyway just wanted to throw that out there to you all? Have you ever been in a team like that before? Do you think that its better to be part of a team or is better to go it alone and if so why?

Congratulations!!!  You just signed up with you new MLM  company and you are excited and you want to go out there and spread the word... here lies  the problem the tactic and strategy that you network marketing company is flawed. And you pasting your link all over the 

Seriously folks... If you are going to market in this day and age you got to be smarter then your average ... prospect / customer. Your company has a website and even probably as given you a link to your company now all you have to do is share it right??? WRONG...

If you go out there and slam people with you link and hit up all the Facebook chats and then go head and throw up your link all over the place maybe start sending people over to your shiny new capture page where once people have seen it they will sign up immediately....   Good Luck with that... 

If your company is such a multi-million dollar opportunity then way would you give it a nickle and dime presentation. 

Unfortunately your company wants them to be a walking talking advertisement so you will not get very much exposure on how to market you new found fortune machine

There is a system that is already in place where you can take your company plug it into a marketing funnel and drive traffic to your website to your capture page and to you... 

The best part is you are going to learn how to make multiple streams of income and not be totally dependent on your company for your income... why is that important...

Example ( Your in XYZ company ) and in 3 years after you have sunk money, sweat and tears the FTC shuts them down... now what? Dont put all your eggs in one basket multiple opportunity multiple income streams... 

So the overall theme here is " Work smarter , not harder " I will never call another cold call or ever prospect someone again! I hated it when I was in my primary... but I did it because I was hungry... 
I hated every moment of it... 

So in closing I wanted to make sure you get the tool that you needed to succeed and also I wanted 
to make sure that you have a better understanding on marketing your company... 
I too for 6 years remained loyal to my primary and it got me a lot of pain and illustration... 

Till next time 

Learn Train Succeed 

Ok round two... So you got to determine where to send this lead to that you are getting...

Yes its true some people dont have money most do... Now if you have gone through the Craigslist bonus training at you now are aware of a wonderful tool called craigslistadtracker...

Do not go use the ad tracker unless you have gone though the training first... How many times do you have to hit your finger with the hammer to know that it hurts... yeeeeooooowwww

Now we are going to send our lead somewhere and we got essentially 3 choices one we can get a campaign from MLSP... and run one or go to Pure Leverage and run a campaign with literally a couple of mouse clicks... yes its so easy even a monkey could do it...
You Could.....

1. So send them ( the lead ) to your custom page and or get a email me form
first name, last name, best email, best phone, employment status , target revenue

2. Have the leads call you and retrieve the voice mail  leads directly from your computer... offers such a service and they will get a voice mail and  you can leave a 30 - 45 second sizzle message or use it to offer free consulting services...

3. Login in from you back office and send them a email to view your company presentation after they call the voice mail (sizzle line).


Now here are six was not to get (ghosted) it's where your ad appears to have gone through and everything looks good to you but its invisible and you don't know the difference! I am not saying you will I am saying it is quite possible.

Lets count em down...

6. Solving the captcha to quickly if you do the master computer will think you are a spambot and you will get ghosted.. the proper time frame for a human is 3 - 5 seconds.. 

5. Using red flag terms , sex , drugs, rock and roll ok maybe the rock and roll is ok... if you cuss or use porn keywords like mlm , porn will get you ghosted...

4. Posting to multiple cities another reason... 

3.  Posting to multiple categories and by using the same urls in the same body 

2. Posting duplicate content if the back button after you get the error message " Similar post found please re enter your post." You hit the back button do a couple of tweeks and then re- submit you probably just got ghosted. 

drum roll please....

1. Posting too often if you have 10 ads STOP posting wait for them to expire and then re post... 

Hope this helps 

Learn, Train, Succeed


Craigslist?? Are you flippin kidding me? How is something that is known for picking up couches and meeting strange and interesting people could possibly make any money. I came across some stats that could blow your mind away!!

  • 20 million page views a month 
  • #7 would wide in terms of page views 
  • #9 total traffic in the USA 
  • 50 million people in the USA use Craigslist... 

A couple of hippies in San Francisco start a company and it turns into this... 

There is a 5 step process for anyone to get traffic online for marketers... 
1. Decide where you want to send the lead 
2. Create the ad
3. Upload to  ( cat ) = craigslist ad tracker 
4. Post to craigslist 
5. Track and improve 

Its that simple I wish I could be more complex then that and make it seem more difficult... 
Now I say number 5 track why track your Craigslist ad is that you need to understand something professionals track, armatures throw stuff up against the wall like mud against the wall... you need to focus on quality, not quantity... 

Dose this work on High Ticket Items... YES ... 
Does this work on Low Ticket Items... YES ...

I want to share a link that there is absolutely going to blow you away I don't generate a cent but I want you to get this training... use it ... 

I want to add more to this so go ahead and tell me below and comment real quick 
and tell me what experiences you have had with classified ads or have you thought about it? 

All the best ~ 

Learn... Train... Succeed


This  is how you are going to implement this strategy into your business to capture the attention of your visitors. Creating a piece of content when someone ops into your field or other funnels that you have created.
A free report is a great start and this template is something that is given and make it your own and start putting it into play.
You are going to have to read the report and plug in what is essentially your story and make it your own. The template gives you the direction that gives you the outline for your story. It will compel your readers to read from paragraph to paragraph until they read the whole story and finish...
You want a picture of yourself... Most people do not go to their email and not check right away if you have a regular picture that conveys the image of " YOU " .  You want to convey a message to your readers that is going to show that you are a real person and that even though you might be new you are establishing to the world that you have had some success.
Don't forget to use subtitles and tell them how you started and go through don't fit the mold.... be your self think TRANSPARENT ... don't try to be something for everyone be yourself you want people to be attracted to you not because you are someone that you are not.
After you finish this template and it becomes your story you will have 15 - 20 pages of content. Dont go past this as your are in the danger zone of becoming a e book.