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Ok so I thought I would create a post about Twitter at the time of this post I have somewhere I only had like 6,500 followers... I remember when I only had under 1000... even 250

I must say thanks to tools you can literally get a following of thousands in a few weeks!

You run the risk of getting shut down but my strategy for the last couple of weeks is add 50 people 5 days a week and then on Sunday I clean out my non followers...

I continue to build my audience and post things to it from my Facebook fan page on a regular basis averaging 10 - 15 new followers every day like clockwork.

Below are my top 3 ways you can generate not only followers but people that know, like and trust you. 

#1: Replace Automation With Honest Engagement

If you look across social media platforms, a common trend is to “be more real.” But a lot of Twitter business profiles are full of automated tweets promoting their latest blog posts or services. Or worse, scheduled holiday messages that were written months ago.

Automation definitely has its place when it comes to social media , but if you want to develop loyal fans, try to rein in the automation and replace it with actual social commentary, day-to-day tweets, and images you create on the fly.

Talk about what’s relevant in your industry in a non-automated way that people can actually reply to. This takes Twitter back to what it used to be, and in fact what made it so successful: real people talking in real time about what’s going on.

This is really important if you want to develop loyal fans, because loyalty comes with your followers knowing who you are as a person or business, and liking you. It’s hard to like a profile that’s simply automated. Then you have become a robot...

#2: Make Friends, Not Followers

Building brand loyalty takes time, and the only way you can really do this on Twitter is to stop seeing your followers as numbers and start treating them like friends.

We’ve all heard stories like Starbucks sending people surprise coffees who have tweeted they’re in need of one, or Taylor Swift researching her fans across social networks and sending a select few Christmas presents.

Why do you think these brands and celebrities do things like this? It’s because they understand that social media isn’t advertising. A high proportion of your tweets should be socializing, and you can only do that if you start treating your followers like your friends. Friends buy each other coffee and Christmas presents, right?

You don’t necessarily have to put your hand in your pocket for every follower. You can’t buy friendship, but if you think of your followers as friends and be genuinely friendly, it’s a surefire way to create brand loyalty.

#3: Personalize Responses With Twitter Video Reply!

Twitter Video Reply is a massively underused feature of Twitter, but it can be super-effective when used well. Instead of replying to people or tweeting them as you normally would, you can record a video up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds in length and send that to people natively from within the Twitter mobile app.

This feature allows you to build a more personal connection quicker, in the same way you can on platforms like Snapchat. You’re putting a face and voice to your tweets. Hardly anyone does this consistently on Twitter, so if you start now, you’ll really stand out.

Imagine if you asked a question about a brand or a product on Twitter and the company replied to you with a video solving your issue. You’d feel you were being treated like a valued customer, and that in turn creates brand loyalty. This works exactly the same way when building relationships with potential influencers or potential customers. Better yet… it can be just as quick as sending a tweet.

When tweeting from the Twitter app, tap the camera button and select Video.

Similar to Snapchat, tap and hold the record button to start recording and release to stop. You can create multiple shots up to 30 seconds.

Next, hit Done, write a tweet to go with the video, and send it.

Hopefully you enjoyed my post and got some value down below drop a comment below if you did

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