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Facebook has at this time of this  time has close to a billion daily users….

Finding the perfect prospect is the the first  priority to growing your business. If you are talking to everyone you are talking to nobody. You need to know who your target market is then you are leaving money on the table! However do not also go out there to find the perfect customer and then make it a pitch fest Go out there with a ‘Who can I help to solve their problem today?’ attitude.

If you are band new I understand wanting to get people in your business like YESTERDAY especially if rent is coming up and your on the verge of getting your power shut off. TRUST ME I know I have been there! ( a few times..along with eviction notices and at one point homeless with a wife & 4 kids. ) 

The lifeblood of your business is relationships so if your spamming people right away you will not go far and if your making small talk and then pitching right away your WASTING YOUR TIME!!!!!

As we all know time is money.

How to prospect on Facebook is the key 

First make a list of what is you...  you  are you a teacher, real estate agent and do you like sports or throwing lawn darts... 

This can be a mental note or an actual pen and paper list. 

I will explain why this will make prospecting easier for you in the next section or video

1. Figure out your target market – This is crucial absolutely crucial or else you will be wasting your time. 

If you are selling makeup would it make sense to primarily talk to men? If you are selling auto parts would it make sense to be talking to restaurant owners? This is the first step to properly prospect.

Figure out who your target market is ….Who is your perfect customer? Are they male or female? What is the age range? What do they do or like etc. etc. Then simply Go Find them hanging out on fan pages and groups.

2. Fan pages and Facebook groups –  Once you have figured out your target market… fan pages and groups are amazing to find prospects. If you are into health don’t just go onto Weight Watchers fan page and start spamming every single person who likes the fan page. This really is gonna come down to who works with you and who you want to work with.

Make sure when you have found a good prospect that you take the time to look over their profile. For two reasons…
One…. You want to find things in common with this person so you have a conversation starter and complimenting them on photos is a really nice touch to show you cared enough to look at their profile.
Two….Because you want to work with serious people make sure they are not negative people or are always blaming the world for their problems.
Take your time to really find someone who is a good fit! Taking a short cut now will cost you in the end and time is money.

Remember to ALWAYS go out there with a ‘Who can I help’ attitude.

ALSO!!!! Always remember that the way people are on Facebook is how they are most likely in REAL LIFE!
Happy Prospecting!

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