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If you are looking for a way to get more leads fast from people that are interested in what you are providing. Make money from home or work for home opportunity... It's a total game changer when you can add people to your list fast...

I would like to do a case study of someone who I have had the pleasure to meet in person and yes she is a real Doctor.

Dr. Lisa Thompson
CASE STUDY : " Dr. Lisa Thompson who has generated 275 leads in her business and hit the top position of her company leader boards within a few days of learning this "

I thought it would be a big help to show people exactly how she managed to do this...

This is an exclusive here as I have gotten this information smuggled out by Tibetan monks...

This is something anyone can do.. first lets understand why

Solo ads are essentially your borrowing the email lists from other people that have generated over time and these people that control these lists will allow you ( depending your offer ) market to these people your products or services...

OPL " Other Peoples Lists" or a.k.a   "Solo Ads"

Through a marketing community.. so think of it as a Facebook for people who buy and sell ads...

Once you opt in for the free account you go to "solo deals" of people that have email lists and you will see the cpc " cost per click " cost per visitor to your website

You can see there are approval ratings and the sellers can rate the vendors and their experience from buying traffic from them

Check out the Teir 1 countries like the " United States, Canada, and the U.K " All Lisa Thompson did was select a ad seller put in her small 4 sentence and then a link and it converted at 41 %  percent out of 100 visitors which is huge and paid approx $38 dollars if we want to break that down

$38 dollar divided by 41 that is under $1.00 per lead... that is just awesome!

#1 the advertisement has to be congruent with the ad that you are running the traffic too

That is how simple it is to get traffic to your form a well known source and get results like that on a continual basis...

If you would like to know more about these and other marketing methods that Lisa is using right now take the $10 dollar test trial and see for yourself here or

Best Wishes

P.S Shoot me over you best place to get solo ads in the comments section below...

Scott Lindstrom

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