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First off you can build the business of your dreams by making yourself a an authority figure / leader by the brand you create.

This causes a magnetic pull to you...

Remember its easy to draw people to you then it is to use push yourself onto people. I want to show you how to become that authority figure in your niche ...

There is a step by step to building a business and this is about creating instant authority and making you the expert...

I am going to share with you the formula for getting people to come to you!


Determine a hungry audience
Get a lead Magnet
Build Rapport ( after we attract leads ) with education
Recover your advertising cost with a low barrier
Following and maximize profits on the backend (selling additional things)

You remember the process to dating right? The same is true with your business here,
normally you start out with something free or low cost and that is a low barrier.

You can sell them using Attraction Marketing Formula...

Under a $100 bucks low barrier

So they opt into your funnel where do you send them

Why is authority so important? Its the difference between the hypey marketers by telling people that I am awesome...

Nobody thinks of Dr. Oz or Opra think as sleazy salesman because they are perceived as being
an authority yet they can recommend something and it fly's off the shelf...

Don't be pushy just let me show you and let me recommend some cool stuff

Big advantages of Network or Affiliate marketing... .everything that would hold you back in a normal business... all you got to do is learn marketing.

How do you want to build your business?? You can learn the skills or bypass all of this and focus on the skills which is how to market but 2 disadvantages to Affiliate marketing... you are building someone else's brand. I am not building a asset... I want to introduce you to Scott Lindstrom before xyz.. I don't want to position this person over here over me first.

Its not your results ITS YOUR KNOWLEDGE THAT WILL POSITION YOU AS THE HOME BUSINESS AUTHORITY or whatever authority you are in the niche you are pursuing.

In the Affiliate Marketing niche there are lots of competition with everyone promoting the same thing...

If you want to succeed you got to set yourself apart from other people and here is the best part
Most people are FREAKING LAZY!

People are looking for their success outside their own self... people it's you! There is no perfect system, perfect product, perfect mentor, best comp plan.

If you do a few tweaks more then the average guy then you will have the advantage...

there is a simple process
I want to go over

1.How to create your lead magnet
2.What to do with your lead magnet when they opt in
3.How to pull prospects to a buying decision
4.How to brand yourself and become the authority event when your promoting other peoples products

I will probably turn each of these into blog posts right night now I am talking specifically about 3 and 4

Most people thing marketing is 

Solving problems, providing value, education, branding, selling

Marketing does not equal promotion... people want to plaster links without value

Marketing Is:
Providing Value
Building Relationships
and wrapping your message in value

Take a stranger to a friend then to a customer and then business partner

1. Your personal value...   what do you have? What skills? Whats upstairs that you have to give.
2.  How Much you provide ... How much do you give

Money make more Money is  $ = V      ( value )
Everyone is on the left instead of focusing on the right!

That is that famous quote is on the right side of the equation... form Zig Ziggler...

"You help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want"

Its what your passionate about... when you learn the skills of marketing with whatever you are passionate about... take your focus off the left side and come over to the right side...

They try to simply promote only the company without giving the value...
If you were asked to provide Music at a party you got 3 choices

1.You could show up with a stereo system ( anyone can do it )
2. Write lyrics and get a band ( really hard and nobody knows your songs )
3. Play some cover songs (leverage someones success and experience)

This is how the Beatles got started. This is about learning by doing... it was the process...
Its a great way to cut your teeth but if all you do is show up and plastering links.... you are doing really nothing to give part

There is a three step process my buddy Ray Higdon says cash the checks
Learn... Do... Teach
Learn Share the info and then Suggest  then that magical part of the final equation will happen the freaking sale!

Take something you want to learn about... share something that you can give prospects to help them and then recommend something... people are paying for your insight.

If you throw up all over the prospects take the 3 most coolest things and give it to your prospects... by the way this is were the final part the selling comes into play... and at this point you are simply showing them the best way to get the knowledge they want by clicking on this link and buying that product.

Take a product learn it go through it get a couple of good points and share the information with your target market then recommend or suggest what can solve their problems... In becoming a home business authority you got to learn to first become a leader by doing then by teaching and finally the money will come to you its really that simple.

P.S I want to share you a system that you can have the most turn key system if you want to build a online business, I am giving you a suggestion that could help you click here now.

I always say

Learn... Train... Succeed

Scott Lindstrom
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