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The Google Hangout I was on with Dianne was off the hook! 
If you wanted some tips on some good email copywriting ideas stay tuned ,

I am going to show you how you can do just that

So I got off a webinar with none other with Diane Hochman and what a great person / marketer she is...

she is called the " Queen of Attraction Marketing " I mean this woman has got some serious skills..

I have been following Diane for quite some time no, guess you can say I am one of her followers..
Kinda sounds like a cult hungh, LOL ?

I can say she is defiantly one of the top marketers out there when it comes to getting people to click.. try and buy... 

So she was going on about email copywriting and how you can make your emails get open, 
clicked on and people buying from you with no resistance! 

I had such results that the very next email I sent out got a 47 percent open rate ! 

She has the same feelings on this that I do. If you were to strip away all the tools the one thing I would die fighting for would be our Autoresponder.

Because its "our list" where the money is at.

I wanted explain in this video some of the points of the webinar...

She did mention of the importance of writing good copy and becoming a good copywriter is a skill that will make you money for a lifetime...

When you know what physiological triggers that are encoded in our DNA since caveman days... and why people are compelled to buy...

Its a science that literally if you can just nail down two or three things you will get more emails opened you will get more clicks in those emails and people will buy from you!

So literally I was sitting at a bar and across the way and saw a woman stirring a red fruity colored drink that was this dirty blond hair blue eyed beauty that I had seen before but never introduced  myself formally. Today was going to be different.

I took the last swallow of my drink and proceeded clockwise down around the square bar to the other side... I had seen her through the bottles on the other side come in and sit down ,  she looked irritated.

It was a convention and the room was packed with attendees that had just gotten out of the seminar.  I was attempting to make my way through the crowd. Finally I made it over to her tapping her on the shoulder breaking from her zombie trance.

"Dianne" I said softly... she spun around and instantly threw on a smile " Hey you"... how have you been?" she responded.

O.k it was a little over the top but I wanted the reader to get the story setup

Once you got the reader engaged in a story of sort then you can ad on what you are selling...

It's about the delivery the setup.

A single thing you can do is write like you talk.. Don't be proper... Proper is reserved for
the schools and such...

Write with your attitude... quote me on this " The more unprofessional you are the more money you are going to make"

Since you hung around to read this so far I wanted to drop off the link to the Email Copywriting course that literally changed my life's...

There are things that I can do right now to change your email to get it opened tomorrow... literally

When you can learn in a 90 minute webinar strategies that literally make you change the way you write then you have received value

People like crude and being real... not these fakers that say everything that you want to hear...

If you want to get more value and get the latest on Email Copywriting and other subjects then just shoot me over a blank email to

I look forward to you learning how to use copy and to craft it to make more money...

You wont be disappointed...

Scott Lindstrom

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