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                      This is what helped me bring in 3 - 7 extra leads every single day for me...

In this blog is how you can increase website traffic it is important to your money making online business and is all about getting people to YOUR website.. 

It's pretty common knowledge that the the more visitors you get the more better the opportunity to making money is 

Times have changed and sending traffic over to a site is not as easy as it once was. It would be extremely good to understand a couple of different methods traffic that you are getting today could be gone tomorrow... Like I said the internet changes 

Let me give you 7 other methods that will help you in your efforts...
I have been there done that... 

1. Optimize you website / blog for social media - This is a the single best way to get traffic and it was really hard for me not to pick this one. Twitter, Facebook, Linked In can help you increase your traffic almost exponentially. Make sure your website is fresh.. you need content every day ( hence why I blog) 

More visitors equals more shares. If you want content to use in your website just like the article you are reading right now then check this out ... I get a lot of inspiration to utilize in my marketing. 

2. Business Cards - I used to be all about this but I actually don't carry them because of the internet if someone wants to connect with me then they can get a hold of me on my website or blog... If I did carry a card it would have a toll free number anwsering service and my Facebook link 

3. Advertise offline, I know a gentleman that is a MASTER at this - he has a product how to advertise 147 different ways offline... I can send you over his link just contact me above... 

4. PPC ( Pay Per Click ) still effective still good I use this still in my business Facebook mostly a great way to get people to a specific site. 

5. Groups - Facebook / Yahoo its a great place to get your message out . Interact with prospects that are already interested in your nitch and let them know they can visit your site and learn more.... Participate in conversations and dont spam people... especially throwing your like out there...LAME

6. Create a Squidoo Lens - Why not? Create a topic and lead people back to your website... provide VALUE... 

7. Guest Blog - Write a post and contact a fellow marketer to post this on his / her blog , be sure to put your link that puts them back to your website / blog as well .

Learn ,Train, Succeed

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