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In this post I want to talk about youtube video marketing? In this post you will find out why you want to use youtube as a source to drive traffic to your offer. I not only will go over not only why you want to do videos but I will also share a couple of awesome tips to help you in your business then I will share with you where you can get this training...

There are many different ways to market and in that there are two types of marketing paid and free. Youtube Video Marketing is a FREE strategy. Its a type of marketing where you have to be consistent and provide value to your viewers.a. So what the heck does that mean?

It means you have to give something ( or provide ) a reason why the viewer would want to opt into your list go to your website or even click on the link you provided below the video...

You need to utilize proper keyword research  FIRST and you need to make sure that you get the right targeted traffic over to your site...

You want your videos to be to the point, the world has a A.D.D complex so you need to get your prospects attention,  so be keep the video up to 5 minutes or less.

Video is extremely powerful to use in your blogs and will help boost your posts in google. It can help you dominate google if used properly You want to of course brand yourself or your business if you are building a brick and mortar business.

The power of video is evident youtube happens to be at this moment but stays always one of the top 5 websites in the world. Is it any wonder the smart marketers utilize the top trafficked websites in the world.

You can see as of 2013 that Youtube is number 3 right behind Facebook

You do know that people utilize youtube as a search engine and also is owned by Google?
Youtube Video Marketing works, it flat out produces and with that I went to a event over a weekend in San Diego California where I was taught by some of the best of the business.  We had two of the top video marketers in the entire world there and I had the opportunity to chat with them both.

I took away many many tips but I wanted to share three of the ones that I took away that were really good to know that could help me in my Youtube Video Marketing.


1. Keep your marketing video short... The world has ADD and everyone cannot focus... You go to bring the energy, get their attention, and put your subscribe button or your link in the video around the two minute mark... research shows that people will click off the video around the two minute mark.

2.  ALWAYS ALWAYS have a call to action at the end of your video... tell the person watching the video what you want to do... buy now, click here, go there...

3. KEYWORD RESEARCH... I did it when I was creating this very post, I did it when I posted the video on youtube and I do it with every piece of content that I want to drive traffic to that converts every time..

I need to introduce you to two great guys that are the authority figures of video marketing.When I was speaking about value these guys bring it!

I know youtube is a excellent way to drastically improve your marketing and help you in getting more traffic to your offer or site.. I have learned the ways of the force from the two Jedi Masters of Youtube and they have assembled the tips I have shared above and then some.

I can tell you that if you plan on attempting any Youtube Video Marketing then you need to click on the link here and see for yourself how these two guys

My hat is off to these guys who knew that shooting videos here and there could bring leads to your front doorstep! Thanks guys I appreciate you!

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