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You need to engage your prospects now.. and get their attention more than ever as of right now there is 57 thousand years of information on the internet and a lot of it is crap. In this post we will expose how to showcase your videos and get people drawn to yours.

IF you go on YouTube and you search for something it’s a tad bit boring… For all of you
The best traffic is not from google and its not from f book or any websites and its from YouTube and its from your followers. Is Facebook a list? Yes , in a way especially your fan page. Your lists are still people that want your content your followers.. every new video they get a notification once they subscribe.

You should be using video in your marketing. Instead of just shooting a video you need to gamify the video no longer then 6 min. make it fast short and to the point.

Gamification – Gamify your video… wow its time to step it up a notch


that is an example of how to gamify your videos 

You can use annotations with You Tube and pick and have your audience and pick something form the screen. It’s all about value… send your people down a path…and this is something that could possible go viral… there is a pop up at the end where there is a subscribe button…always...

1.      Mind map of what you do and find a way to captivate your audience and create value
< Its time consuming > but it can be very worth it…

You have one main video and explaining and having links on the video going to other links
There are multiple ways to go from the main video ( many different videos from the main one ) like spider legs

Or one main video and it’s a snake and you can map it out
Map out how do you provide the value and be creative…people love games
Video manager is you need to make all of them UNLISTED unless they have a link or annotation that will take them there… make the first video public and then the others are unlisted.

As an example 
10 videos and 1 main video and pick one number if you get the lucky number you get the free training. And then make 10 videos and pick one that is a winner.

You have to provide VALUE!!!

Make sure you number your videos in whatever your game is… 
There is no limit on what you can do… better then you just bobbing your head around talking in a video ..

When you upload you want to edit it and go to video page which is the video manager and one that is edit

Go to annotations and you can add  and pick spotlight on the graphic you have and make it as tight as possible and then add a link and ad a video link to your video… so literally you can put links on the video… and make shure you open and in another window… and you have people that is looking at your video while they are staying on your website… the more views you get and the higher google will feature you and suggest to other users…

At the end you always want people to subscribe and link and comment on the videos

How do you add annotations you can upload pictures they are hovering over video on purpose
You have to create the video and add the graphic to the video… then you add the annotation.. to the image.

If you embed your video anywhere on Facebook or a blog… when you embed the video on Facebook and post the video links are clickable! very cool! 

So if they loose by clicking on the wrong number then they go back to the beginning of the game (the orginal video)  . Make sure all your videos have all the correct annotations.

How to do the graphics is easy. They are actually part of the video and on a MAC is called called screen flow it costs around $ 99 dollars and you got to do edits.. and windows its called  Camtasia… 
video editor..  you need to get a video editor…

Always put a subscribe button at the end of your video...
Go to video (that you made) and put annotations on your video… you insert a graphic into your video.Go to google and put subscribe button in google and go to images and you insert the images in your video! Put subscribe button so it goes to the end of the video…

Do NOT send people to capture pages! Don’t want to lose your work…YOUTUBE will pull your work! 
Newsletter options (yes) you can put a annotation for revelent websites and a newsletter would be fine... 
 Send to other videos only… Fiver get a trailer… at the end of your video…something to close it out
In the description you can send people to other links…
Make sure you do a call to action in the videos! You need to tell the person what to do at the end of the video.

To grasp this whole gamification of YouTube check out or search for 
( You Tube tick tack toe ) 
You can send them to a link to your blog to download a file from the annotation to your blog ( if its revelent content) 

Send traffic to you blog and get some blog traffic and send em an opt in form from your blog.
As a side noteI have noticed more and more internet Marketers upgrade to a MAC…lol 

Tip : Offline Marketing..  For a brick and mortar business go to keyword planner tool in
Google .put a location of the business in the city and state  and the type of business and see how many searches or typeof searches as this is extremely targeted searches You are not going to get a lot of
Competition locally… which you can rank really high... Now produce a video and put in those keyword for the city , state and what the profession is and your video should rank extremely high on the search engines. 

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