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I wanted to share with you 3 of the fastest ways to accelerate your business. I heard a quote that said 

"The hardest thing is taking something simple and not making it complicated." 

How true... We as humans want to make things more difficult than it really needs to be.

What I have learned is over time I have become a better-refined person of myself. I have learned a few things that have changed the way I view success which can mean something totally different to everyone else.

Here are three different methods to accelerate your business...

Find and Follow a system

I am part of a system that has been cranking out producers for over 8 years now online! It's got a proven track record and hundreds of success stories.  My suggestion is to find a system that is producing the results and find the producers within that system and copy them. 

Warning: Not all systems are complete and will give you all the pieces to show you exactly what you need to do. 

I use this as a learning platform and to generate leads to my personal branded site and utilize attraction marketing principals that I have learned over the years. 

Start doing what the producers are doing 

So you found a platform a proven system where people are doing it and making it happen. Now, all you have to do is monkey see, monkey do. You got a bunch of different strategies before you.. which one do you want to do? 

Take your pick if you like to use video or blogging find someone that is doing what. 

Once you find someone that has the income and success you have, do what they do. If they go to the event you go to the event if they go and email their list every day you do it too...

I swear, I hear the leaders in the industry say they have people come up to them and say "Just tell me what to do and I will do it"

I want to say it does not work that way in reality what I can say is if you see a leader who has the lifestyle you want just find what they are doing and you can get a similar result (just saying). 

However what people say they want to do and what they actually do are two different things. 

Let's pretend for a moment...

What if you do just what the producer is doing and then you went to them 90 days later and said "I did exactly what you said to do and here are the results" 

You would see results because you did what the producer did and not what you wanted to do. 

Meet everyone and see these people LIVE

You got to show up and show that you got skin in the game. This is my opinion guys. This is not something I am just going to do online this is where I am going to put myself out there. 

Once a year I fly halfway across the country to meet people and show how serious I am. 

Show up on all the online presentations and embed yourself in the community in a place that you can be around the people that are producing and the people that are getting the results in the exact same manner you would like.

It's like you say to yourself "Of course I should be on this morning wake up call because this is where all the leaders are" ( or catch the replay the same day ) 

Of course, I am going to be on the calls or on the webinars where I am going to be taking notes and then taking action. 

We have so many leaders in our community and different marketing styles and methods you can become confused. It' makes you feel like I am supposed to be doing everything... of course not. 

But you can take points and refine results and then you can see the results of the fruits of your labor.

What are some of the ways you accelerate your business?

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