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Think of yourself as a teacher as a leader these are two different hats. 

You should always have you student hat but you should switch it around and look at what the leaders and doing so you can do it too.

Take notes on what the leader is doing... like the way they speak and the way they are doing their powerpoint. That is what it is about

If you are starting out from scratch then it will take you a year. If you have been aroun the n alot less
we are talk about setting up your brand and branding activies and DMO

Its all about doing the pieces and putting the puzzle together...

Think of youself as the brand... a couple of tweaks that you can do.. you know first impressions really matter.

Here what limits a lot form jumping is that you dont think you have the right results... people are asking what are you going to do for me... I got to write a book so I need exerience... seriously? 

To be a instant brand you need to have a course

The misconceptuon of this it does not have to take time... you make you appear like a seasoned expert. You need to have that on the first visit.

It is get rich quick NO is it get rich quicker...

just the fact you are here try not to talk about it ( stay humble ) no check flashing... people are saying what about me?

For the content it should be used over brand setup and branding activity...

The Branding Setup - Consists of development of your complete brand wich make you an INSTANT authority 
The Branding Activity (DMO) - Consists of daily task/actions, that will result in generating new leads (building your list) and makeing online sales (income) 

these are two different things

Lets say you get 10 people to your blog you are going to put in the same work to go to your blog. Wouldent you want them to go somewhere valuable.. all 8 figure earners do this..

Let's talk about the pieces that you need to have

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