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You are your brand... You want to be thinking about branding you vs a product or company.

Branding is not a concept that is limited to companies it is something anything can do.

It's the way you are perceived by others. Doing this will take your business to the next level

Here are some things that will help you when you are learning  about online branding .
  • Tricks that celebrates and top earners use to draw people to them and make money! 
  • In this article you will know how to become the "go to" leader in your particular nitch 
  • The number 1 mistake new entrepreneurs make and how to keep it from happening from you! 

3 Steps 

  1. Have a clear vision of your brand and your business model 
  2. You brand must be attractive and compelling 
  3. To become the brand and the leader that you want to be! 

You are you'r brand in the way you walk talk the partnerships you make... Who do you want to be? You are still that brand even if you are not the front face and you can decide who you want to be. Do you know what you want to be inside your personal industry?

People buy people they hate to be sold but they love to buy... 
Why would someone go back to you over someone else. 

Why are you building this business? Got to have the clear vision? Ask yourself and write them down.
What is the purpose of my brand? Why am I building this business? Why do I exist? 

There is a structure to look at a business as multiple offers...
Don,t just simply be reaching out telling people to buy my crap... 

Have a initial offer but then what are you doing next... 

Lead Gen. >>> Tripwire  ( something like a  $7 dollar offer ) >>> Core Offer  but then what ?????

Think about the top people in your industry... 

What are they doing (structure) that work... series of products, services, 
Position yourself as a expert... start with short term but think of the long term strategy. 

When you do online branding what is your passion about? 

Consider you competition
What are they selling? 
How are they positioned in the marketplace? 
What makes them compelling? 

Model what's working in your niche but stands out ? 

Now the steps to create yourself as a Leader that you want to be 

Decide you are a leader 
Decide what you want you brand to look 
Take action to create and become that brand. 

Identify areas of improvement ( communication, leadership mindset, confidence presentation skills, knowledge ect. 

Ask yourself ...
  • Who are your mentors/ coaches ?
  • Only take advice from someone you would trade places with 
  • Seek mentors to help you in areas you need to improve your skills 
  • Find some to be accountable to 
So lets tie this all together with a nice visual 

I hope this helped with you and you trying to create online branding with YOU INC. 
What are you doing to brand you everyday?

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