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Here is the Formula on How to recruit 8-10 a month and quit your day job and Never run out of people to talk to Again...

Tips to take away and use them to recruit a extra couple people a month!
There are a lot of people out there on confused on their business 

Here are some stats that can make you drop due to 

Why social media ? Because you can make a 6 figure by recruiting online

1.4 billion is on Facebook  95 percent of Facebook users log in everyday!!

60 percent of Twitter users login every day !

Google + are 359 million as of now and climbing.

47 percent of United States have bought something on or through social media. 


are you attracting or detracting prospects on your social media sites
Post create curiosity in your business… 
are you sounding like you are “over pitching”

you need to create curiosity less is more... 
Are you posting enough through out the day ( must do daily ) 
post at least 3 to 5 times during the day…

Is your profile picture company branded or you branded ?
Are you posting for profits or losses 
are you in a pitch mode 24 - 7 
Keep your post 80 percent value and 20 percent pitch

The most important is 
 Your personal picture and banner 
balance of pleasure vs business 
#1 Raise Curiosity…

SECRET WEAPON IS YOUR LIFESTYLE...  show off how you are going out and enjoying life and going places and doing things
  1. Get to company events with people that are top earners and get the pictures and videos that position you as a leader and utilize them in videos and emails... 
  2. About section… this is key when someone is looking at you and what you are about its what they look at after they connect with you...
Start targeting your prospect and how to get to your ideal prospects…
Find a fan page or groups where you prospect hangs out at… 
Click on and find some status updates and post in another group look for people that have 
100 + comments and shares and click on someone that shares exactly what you teach 

There are 4 types of personalities in this business
(sift and sort ) 

  1. LOW MAINTENANCE LOW VALUE  ( LMLV ) worthless... 
  2. HIGH MAINTENANCE LOW VALUE ( HMLV) don’t want at all that drama 
  3. HIGH MAINTENANCE HIGH VALUE ) HMHV) getting better but really needy

Send the LMHV prospect  send them a extremely personal message… 
1.You say Hey ( Their First Name) 
2.Why you messaged them + complement 
3.question at the end … ( what they do ) = 80 % response rate….

 CLOSING QUESTION… Based on what you shared with me I think that you may want to take a look at what I do, we’ve helped a lot of people in your situation. I am not sure that the business is a fit for you but I think you’d love the product… 

90 % of the time they send over the information

Get them on the phone is key *** 
Are you postured correctly in the conversation… come across as the authority person… 
Are you postured correctly in the conversation? Are you being a problem solver vs a closer?

Give yourself about 3 back and forth messages before the close….

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